Jul 10, 2010

Taking a Break

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

I'm back from Maui and moving!
Busy, busy.
I will be taking a bloggy break for
a bit because there is a lot going on
and no time to blog!

Also, I'm going through a trying
time full of changes
right now so please
keep me in your prayers.
I know God will take care of me
and you as well...
Thank you!!

Happy Summer!

Love, Sierra

Jul 2, 2010

Ready. Set. Hawaii.

Today is the day.

I couldn't be more excited.
Hawaii here I come!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures of me 
and the scenery in Maui 
from a few years ago
when I last went.

No guest bloggers, 
but I'll see you when I'm back!