Jun 16, 2010

Stanford, A Tuscany Haven

I'm baaaack from my mini get away
and it was so much fun! 
We didn't get to go sailing 
as anticipated due to us
both being so tired and the
6 hour drive in the middle of the night
didn't sound like that much fun.
Sailing takes so much energy,
so we are going go sailing another weekend.
But instead on Monday we decided to
go on a 6 mile walk,
around Stanford University campus!
Let me just start out by saying
that this campus is not just a campus.
I felt like I was on a resort!!

They even had Yellowstone water
by their athletic facilities and Gatorade
by their tennis courts.
Oh to be treated like a Queen and King!
Everything from their tennis courts,
pool, buildings, landscaping,
fountains, and walk ways
were beautifully kept up and 
manicured to perfection! 
I loooved it there.
 Check out their tennis courts. 
I was dieing to play some tennis!
The pools were so blue!!
Not to mention their were very fit
people doing push ups like they were
the easiest thing on earth.
I also saw swimmers do double
flips off of the board, crazy!
While walking on campus BK and I encountered
these statues, which were situated
in between Tuscany buildings.
There was something eerie about these statues,
mainly because of the clever placement and also
because of what they symbolized.
They were symbolic to suffering men during
the 100 Years War and the pain and dismayed
look on their faces revealed their struggle
to choose between life and death.
Found here 

Life would mean betrayal to their cause
but death would mean loyalty and true sacrifice.
Either way, turmoil was what was being felt. 
Peace was what they were yearning for.
BK and I pensively stood there, entranced
with their faces as we considered 
the true meaning of sacrifice.
BK and I also encountered this fountain on campus.
There were actually three girls and a guy who
were in their bikinis and swimming trunks
walking around in the water taking pictures.
BK was sweet and asked them if he could 
take a picture of their entire group.
It looked like so much fun that I took off
my Asics and stepped in the water, 
beckoning BK to come in with me.
"Doesn't it look inviting, baby?"
I asked Big Kiddo....
Found here 

Sure enough, he took his shoes off too
and put his toes in the water.
See I told you BK, the water was  sooo refreshing! :)
I jumped around in the water for about
5 minutes more before coming back to reality.
Then we sat on the round part of the statue,
letting our feet dry in the sun before 
continuing our walk around the campus...
I think getting in the fountain and splashing
around in the water is going to top one of my
most fun felt memories! :)

We also saw the Hoover Tower, which is
285 feet tall, can you believe it?!

My favorite part about Stanford was the
Stanford Memorial Church, which
with it's European Architecture
influence made it breathtaking.

"The ornate facade is divided into two zones with a gable roof of low pitch surmounted by a Celtic cross. The lower zone features three arched entrances with surrounding stonework, intricately carved with stylized flora, twisted-cable moldings, and bosses of sculpted cherubim. In the spandrels are mosaic depictions of the biblical concepts intertwined in a vine representing the "tree of life." More history explained here.
Love the symbolism and the Tuscany architecture.
 Here's what some of the quads look like.
Heavenly if you ask me! 
I told BK that I would love to take
some wedding photos here,
the way everything is situated
in Palo Alto at this campus is just so pretty.

I'll be back soon to post pictures from
the rest of our trip.
I was just so excited to talk about
our Monday excursion at Stanford University!

Have you ever been to Stanford?
For a brief day I envisioned what
it would have been like to go to college there.
Not that I could afford it, 
but just imagining made it fun.
The campus is just so gorgeous and well kept!
Not to mention the education I'm sure is outstanding.
I felt like a princess for a day at Stanford.



  1. These pictures are gorgeous! It sounds like you had a great day! Playing in the fountain, how fun!

  2. Pretty pictures! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. Standford has such a beautiful campus! Wow, I knew it was nice, but that's so pretty. Thanks for sharing. :) Glad you had so much fun!

  3. Such a beautiful campus. I couldn't imagine going to school there...how fun!

  4. What an amazing school! Hard to believe it's a university?!!

  5. Oh my!! I had no idea Stanford was soooo beautiful. I'm so glad you got to take a day and enjoy it. And your pictures all turned out so amazing!

  6. wow, it is beautiful there!!
    i kept seeing your tweets and i was thinking i can't wait to see the photos!! you are totally right, it is amazing there!
    i'm glad you had a good time visiting hun! :)

  7. Oh my gosh, I absolutely LOVE to explore college campuses and I have always wondered what Stanford looked like! Wowie, it is certainly impression. What a wonderful place to go to school if you can afford it!! lol

    That's exciting you guys are going to Maui!! What do you guys have planned so far? Definitely do some snorkeling- gosh, we had so much fun with that and that was our first times. It was great! Can't wait to see some pictures!

    Take care chica!

  8. Sweet Sierra,

    Your photos are amazing and I am SUPER impressed with Stanford, how amazing of a campus! Can't wait to hear more about your thoughts and adventures. The fountain is so cool! Are you still leaning toward it? How far is the drive for you from home in Cali up to Stanford?

    SO happy for you, hope you got some nice R&R xoxox

  9. That looks like an amazing getaway. Those pictures are just breathtaking. I would seriously love to go to a university like that :) it would almost make me want to study again.

    I'm glad your back. I hope it was absolutely wonderful! xx

  10. Oh Gosh this is amazing ! It makes me want to go back to school ;) There are definitely NO university like this one in France. None.

    I'm glad you had a great time !

  11. So glad you enjoyed your trip. It looks like such a beautiful place. The statues look so interesting. I love the story behind them.

  12. Ok, if I had visited that campus when I was looking at colleges, my decision would have been made then and there; I would have gone to Stanford! Gorgeous, absolutely breathtaking! I can't believe that is a college campus.

  13. I can't imagine getting to spend 4 years of my life studying at a place like that. What a beautiful place!!! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip :)


  14. oh my gosh that is a university!? holy smokes it is beautiful!

  15. Pretty pictures! I applied to Stanford but ended up on the East coast. My campus was beautiful too, but we were so overworked that we never had time to really enjoy it. It's better to take in campuses when you're not in school, perhaps. Haha.


  16. Great pics! It is a LARGE resort-type campus. What fun. Thanks for sharing.

  17. I tagged you in a post today!

  18. Wow, that is a beautiful campus! Love the pictures. :)

  19. Ah I always have a bit of a sour taste in my mouth for Stanford just because they definitely place athletics a tad higher than they should for being such a prestigious school. And I too would never be able to afford it as they don't believe in merit-based financial aid! But it is a gorgeous campus and as a swimmer it would be a DREAM to practice in that pool!

  20. Gorgeous photos! The Stanford campus looks incredibly beautiful. I would love to visit there! :)

  21. Wow, so pretty!! I have never been there but I love looking at college campuses in general... so looking at Stanford's sounds like it needs to be on my to-do list. I love fantasizing about going to the colleges I visit too, maybe that's just because I miss being in college...

  22. Oooohhhhh....you just made my homesick!

    I know "home" is technically the Philippines but I grew up half here and half in an apartment building in the border of Palo Alto, Mountain View and Los Altos. My uncle teaches at Stanford. I grew up being taken cared of by doctors and nurses in first the Pediatric department of the Stanford Hospital then the LPCH when they moved there.

    Did you guys go to the Stanford Shopping Center? I love the open layout and buildings. :)

    I MISS PALO ALTO!! Thanks for this post!! :)

  23. woow all the pictures are so nice!! <3
    xo, Lorine

  24. Wow, beautiful photos! I've never been to the area before but what a beautiful campus! I think wedding pictures there would be stunning! ;)

  25. What an amazing campus and those statues are incredible. Sounds like you had a great time, but where are the photos of you in the fountain?

    I want to thank you for you kind and thoughtful comment on my recent loss, it really knocked the wind out of me, so I take it one day at a time.

    I had to come over and find out what the move was all about and when I read you're moving in a few months AND closer to the beach, it just made my heart smile. I can't wait to see where you end up, but with the shore close by, I know it will be heavenly! Congrats, a great decision.

  26. WOWOWW! Great pictures :) I visited Standford once a long time ago when my big brother was looking at colleges... I don't remember it too well because I was sick, but I DO remember the awesome architecture so thanks for a good refresher :-) Hope you're hanging in there, everybody is praying for you. God is on your side, trust in him !!

  27. Dearest Sierra, I absolutely appreciate your honesty about your "Thyroid madness" and you don't need to be a "happy" person all the time...I really really hope you'll get better very soon...I know it's hard and you know what? If you feel down just go down...be alone and feel the deepness and darkness, don't fight against it...and it will go away I promise you.

    Much love: Evi

  28. My great uncle used to be a dean there. I wish I had visited there before he left!

  29. Love Stanford University!!!! Awesome campus; one of my favorites!!! :)

  30. Stanford has the most beautiful campus in the country hands down.

  31. Oh my gosh! Those photos.. It does look like a resort. Why couldn't I have gone to school there? Ha! Must visit the campus next time I'm in Cali. Thanks for sharing. N. and I walked around Harvard campus a few months back- not at all impressive really.
    So glad you had such a wonderful time.
    I read you other post and I am sorry how you have been feeling emotionally and energy-wise lately. I could have written all you said myself. And lately I was wondering too-- God forbid something really terrible happens, how could I handle it?
    I guess looking to God and depending on him and keeping the faith is what helps most right now, isn't it? We both have supportive people in our lives, but I know, when feeling this way sometimes you just need to rely on a greater Source -- and trust God will get you through.
    Now a word on the meds- sometimes it is trial and error. I had to go to a specialist who believed that a natural thyroid pill was the best way. It was called Armour Thyroid- super cheap and worked miracles for a friend of mine as well. Everyone is different and I hate to promote anything but it has worked for those who did not get relief from synthroid.
    I can't wait to have health insurance to get back to the dr. to get on it again.

    I just want you to know there IS hope. A ton of it. And this is just temporary. You are fixing the imbalance issue and you will see in a matter of weeks how great you are going to feel. Trust me. Just stick this rough period out..Spend more time alone so not to drain yourself too much, keep taking good care of yourself and this will all soon pass!


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