Jun 6, 2010


Hi Ocean Dreamers...

Just wanted to stop in and say hi!
Sorry I've been missing in action,
I'm working on some changes 
but I just can't say what kind
of changes yet...
I should be able to tell you in about a week.
Until then I'm excited for this change.
Changes are good.
They help you grow.
They improve the person you are.
They open new doors while closing others.
They open your heart to new beginnings
and allow you to trust in yourself
and the person and the future
you are creating for yourself.

What kind of changes 
have been happening
in your life?

I'm still going to be in and out
for a while, so don't forget about 
this little Ocean Dreamer!
I'll stop by your blog worlds this week
when I get a break from all of these
good "changes"...
until then here is a hint.

Of course my changes
always have to do with ocean dreaming!
Oh and I might be going to San Francisco
with BK next weekend...
Stay tuned with more news about that too.
I hope you are all doing well
and getting some of your 
own ocean dreaming in.

A word I dread and embrace at the same time!
How do you cope with change?




  1. Ooo, can't wait to see/hear all your changes. I do love change as well.

  2. OMG I can't wait ot hear your changes..I hope everything is okay! We have a lot of changes going on here too..in two weeks we will finially be moving to Utah and buying our first house (in west point) and hopefully getting pregnant soon!! Have fun in San Fran!

  3. Change is GOOD! :) Yay for a possible trip to SF-- the weather has been gorgeous lately!!

  4. Can't wait to hear the news girl! :) And yes for San Francisco! If you go, have a ton of fun. You deserve it. :)

    And girl, yes, changes are good. Always. I'm working on mine. Hopefully. :)


  5. This post is so timely! I'm contemplating a big change at work and it's scaring the hell out of me. I hate change but I know the time has come and I too believe it'll help me grow. Just wish it wasn't so damn scary! :)

  6. I love this post because I'm going through a lot of changes too. Possibily a relationship with a guy who might really care about me. It's a whirlwind. I hope your happy about your changes & everything works out wonderful. Can't wait to hear them! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that it's all changes for the good. =)

  7. oh great lovely post looks very interesting i love it

  8. I'm looking forward to hearing about the changes- sounds like you're getting things in order and I'm happy to hear it!

  9. Change is good! Good luck with it all! Cool you might come to SF! The weather has been nice here! :). There are some good sushi places here! :)

  10. I don't do well with change at all. I wish I did but I have a huge fear of the unknown. I'm so happy you're embracing these changes and can't wait to hear your news.

  11. have a fabulous time in san fran i love it there xxxxxx

  12. Oooh, a trip to SF sounds really great! Change is sometimes difficult for me, but I try to take it in stride, and realize change leads to great things.


    There is a Pink Taco in CA! I live in Santa Monica, and we went to the one in Century City. Where do you live? Hope you have a great day!

  13. Changes are good... I'm excited to know what these changes are. Have fun in SF! xoxo

  14. That is the way to cope with change- see it as change is GOOD. Yes, difficult at times but in the long run sooo good...and necessary.

    Yes, focus on one thing at a time. One day at a time. I will e-mail you. So glad you're doing well!

  15. Change can be very good. I need some changes right now!

  16. Change can be very good. I need some changes right now!

  17. Oh I can't wait to hear more about your changes :-) Well I love changes...but I also afraid of them a little bit /I know it's silly/...

    Have fun in San Francisco...

    Much love: Evi

  18. Looking forward to hearing more about the exciting adventures in your life :) Change is good, it doesn't always seem that way it first, but it is. I'm dealing with some big changes as of the past 2 weeks as well.. big break up with a long term very serious boyfriend. We might work things out, we might not. But hey, I now have time to work on my Etsy shop, so there's blessings in every misfortune. Hope you're having a good Monday, sweetie :)

  19. I cannot wait to hear what you have in store! I truly believe that everything happens for a reason!

  20. Changes are always good... I truly believe that. Changes in my life?
    Working... and even when I'm stressed and working lots, and tired... I am trying to be more positive and remember how fortunate I am to have a job. And I always look for ways to learn more and make the most of it.

    Have fun in SF- I love that city!!

  21. Hey cutie, can't wait to hear about your exciting changes ahead! Proud of you - change isn't easy but it sounds like you are tackling it head-on, and in the end, I'm sure you will look back with no regrets! Sending you great big hugs and enjoy your travels, be safe and have a blast!! xoxox Lots of love - Trish

  22. Sounds like you are definitely embracing all the changes. I hope they are all good ;)

    I usually hate change but I know that we need to go through it sometimes. It can definitely be for the better. So I will try and embrace it. xx

  23. You won't be forgotten! I hope you have great changes that will bring you happiness in the works!

  24. I'm horrible dealing with change. Right now work has been so insane that I can't keep myself sane. I would love a change and for it to be normal again.


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