Mar 31, 2010

How Are You?

Hi! This will be my very first post that I will be posting with zero pictures. Yep, you got that? Zero. Zip. Zilch.

I've been realizing some things about myself. Sometimes I think I use pictures to want to get my blogger's attention or as an insecurity that you won't read my posts. I also bold words like this so I make sure you at least read some of my post. I of all bloggers understand the rush of a day and how hard it is to get through all of the amazing blogs out there! So I try and make your life easier.

However, what I realized is that I shouldn't be afraid of rejection and pleasing makes me lose site of why this blog is here and how I can love and embrace others and their blogs. This is why I never make comments on how many "followers" I have because for me that is not what it is about.
It's about community.
Sharing with one another.
Reflecting and caring.
Not getting sucked into a popularity game.

Speaking of the word I never use in the popularity context, aka followers... (ha ha)
if you have ever felt ignored by me, it was not my intention. I appreciate all of your feedback and am taking the approach of being more active on Twitter to interact and keep up on your blog when time allows (which I try to do often.) Sometimes I wish that there was enough time in a day to visit all of your blogs because yes I love hearing how you are doing that much. Many of you touch me on a day to day basis and I am so thankful for that.

For me blogging is a creative outlet not only for myself, but to connect with people. To ask how they are and help them through life's problems and good times with a support system on the internet, which I think is so rad!

But I can't get caught up in who is reading my blog or that blog - this is losing site of what is important. Let's face it...I think we all have done this at least once or twice. What is important is not always being focused on myself, but the others around me in the blog world and in my personal life.

  Lately I have been thinking about how important it is to really love people. I mean really and genuinely love them. I am making it my life goal to when I ask someone how they are, to really look in their eyes. It is a glimpse into their soul. Life is too short not to ask someone how they are and how you can help encourage them. It is so important to be there for one another because life is short Ocean Dreamers.

The problem with me being so "others" focused is that I place expectations on others to be there for me as I for them. Not necessarily in the blogosphere, but in my personal life lately. For example, if I ask someone how they are I expect the same from them and the genuine response is not always reciprocated. Hence, I feel rejected when this has happened in my relationships in real life. It's frustrating but I have to remind myself not to be insecure about this. This stems again from the feelings of being rejected or not wanted and I think we all struggle with this daily. I'm being honest here. It's a "me me" society that we are living in. Myself included.

So the point I'm trying to make is that even though I was raised to truly and genuinely care about others, I am not going to always expect that in return. Love to me is giving but not always getting something in return. That's just how life is. I don't want to get let down by my own created expectations of others. Oh, and I am going to take care of myself too! It is important to not only care about others but find some "me" time too to recharge the batteries. You just can't give, give, give. You run out of juice!

I hope I just made sense! :P Jumbled thoughts, sorry!

So here's to community.
Loving others.
Not being sucked into a popularity club
in our blog world and in daily life.
and to being...
genuine and real with people.
(That I want you to read.) :)

Thanks for listening.
~ Your Ocean Dreamer

Mar 30, 2010

The Perfect Weekend

Was I spoiled or what this weekend!
I think I'll kidnap BK more often if I
get sweet rewards like this.
Just kidding - BK was beyond sweet
this weekend not only because he is romantic,
but I think also it had a lot to do with
he is on spring break and
has more time to give - yipee!
Plus to give him more credit 
I think he wanted some 
beach adventures with me...
yay for ocean dreaming with BK!

Let me tell you what our 
"perfect weekend" entailed...

First stop on Sat night was 
our favorite Italian restaurant 
in Santa Monica called
Check this out if you live near by.
You won't be disappointed, I promise.
I didn't snap a picture of my entree
but I had shrimp fettuccine and it 
looked something like this and was 
to die for, I kid you not.
I devoured the entire thing
even though I shouldn't have.
Dairy problems but I ignored them.
 After we ate our favorite meals 
we decided to walk around at
Santa Monica for a while. 
By then it was really late and
all of the shops were closed,
but we did a bit of window shopping
and site seeing in the dark.
There were a lot of party and bar seekers out!
Not us though, we were content
only walking around and holding hands.
I encountered this vintage romance 
art piece in a window 
and fell in love a bit.
I also saw this floral dress in the window
and couldn't resist taking a picture!
Such a darling hotel sign in Santa Monica!
These were some windows to a sea themed restaurant.
When I looked through the windows there
were lights lighting up the restaurant - so pretty!

On Sunday we went to Seal Beach.
The weather was so nice.
It was a bit breezy so their
was a lot of para sailing going on.
It was so relaxing laying next
to BK on the sand, listening 
to the waves and watching 
the para sailing. I don't know
if I would want to learn how.
Would you? BK wants too.
There's my BK walking up the hill
in his sailor man's hat. :)
I love our ocean dreaming.

After we went to the beach we went to BJ's.
My second favorite restaurant.
That means two of my favorite 
restaurants in two days!
We had lots of yummy food here too.
Pizza with no cheese. I'm a lactard
but that's a story for another post.
It basically means I am allergic to 
dairy and cheese products.
This is my alternative! :)
Now, you all might be disappointed in me
but I had a bit of a "sugar" meltdown.
I caved and ate some of this pazookie,
aka cookie and ice cream with BK.
I know, I know, one week short of Easter!
I officially cheated but am going to be good 
this week...shame on me!
At the end of the day I discovered
that I am only human 
and I gave it my best shot.

Getting back to thoughts on my faith -
I am very thankful for my heavenly Father
who certainly is perfect and gave me the 
gift of this Easter week and the gift of salvation.

The end of a perfect weekend
you might ask?
Well, a sunset at the beach
with my love.

What could be better than this?
What would your perfect 
weekend look like
Ocean Dreamers?

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Mar 29, 2010

Bounty Hunter Review and Pretty Referrals

Hello Ocean Dreamers!

So...I pretty much had the most perfect 
weekend ever with Big Kiddo.
I'll be posting pictures and 
revealing what "my perfect weekend"
entailed on my next post.'ll just have to wait but
it involves lots of ocean dreaming,
that I will tell you! :)

 Many of you asked me how 
The Bounty Hunter was.
I thought it was really cute and really funny. 
Lately a lot of chick flicks haven't really 
been my favorites because sometimes
they try too hard if you know what I mean.
The script is sometimes not written well.
I thought in this movie the scenes
with Jennifer and Gerard were not forced.
Their chemistry was great and it was
genuinely funny. In some films
the humor is almost forced and it is really
hard to sit back and just enjoy the movie.
I loved this movie, but I might just
be biased because I love Jennifer Aniston.
Gerard Butler' s acting has bugged me in the past,
in particular in The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl.
I didn't like how they took out his real life accent
and plus that movie was pretty foul anyway.
But in The Bounty Hunter he grew on me more.
It also had some great aspects 
about relationships and how to work
through relationship problems.
I liked that part because sometimes
people give up on marriage too easily,
even though in the film the characters
were already divorced and I recognize that.
Still - it was nice seeing a realistic relationship
that has problems like in real life and seeing
two people at least try & talk it out in the film.
That's all I am going to say
without revealing how it ends. :)
Like I mentioned before,
the chemistry between their characters
was very believable - yay! 
I felt like the plot was very entertaining
and suspenseful too! 
So I give it 4 thumbs up, lol.
Go watch it and enjoy!! :)
Such a cute picture of them together.
I kind of want them to date in real life now
that I have seen them on screen together.
I think they are too cute together!

Changing topics.
I have mentioned before that one 
of my  favorite sites is Ruche.
They recently posted a new Look Book
for some of their products that were 
just added to the shop and
I am soooo in love!
I thought I would post a couple of pictures.
Sorry they are so small.
Go here to see them bigger!
I also have been enchanted by this magazine
lately called Boho Magazine.
It is a eco-friendly magazine with 
chic, fashionable, and gorgeous layouts!
See for yourself and recently a
was featured in their magazine and on the site!
You can find the article in this publication 
and in the link above.

I hope you have a fantastic Monday.
I'll be back soon to reveal what I did
this weekend later. :)


Mar 26, 2010

Gone to Chips

Yaaay it's Friday!
Any fun plans?
Tonight I am seeing The Bounty Hunter.
I can't wait - it looks so funny!
So I apologize because I am definitely
behind on your blogs.
It's been a busy couple of days!
Last night I went to my first Spring bonfire,
pictures to be posted soon! 
Work has been busy and tonight I am having
dinner and going to a movie with my girlfriend! :)

So life has been good so I won't complain.
I'll catch up more on your blogs this weekend!

So remember my post a few days ago on Spring
and how I updated you on my health and fitness?
Well...I am convinced that 
my life had gone to chips later that night.
Let me explain.
See these little sweet temptations?
Well this is why my life had gone to chips
on that particular night.
Earlier that day I had written about
how well I was doing with my health.
Well after work I bought these chips
 for my bonfire on Thursday night.
They looked so yummy!
Should I eat them?!
But then...I sat down and almost
ate the entire bag!
Oops - you caught me!
I'm not saying that you shouldn't reward
yourself from time to time.
I would go crazy never eating 
any sugar or chips!
Everything in moderation though.
I just think that night
I reached my breaking
point with this fasting thing.
I needed sugar and I couldn't
eat it so instead I let 
my life go to chips.
However, then I realized something.
Eating chips wasn't going to make me
feel any better, only sick, ha!
I needed to be trusting in God.
I needed to realize that I could 
make it through - only a week more!
Going to chips made me think
about life in general.
You know how I always love 
to tie in something inspirational, right?
Well...sometimes I think we use things
to run from the issues we are afraid of.
For example, that night I used chips 
to escape from what was a busy day at work,
lack of sugar, and the need 
to "get away from it all."
Instead of addressing my issues
and dealing with my current fear,
I found something to eat.
In other situations I sometimes 
find a person to take the frustration
out on, or an activity
to "temporarily" get rid of the
issue that is bothering me.
I've learned the hard way that this
will only make matters worse.
You feel like you are suffocating
and only confusion and hurt ensues.
 So my advice is to erase those fears.
Address the fears before they get stored
away and your life goes to chips.
Sure, they may not go away right away.
They may come back and haunt you again.
But if you are making a conscious effort
to not let your fears rule you,
I think that is a good start.
 How do you not allow your fears 
to take hold of you?
Well, for me, I write them down in a journal,
take a good look at them and decide
whether they are really worth all 
of my worrying. 
Most of the time they aren't.
I also choose to believe in myself
and the possibility of my hopes and dreams.
I take action instead of being enveloped
in self doubt, guilt, fear, and anxiety.
I also trust in God and know that He
knows the desires of my heart.
Don't sell yourself short Ocean Dreamers.
Reach for the stars.
Figure out what that fear is.
Address that issue that is bothering you.
Talk to the person who hurt you.
Fight against feeling unwanted or unloved.
Don't back down.
Turn your aspirations into action.
Find that new job, friend, or love of your life.
Seize lifes' opportunities and just believe.
Don't let your life go to chips.

Mar 24, 2010

Wishful Wednesday

  Hi Ocean Dreamers!

It's time for Wishful Wednesday!

Drum roll please...
I wish I could afford any Juicy Couture handbag 
without putting a dent in my pocketbook!

I actually own two Juicy handbags, but I have
never purchased the really expensive ones.
I usually find them on Ebay or on sale.
They retail for more than $200. Yikes!
Oh and I know there are a lot
more expensive bags out there than Juicy.
I just have an obsession with Juicy. 
I love this brand name!

So these are a few purses that I am wanting right now...
The leather handbags are especially expensive.
 So these are just a few bags that I like.
But I pretty much like their entire 
collection except for the crazy bright ones.
Are you juicyed out?

I never will be! :)


Mar 23, 2010

Spring Means...

Happy Tuesday Ocean Dreamers!

Thank you for your sweet comments 
on my new button and tumblr. 
Hope you get to check out tumblr 
if you get the chance, it's fun!!

So I wanted to update you on a few things.

First of all, many of you asked how my
kidnapping BK weekend went.
It went amazing, thanks for asking!
Saturday evening I kidnapped him
and we drove to Newport where we
checked in. The room was nice and comfy!
He was so sweet and thankful too.
We did lots of cuddling and relaxing.
BK also took me out to eat at Javier's
on Saturday night, I had never been there.
It's a Mexican food restaurant with 
incredible food and yummy guacamole!
Other than that on Sunday we just went
out to breakfast and slept in.
It was so divine and I totally was in
utter bliss over having BK all to myself
without him bending over a text book 
to study, ha ha.

I also wanted to update you on 
my fasting and running.
Honestly, fasting has been hard at times.
I have caved three times - one cup of soy
chocolate milk, half of a donut, and a tiny chocolate.
I would have liked to have told you that
I didn't cheat at all, but here's the truth.
It is especially hard when my roommates
bake cookies or a co-worker eats a donut
around me, pure torture!
But I have to keep on reminding myself
the purpose of doing this.
It's all for Jesus!! ;)
I have two weeks to go and after Easter
I would like to continue to eat sugary
snacks in moderation or continue
to cut it out together, we will see...
I have lost 4 pounds and want to lose 
more before my trip to Maui!!

Also, in regards to running.
The last three weeks I have run
5 days in a row consistently with
at least 2-4 miles each day.
It feels great and it has become a habit.
Last week was busy so I only got 3 workouts in.
But I am proud of myself for fulfilling my goals!
I want to continue to run this much to be in 
even better shape and shed more weight.
Eating healthy with no sugary snacks
definitely plays a huge part. 
Exercise and eating well go hand in hand.
Thanks for all of your encouragement!
If you need encouragement too
you know where to find me...

I don't know about you but I'm excited
that it is officially Spring time!
I wanted to do a post on what Spring means
to me so here we go...
Spring means cute little cotton tail bunnies like this one...
Spring means taking a walk at the park and 
sitting on lovely benches like this one...
Spring means taking a bike ride in your Sunday dress...
And yes that is Zooey. :)
 Spring means finding pleasant garden gates
and gazing at the blooming flowers...
Spring means wearing darling floral outfits
like this one and hopefully looking this hot too!
Spring means reading a good book and
soaking up some sunshine!!
Spring means wearing pastel nail polish
like this Essie nail polish that I have heard
so much about. Haven't tried it yet though!
Spring means perhaps falling in love for the first time
or maybe falling even more in love...
Spring means listening to the birdies tweet
while hanging on to the tree branches like this one...
So funny!
Spring means wearing cute flip flops!
 Spring means Easter and Easter eggs!
Wow! Spring also means some fun chicks like this...
Good thing this isn't real, ha ha!
Speaking of Easter, for me, Spring also means
being thankful that Jesus sacrificed his life and rose again 
for you and for me to receive eternal life...
Spring also means me scoring this
cute little dress...
I just bought it this past week from my
favorite site Ruche.

What does Spring mean to you??
Have a very bright and cheery day!

*All photos are from!