Nov 30, 2010


I'm still super excited because on Sunday
I went and saw the movie
I'm still on my Tangled high.
Let me just say that
it may be my most favorite
Disney movie and princess
tale now! I loved the plot,
songs, voices, personalities, graphics,
pretty costumes, lanterns, romance, 
chameleon, and humor - 
I could go on and on.
Being the dork that I am, I decided
to take some pictures with my girlfriend
that went with me to the movie.
We were having just a little bit to much 
Disney fun! ;)
And now because I officially want 
Rapunzel's hair, I decided to take a picture
of how long my hair has gotten.
This is what happens when you don't
cut your hair for months!
I actually finally just cut it last month
but prior to that I think I went 4 months
without doing anything to it
the roots were showing, yikes! ;) you have any idea why I love Rapunzel so much??
Not only do I love her hair and face, but I am
in love with her expressions!
They are all just so hilarious.
I can also very much relate with Rapunzel
right now. Being in Utah, I feel a little
like I'm trapped, trying to get better,
and wondering when my life is going
to begin as well.
However, like all princesses,
we all have our ups and downs.
What I also love about Rapunzel is,
even though she meets her rogue 
Flynn Rider, who is totally NOT
prince material, she manages 
to use her hair on many occasions
to save the day and save her man.
That's the kind of princess I want to be...
I've also been singing this song over and over,
called I See The Light.
Don't you just love Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi?!

Also, you've got to check out this interview
of Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi,
I learned a lot more about how
the movie was made!

Okay, I better leave this post
 before I really go Tangled crazy!
I can't say enough good things about this film,
except, go and see it!!
If you have seen it, did you love it as much as I do?

P.S. Be sure to check out my new

Nov 27, 2010

I Left My Heart In CA...

Hello Ocean Dreamers,

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving
with your family and loved ones.
I had a great time at our cabin, 
the snow was lovely and the swans were too!
It was hilarious to see my dad and brother
shovel through 3-4 feet of snow to 
actually get into our cabin...
However, I appreciated their hard
work and realize they weren't laughing!
It was hard work while I was sitting 
in the warm car with my mom. :)

We had to head back one day early because
a storm came rolling in...
so I've been warm in our house today
working on some odds and ends.

I'm missing California so much these days!
I thought doing a therapeutic post
might help me remember all 
of my favorite things in California
and to also remind myself that
I will be back there soon!!

1. My BK. My love. My boyfriend of 3 years.
I've never gone this long {3 weeks}
without seeing my love...
I miss his so much but we've been 
doing the long distance thing well 
by not only talking, 
but sending each other frequent texts.
We also send each other pictures of where
we are eating, going, and pics of special
places that we used to go to together. 
It's a good way to stay in touch
even though we are far a part!
Hopefully we'll be planning a trip soon to
see each other...I miss him so!

2. The beach and the waves, of course!
All three of these pictures, 
taken by me,
are  from different beaches that I went to.
I miss the soothing sound of the waves,
the way the water feels on my feet,
and dancing on the sand while singing songs!

3. Amazing Friends.
My BFF who lives in CA even though
this shot was in UT and from 2005!
Wow, 5 years ago!!
A past roomie and friend...
This lady whom I adore...

4. Amazing Restaurants!
A yummy pazookie from BJ's
 The best avocado egg rolls on the planet.
Another item from BJ's I would kill 
for right now!!
My favorite boba iced tea drink
from my favorite boba joint, 
 Yogurt land yummyness...
and Golden spoon too!
There is a frozen yogurt
place in Utah near our town,
but just one and it
is not as good as Yogurt land!!
My favorite yellow chicken curry from

Okay, I'm officially hungry now!!

5. Entertainment
I just bought a pass before I had
to exit CA...
Hope I get to go back soon and use it!
This truly is the happiest place on earth.
Riding my bike in Newport Beach...
Shopping at Fashion Island, especially 
this time of year when the Christmas tree
is up - so pretty!

It's official...
I've left my heart in California
for so many reasons.
What I wouldn't give for a
hug from my BK, a pazookie,
and a trip to Disneyland!

Have you been to any of 
these places in CA? 
If not, you should go! :)
California...I will see you soon!


Nov 24, 2010

Updates, News, & Happy Thanksgiving!

 Hi Ocean Dreamers,
Are you excited for Thanksgiving?
I am!
Yep, this is the same picture I posted last year.
Ha ha, hope you don't mind...

Tomorrow I am headed to my cabin
in Idaho to freeze my but off (the low is
a negative twenty degrees) and spend time
with my family. This year we are going to
a Thanksgiving buffet at a restaurant
as opposed to preparing a meal...
I don't mind that at all! 
I've been turkey fasting so I can eat a
all of the turkey I can handle! Ha ha.

Some of you may have figured out
via my twitter that I have been in 
Utah for some time, hanging out with my family.

As a little girl and in High School, 
I always dreamed of moving to California.
I knew that the ocean was in my blood.
My wishes came true, and for the past 7
years I lived and truly loved living near the beach.
Recently, however, some changes have come up in
my life that have led me back to Utah, 
where my family is. 
Even though I miss California sincerely,
I know I will be back there soon. 
My BK, friends, and my ocean dreams are there...
therefore my heart is there too.
And honestly, my heart is breaking. 
 Ha ha, thought I would lighten the mood
with this silly/sad picture.
Three years ago my hair was THIS short!!
I like it long now. :)

I hope you will continue to follow along
with my journey in Utah for the time being.
Despite the changes I have realized one thing:
My dreams can come true wherever I live.
And YES I'm keeping my blog name.
I only need to make my ocean dreams become a reality.
Part of that reality is sharing my passion for
love, family, fashion, and the list goes on...
with you.

More exciting news?
I'm now a regular
Featured Blogger at 
the new site called
and you can find my first 
blog post HERE.

I would love it if you checked it
out and perhaps even joined the site!
It's fun, kinda like FB but with
a shopping twist! 

Okay, so my text is doing strange things
right now  and won't let me change

Anyway, I hope you all have an amazing
I am thankful for so many things.
I'm thankful for my BK and friends 
in CA and my family here in UT.

I know so many more of my 
ocean dreams will come true!
I hope all of yours do too.


Nov 16, 2010

Dweeby Glasses or Stylish Glasses?

Brr! It's cold and blustery today in Utah.
 Hence, since I'm not in sunny CA I've
been doing a lot of TV watching by the fire.
It makes my eyes tired, so often
I just revert to wearing glasses 
instead of my normal contacts
to give my eyes a little break.
Recently I went to the eye doctor
where I found out that 
I have protein swimmers! 
Ever heard of them?
They basically look like a worm
in your eye that shows up 
when you blink and it's pretty bizarre. 
Part of the culprit? 
I was not wearing my glasses enough.
I was wearing my contacts too long
each day, which was wearing my eyes out.
I was told that glasses are better for your eyes.
Hence, I've been trying to wear 
my glasses more frequently.
Do you all wear contacts or eyeglasses?

Glasses used to annoy me to no end. 
But recently I've learned to embrace them.
Not only can you buy prescription glasses
at pretty amazing sites, you can 
find a pair of glasses that fit your
personality and charisma, including
designer glasses - hooray!
Check out this pink pair from Calvin Klein,
I love them!
Also check out Nike, Tommy Hilfiger,
and Dior, to name a few of my 
favorite designer glasses.

I don't know about you but
my vision is pretty bad.
I had to get glasses when I was
in the fifth grade and my eye sight
has only gotten worse from there.
I'm pretty much a blind rat without
my glasses or contacts.
It's pretty bad.
Thankfully we no longer have to
wear dweeby glasses like this anymore.
Sorry mom.
And no...this really isn't my mom, lol. 
But I've definitely seen some pictures
where she is wearing the exact same 
glasses, I promise! :P

Thankfully today in our
modern day and age you can
find some stylish glasses online
that are not only comfy,
but stylish too! 
You all know how much I love to shop.
Hence why the amazing site
would like to offer my readers
a 10% discount off their next 
purchase, on their web site.

Simply use the code mommy10
when prompted during
your next purchase of 
prescription glasses 
on their website. 
They have great discounts
and styles - I'm going to be saving my
$$ to get a stylish pair.

Also, you won't have to look like that
picture above, aka my mom.
Don't worry though, she is stylish now
in her prescription and designer glasses.
and I hope she does not read this post!
Ha ha.

Please also check out their
facebook fan page,

I don't know about you,
but I'd rather look like this:
Now that's what I'm talking about. 

I'm off to watch some TV,
and maybe make some cards
in my stylish but need to be updated

So how about it...
Do you wear glasses?
Like your current pair or need an update?

Happy shopping Ocean Dreamers!


Nov 11, 2010

Sweet Dresses

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
I hope you are all doing well.
I've missed blogging and I miss you.

Right now I'm in Utah, spending some
time with my family.
I'm in the need for a bit of cheering up.
I miss BK something fierce!

So I thought what better than to do
a post on some magical dresses?
Here are a few that I found on tumblr,
where I often go to find picture candy.

What are the best ways to celebrate life?
Read on...
Surrounding yourself by the light,
while in a flower goddess dress
Walking through a field and running 
your fingers down your long, blonde hair
Catching a dramatic breath
while at a grand ball 
in your grand satin red gown
Living a fantasy 
in your perfectly pink shoes 
and frilly dress in Paris
Bundling yourself up in a ruffled dress,
tights, coat, and going
outside into a winter wonderland
Getting wet in an enchanting
dress, while glancing
behind, wondering
where your prince is at...
Texting while exploring the city,
in a darling dress
Admiring nature 
and cherishing all that
is beautiful in a tutu

If you were in the dress 
of your choice...
what would you do?