Nov 11, 2010

Sweet Dresses

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
I hope you are all doing well.
I've missed blogging and I miss you.

Right now I'm in Utah, spending some
time with my family.
I'm in the need for a bit of cheering up.
I miss BK something fierce!

So I thought what better than to do
a post on some magical dresses?
Here are a few that I found on tumblr,
where I often go to find picture candy.

What are the best ways to celebrate life?
Read on...
Surrounding yourself by the light,
while in a flower goddess dress
Walking through a field and running 
your fingers down your long, blonde hair
Catching a dramatic breath
while at a grand ball 
in your grand satin red gown
Living a fantasy 
in your perfectly pink shoes 
and frilly dress in Paris
Bundling yourself up in a ruffled dress,
tights, coat, and going
outside into a winter wonderland
Getting wet in an enchanting
dress, while glancing
behind, wondering
where your prince is at...
Texting while exploring the city,
in a darling dress
Admiring nature 
and cherishing all that
is beautiful in a tutu

If you were in the dress 
of your choice...
what would you do?


  1. I would twirl around in circles with a huge smile on my face! :0)

    Great post! Beautiful dresses!

  2. Miss your inspirations girl. :)
    I so would love to dance or yes, as Karen said, twirl around in a girlie, lilac or turquoise dress that's layered or so...just very fluffy but not too of course. ;)

    Hugs to you Sierra!!


  3. My sweet friend!!!! I have been thinking about you so much!
    How are you doing?? Been praying hard and hope all is well... or getting there at least.

    That tutu dress makes my heart melt. I just ordered a tutu for myself for my birthday this year. I'm turning 30 (eeek) so I figure I'm going to dress up in sparkles and glitter and tulle and pretend I'm still little. I can't wait to wear it!

    Miss you lots and lots!

  4. i was so happy to see a post from you! :) good to hear from you again. i hope you are enjoying the time with your family.

    i love the pink frilly dress in paris, of course! ;)

    have a good day.

  5. Well aren't these just beautiful?! I miss you!

  6. Beautiful photos!

    Have missed you so! Glad to see you back, at least for now. I hope all is going well, sweet friend.

  7. I would dance with my unknown prince charming. :)

    I miss you. We're kind of in the same boat, aren't we? It's kind of sad being here without any friends.

  8. Beautiful post! :) I would either walk along the beach or take a walk in a grassy field.

    Hope you have a good rest of the week!

    xo, gina

  9. beautiful pictures! I absolutely love the first one.

  10. So beautiful. You can't go wrong when wearing a dress. Glad you have you back. Hope all is going well for you, Sierra!

  11. Hey lovely!! :)

    If I were in the dress of my choice, I'd go for a night on the town..but not with anyone else around. It'd be a total Bachelor show type one on one date with either girlfriends or Eric where I got to do something awesome like have dinner atop a skyscraper or something! :)

    Miss you!

  12. These dresses are truly magical.

    PS. I miss YOU something fierce! xo

  13. Hi Sierra, Glad you are back blogging. I really enjoy your blog and have missed it. I hope all is well. :). I think the red satin gown gets my vote...woahhhhh what a dress. :)

  14. All these dresses are so pretty! Wearing the dress of my dreams I would... recline on the sofa with a great book eating macarons and drinking espresso. Then my prince would come and whisk me away to an evening ball and we would dance all night and kiss under the stars... ;) tee hee!

    We miss you darling. Hope you're doing well!


  15. What beautiful dresses!! Hope all is well!

  16. Hey girl!! I hope your having fun with your family!! I LOVE the red & white ruffled dress. Omg it's beautiful!! =) Have a good weekend!! =)

  17. Such beautiful details dear Sierra, I've been thinking about's so nice to have you back. I hope you are well...

    Much love: Evi

  18. I need to find pretty dress like these. So lovely!

  19. Love this post!! Missed you lately! Hope you've had a good trip so far!
    I love the pictures of dresses, I think if I had one I would wear one all featherly like in Penelope, and swing under a tree! :) Why not?

  20. I LOVE the red satin gown! I hope you are enjoying your time with your family!!! I bet they love having you home!

  21. oh geez, that pink dress is AMAZING, holy crud. That's the kinda dress that takes you into a storyline! I'm glad you're back, I bet Utah is so pretty right now.. I love it there a lot.


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