Dec 30, 2011

preserving your pants: how to move your wardrobe without destorying it - guest post by Ash

Hi Ocean Dreamers,

Today I'm off having fun with BK so
please enjoy yet another lovely guest post,
this time by my friend Ashley, who you have
seen guest post on my blog before! :)


Preserving Your Pants: How to Move Your Wardrobe without Destroying It

There's a certain art to moving clothes without compromising their structure. You don't want to wrinkle your favorite tops and pants, and you don't want your jewelry to emerge in your new location as a tangled mass of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Check out these few tips for ensuring that your clothes arrive in a wearable state!
Keep Valuable Jewelry Close, Safe and Secure: Most movers actually won't even load your valuables onto the van without an insurance plan. Pack your jewelry away in a safe box. If you use a jewelry box for your items, you can simply pack the entire jewelry box. Grouping like items together with a tie and utilizing old ring or earring boxes to move small items can help cut down on the chances of losing or damaging your jewelry. Try to condense your jewelry down to one box, and keep it close to you during the move.
Use Luggage, Duffle Bags and Laundry Hampers: For clothes that typically live in a dresser drawer, you can utilize your luggage, duffle bags or even laundry hampers to make the move much easier. You can simply move the folded clothes directly from one location to the next. This tactic is especially great for items that aren't delicate, or if you don't care whether they emerge sporting a few wrinkles. Gym clothes, pajamas, underwear or lounge clothes are great candidates. Try to keep a smaller bag with a few changes of clothes, just in case you don't feel like tearing through all your boxes for fresh pajamas or a new outfit the following day.
Wardrobe Boxes: If you want to move your clothes easily and without them resembling those horrific pre-wrinkled shirts that were huge in the early 2000s, wardrobe boxes are your best bet. You can leave your clothes directly on the hanger and load them onto the bar in the box. They'll hang just like they do in your closet, so that delicate fabrics like silk will stay wrinkle free.
You can find wardrobe boxes in different sizes and heights. They’re usually available from your mover, office stores, or moving supply stores in your area. They are pretty affordable, hold a lot of clothes and are re-usable, making them great for someone who moves often. Pack like items together and label the boxes so you know where to find everything later.

No Shoe Left Behind: Everyone has felt the panic of unpacking shoes and thinking for a split second, "Did I lose one?" One shoe is no good without the other, so losing just the left or right really hurts. To avoid losing shoes, or even having a brief mix up, keep all your shoes together in one box for the move. Keeping it all together can be hard, but the closer proximity, the better. If you have shoeboxes, it's a great idea to pack shoes into them before packing them in a larger box. That way, you can easily keep pairs together and identity any singletons quickly.
If you are moving especially valuable items, be it clothes, shoes or jewelry, you might also consider moving insurance to guarantee that your items are covered in the event of loss or damage, especially if you're going a long distance. If you aren't going far, a reliable mover and safe packing should be enough to ensure that your clothes will arrive in tip-top shape!
Thanks Ash!

Oh gosh...I hope I don't have to move anytime soon, lol! least these great tips will help in the future!
Hope you all have a lovely day Ocean Dreamers!

Dec 29, 2011

my sweetie, sugar, and a sunset on Christmas

I thought I'd cover how my Christmas went before New Years Day arrives!

BK and I had a very low key Christmas day.
We actually just sat around and relaxed because
the night before we went to church and already opened our gifts!

In the evening we walked around Seal Beach where we took
some gorgeous sunset pictures.

On Christmas Eve BK gave me some gorgeous 
Hydrangea flowers as part of my Christmas gifts.

On Christmas Eve BK also went shopping for my Christmas gifts
(lol better late than never,) so I went on a 5 mile run 
and my reward was a boba tea at Cha For Tea. Yum.

I decided to wear a coral dress on Christmas Eve
and I paired it with my Betsey Johnson sweater,
which reminds me, I still need to tell you about
the rest of my goodies that I got on Melrose Ave.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

See you back here before the New Year rolls around!

How was your Christmas?

Dec 26, 2011

holiday in Mauritius - guest post by Henri

 Hi Ocean Dreamers,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday!
While I'm getting back into my working mode
here's a guest post from Henri.

I'll be back tomorrow to fill you in on my Christmas!

After reading this guest post I think we'll all want to go
on vacation to a tropical location!


Finding the best resort spots for holidays in Mauritius

Who hasn’t dreamt of a holiday on the beach, frolicking among the gentle waves lapping at the soft white sand? If you fly to Mauritius, your holiday dream can be realised. A holiday in Mauritius is all about sea, sand and sun before everything else such as shopping, museums and restaurants. So it pays to choose resorts near the best beaches when deciding where you’ll be staying.
Getting there

As the island is situated off the east coast of Madagascar in the middle of the Indian Ocean, if you are from any continent, flying the is quickest and only way to reach shore. The only alternative is by boat and you will have to come from Reunion Island or Rodrigues. How then do you get to either island? By plane again!

You will first land at the only airport of the island in the south-east, at Plaisance. If you fly from Europe, your plane will reach the island from the north-west and will cross it all the way diagonally to the south-east in just a few minutes. Pay attention outside as you will get a great opportunity to see the whole island from above with its green tapestry of sugarcane fields and turquoise blue lagoon like a ring around it.
As your plane reaches the airport, it will turn around to approach it from the sea and start landing while still above the water. You will see the blue sea fast approaching you and even small waves, giving the impression that the plane will fall into the water. Not for those afraid of flying!

From the airport

Once you land at the airport, you will take the motorway towards one of the many plush hotels or villas dotted all around the coast of Mauritius.
There are several luxury hotels on the east coast, namely Le Touessrok and St Geran, 2 very famous, very luxurious and very expensive resorts. You will need to leave the motorway early for that or you may continue to the west or north coast. This is because most of the hotels are concentrated close to the best beaches, many of which are found on the west and north coasts.

On the east coast, you will find the 6 km long public beach of Belle Mare and Palmar next to each other. The East coast is relatively quiet compared to the west and north coast and this is probably due to the south east trade winds which makes it more windy than usual on the beaches on this side of the island. Those who seek peace and quiet will more than likely find it here. Let’s not forget Blue Bay beach in the south east corner. This beach is packed with tourists and locals however, maybe because it is truly stunning. It’s also not very far from the airport.
Finally, we need to mention the south coast if we are to mention quiet beaches. The south is the wild part of the island, ignored by tourists and locals because there are few beaches and the sea is rough. So if you come for a beach holiday, there’ll be nothing for you there. However, if you like golf, then the award-winning Telfair Golf & Spa Resort in the area should be of interest to you.


Standing out from all the possible destinations over the island, including the capital Port-Louis, is Grand-Bay, the foremost destination for tourists seeking sea, sun and sand but also entertainment. Sure, you might enjoy an isolated beach for yourself but would you be OK to spend your 2 or 3 weeks of holidays on this desolate beach by yourself? Not many would be inclined to do so. Grand Bay brings the best of both worlds then.
Grand-Bay has some of the best beaches of Mauritius in close proximity. Try Mont-Choisy, a few kilometres before Grand-Bay as you head north from the motorway. Mont-Choisy has arguably the longest white sandy beach of the whole island. Sometimes, you may find a very attractive beach, only to be disappointed in the shallow sea when going for a swim. Mont Choisy has nothing like that. The turquoise sea water beckons you and when you dip into the warm waters, you will find plenty of depth to practise your swim stroke. If you manage to swim up and down the whole of this beach, then you are without doubt of athletic ability. Le Cannonier Hotel is just nearby.

Flic en Flac

If Grand Bay represents the north, then Flic en Flac is the west. This small fishing village in the 60s dominated by a marsh has been transformed into the Grand Bay of the west today. The long sandy beach has helped without a doubt. You will find shopping centres, banks, restaurants and Casela, a bird and animal park, all nearby. From Villas Caroline to La Pirogue, the Sugar Beach Resort and the Hilton Mauritius Resort & Spa, you are spoilt for choice. Find reviews on the Sugar Beach Resort and La Pirogue here.
Mauritius with its hot tropical weather and sandy coral lagoons has what many holidaymakers seek to make their trip memorable. So grab your sun lotion, your swimwear and get a flight ticket to this island. As with all holiday trips, preparation is the key so get all you need to know at before you go. If you have any hotels to share with us, why not submit a travel guest post?

Bio: Henri loves island travel: there is nothing
better than spending some time
on the beach under the sun.
Keep an eye out for more of his experience.

Thanks so much for the guest post Henri!

Dec 23, 2011

getting ready for Christmas

Hi, and thanks for the comments on my outfit post! 

In just a few days Christmas will arrive. I'm so excited that I'm in sunny CA spending time with my love. On Christmas day we will be going to church with BK's family and then will enjoy the rest of the day opening presents and celebrating Christ's birthday.

I've been doing small things around BK's apartment to make it a bit more festive. Part of Christmas for me is getting in the Christmas mood so I bought a few things to make BK's man cave into a holiday cave, lol.
I set up all of BK's presents and even though I didn't get a big tree, you can see our small blue ocean dreams tree on the end table.
BK really needed a new comforter. Don't tell anyone but he was using an old floral comforter so I took matters into my own hands and headed over to TJMaxx and this is what I came up with for under $100. I wanted it to be manly since it isn't "our place" yet but when we do have our own place I'll come up with a bed look that we both will like.
I also got a snow globe of the nativity scene and a small dish to place it in. Then I decided to buy some Hershey's kisses and put it around the nativity scene. There's something magical about snow globes. They also have been one of my favorite decorations. It's a small decor element that I think makes the table come alive with holiday gladness. :)
I'm also reading a Christmas book, The Christmas Wedding by James Patterson. It's really a simple read and cute story. I need to finish it soon, Christmas is only 2 days away! But...I guess I can continue reading it after Christmas.
 Christmas nails!!
Sweet red and sparkly fake candles. ;)
I also decided to get some cupcakes. Christmas isn't complete without cupcakes, right?!
Also...let's not forget about sweet ocean Christmas dreams.
Love seeing these sunsets again. ;)

What are you doing to get ready for Christmas?

Are you done Christmas shopping?

Happy early Merry Christmas Ocean Dreamers!

Dec 21, 2011

Outfit Post: new BCBG dress and beige lace shorts

Two days I went to Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood and went shopping there for about four hours while BK met with a client and measured up a property. I have to say I love Melrose Avenue not only for their diversity of shops, but because it's in West Hollywood and I truly feel like I'm in the heart of a fashionable city. Melrose Avenue is where many stars go to find pieces of clothing and accessories that you won't find anywhere else.

Whenever I go shopping on Melrose Avenue I know I'm going to spend at least $100 or more. There's just so many unique shops, vintage clothing, and more that I adore.

I'm only going to show you two items of clothing in this post that I purchased, but I'll be back with more pictures soon. I had fun on Photoshop with this collage and played around with the lighting and filters.
The pink dress is a BCBG dress and it was originally priced at $150 when it was first released during the fall of 2010. The store I went to sold it to me for only $16! I love the details including the pleats and it fits me so well. It's made out of the type of material that "puffs" out at the bottom so you have an automatic bounce to it without having to wear tulle underneath.

The second item of clothing I bought was a pair of lace shorts. I love them and they are so super cute! I decided to pair them with a lacy black top and a pair of black leggings underneath for the winter time. Plus black is just very slimming overall paired with light colored shorts, in my opinion.

I can't wait to wear both of these outfits soon!

I'll be back with another post showing you what else I found! :)

Dec 19, 2011

New Year Ethical Fashion Looks - Guest Post by Emma

Hi Ocean Dreamers, 

First I'd like to announce the 
pink wreath Treetopia Giveaway winner
and it's Ashley from Sloanbook!!
Congrats Ashley, I'll be sending you an e-mail shortly!

While I'm enjoying well needed time with BK
soaking up some ocean dreams,
I hope you enjoy another guest post. 

Thanks Emma for your guest post!


With the holiday season fast approaching, time to plan the all-important New Year’s Eve outfit is quickly running out. With so much to think about, the last thing on your mind is whether your outfit is ethical. But in the name of good karma why not make a positive start to 2012 by wearing something from one of the many eco fashion brands that are available.

Ethical or sustainable fashion can still have a bit of a reputation for being ‘hippie’ but it’s not all hemp shirts and flowing skirts, in fact, it’s hardly like that at all. New niche ethical labels are cropping up all the time and more and more mainstream fashion brands are bringing out sub ranges with a conscience, so there is plenty of ethical party wear around if you go looking for it.

People Tree is the most established ethical fashion brand in the UK, and they ship all over the world. They support Fair Trade and work with artisan communities to produce beautiful garments and accessories. The Grace dress is a classic LBD with hand embroidered gold detailing for that extra special New Year’s sparkle. Produced in Bangladesh it is made from a cotton/silk blend and costs £145. 

C.Marchuska is a clothing brand which manufactures in the heart of New York City. They produce sophisticated, sustainable and affordable fashion for the socially conscious woman. C.Marchuska has a range of party dresses priced from $100-$160 like the bright blue Erin dress which is made from bamboo (could be a good talking point). 
Of course, being sustainable or ethical doesn’t mean that you have to go out and buy something new. You could wear vintage for that party and be right on trend. Or you could customise something yourself using fashion blogs to find inspiration and keep up-to-date with trends on the cheap. Maybe sew sequins onto a tired, plain dress, add lace edging to sleeves and hems or tie bows from ribbon for added embellishment.  When money’s running low and you’re all partied out why not host a customising party in the run up to New Year’s Eve, now that’s an idea!

Emma Waight is a PhD researcher and freelance fashion and style writer for

Dec 16, 2011

How much social media do you accomplish on your cell? LG Double Play lets you multi-task!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of LG DoublePlay™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Sometimes I find myself getting so irritated with 1 small touch screens or small keypads. It takes me for forever to send a text or tweet and I wish I could do all of these things at once!

That's why I think investing in a phone like LG Double Play offered exclusively at T-Mobile would be ideal.

This phone comes with customizable touch screens, a 3.5 inch main display and a 2.0 inch sub display that you can use independently or work on them all together. Multi-task and have fun on Facebook, Twitter, and or wherever else you want to surf with this multi-purpose phone.

The LG DoublePlay™ comes with a super cool camera and video as well. It's easy to capture and share pictures and videos through text messaging, email or Facebook.

You can also enjoy a great number of messaging options, such as Cloud Tex and Group Text. This way you can send and receive texts from a PC and tablet more efficiently and quickly.

Love Droid features? LG DoublePlay™ features Android™ 2.3 (Gingerbread) that allows you to visit the fabulous (in my opinion,) Android Market™.  I looove the Android Market! It's fun and easy to surf multiple sites with seven home screens and up to nine touchscreen shortcuts. Wow that's awesome!

Unlike other phones, the LG DoublePlay is ideal for multi-tasking and enjoying your social media platforms. The split QWERTY keyboard and touch screens make it super easy to hop around to all of your favorite apps, websites, texts, and more.

So Ocean Dreamers, I have some cell phone questions for you because it will be fun hearing your answers and my answers are below as well:

1.) How many text messages do you send a month?

I personally send about 250 or more...I love to text!

2.) How many hours (approximately) do you spend Social Networking on your phone each month?

Gosh I can't even count, I love social networking a little too much, lol!

3.) How would the new LG DoublePlay™ change the way you text and interact with your Social Networks (now that you can multi-task?)

This looks like a great phone - would be great to multi-task!!

Go check out The LG DoublePlay™ - it's a great phone that will keep you up to date on all of your social media platforms all at once! Don't you think this phone would be fab at changing the way you text and interacting on your SM platforms each month?!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on how much SM and texting you do on your phone. I do quite a bit and love tweeting and texting the most!


Visit Sponsor's Site

Find Your Special Pink Wedding Shoes - Sponsored Guest Post

Hi Ocean Dreamers,

I'm still enjoying my staycation in CA and have a few more guest posts
coming your way before I update you on what I've been up to!

If you are getting married anytime soon or think there's a wedding
beyond the horizon (I'm secretly hoping for me,) 
you should check out this {sponsored} guest post, written by Dave:

Wedding shoes play a crucial role in creating a statement look for the most important day of your life, as you walk down the aisle to get into the unison of holy matrimony. The wedding day is also hectic and can be taxing for your feet. It is very important to have a pair of wedding shoes to keep your feet happy, while you bask into the glory of a beautiful bride or an impeccable groom and shake hands to accept the best wishes. 
The wedding shoes must be coordinated with the entire wedding ensemble. For bridal wedding shoes, it is important that you choose them carefully as per the length of your dress. With every fashion season the trend of wedding shoes also changes, but for brides stilettos never go out of fashion. High heels add up to your posture and grace in your walk. Whatever is the style of the wedding shoes, attention to the detailing is what makes it special and unique. The silhouette and fabric of the wedding shoes make a huge difference in the over all look and feel of the shoes. 

For 2011-12, the latest trend for weddings is the Vintage Hollywood Glamour. It’s high on crystal, pearls and floral pattern. High heels shoes or platforms with pearl detailing in a floral pattern also make the statement pair for wedding shoes this season Vintage lace is also trendy this season and you can opt for a vintage lace detailing for your bridal shoes as well. Wedding shoes are heavily into the crystal adorned patters and detailing for a red carpet chic wedding or you can also opt for a pair of flat peep toes, soft hued wedding shoes with floral detailing and vintage feel to match your gorgeous tea length vintage wedding dress. For grooms, the era of 1920s is trend inspiring this season. The wedding shoes are suave and classy wingtip shoes in glossy or matte black or white. 

I think I would love having pink wedding shoes...
wouldn't you ocean dreamers?!

Dec 14, 2011

Guest Post - Holiday Shopping Survival Tips from StyleSays

I'm currently on my way to CA (YAY!)

If you get the chance please head on over
to read my guest post on The Comeback Woman.

This is my first time telling 
my story in detail about 
my illness last year.
This was hard for me to write but if there
is any way I can encourage others who
have gone through challenging times then it's
more than worth it for me to share my story: 

Turning Life's Challenges Into Victories

NOW...Enjoy a guest post below from Jess about StyleSays and 
I'll be back soon with some ocean dreams tales! 


Holiday Shopping Survival Tips from StyleSays

The leaves have turned, Love Actually has been broken out, and Sierra will be en route to CA soon for Christmas. Hopefully Sierra is like me and got through most of her holiday shopping already. If you’re still trying to finish, or even get started, I’m here to help.

My name is Jess and I’m a recent college grad who grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. I’ve always been neurotic when it comes to Holiday gift giving. This has opened my eyes to a few different hints to skip the crowded malls, save a little money and time. I’m here to share what I’ve learned with you.

Full disclosure: this strange behavior eventually turned into a fashion site that I run with a couple friends. More to come on that in a sec.

5.    Start Last Month (or now)

Alright so we can be real, some people started weeks ago and there are others that won’t start until Christmas Eve. With only a few weeks until the big day you start today if you haven’t, especially if you plan on buying any presents online. Many sites will tell you the last day you can order a present for it to arrive by the 25th.

If you don’t know where to start and are overwhelmed by the thought of navigating tons of confusing online stores, try out StyleSays. Hand-picked items from the top online stores are organized in an easy to use one-stop- shop.

4. Think Different

Even if you didn’t start early you can still come away with some spectacular finds. With so many options you should be bold, be unique and really make your friends+fam feel special. There are 100s of amazing online stores with endless gift ideas so you’re sure to find the perfect gift for your close ones. And if you really want to be unique look for a handmade item from one of the many online marketplaces like Etsy.

Oh yes there are lots of unique ocean like items too!

3. Wish Lists

Wish hard enough and it may come true. Almost every site has a wishlist that makes organizing gift ideas a lot easier. But you need to have all of your wishlists in one place to really compare. StyleSays makes it easy to save your favorite items from all of your favorite sites so you can compare gifts and prices side-by-  side. Shopping should be easy, right?

2.    Free Returns

When you’re doing all your holiday shopping at the mall this isn’t a problem but if you’re buying online it’s mega important to find stores with friendly return policies.

Here are a few stores that have friendly return policies: ASOS, ModCloth, Free People, Zappos and ShopBop.

1. Treat yo ‘self!

Don’t end up with another picture frame or candle. Let people know you want that pair of glittery new Sperry’s or tickets to the theatre. We’ve talked about finding the perfect gifts for everyone else but what about the perfect gift for you? Make a collection of all the things you want to see under the tree and then send that link around to all the Santas in your life.


StyleSays is playing Santa this year! Enter our Christmas List giveaway and you could win an item from your list. It’s super easy to enter. 1) Make a Christmas List and 2) Share it with a few friends.

Thank you to Sierra and her lovely readers! Take our style quiz to make an account

Happy Holidays!


Dec 11, 2011

on my random love list...

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

UPDATE 12/12 - Congrats to the 
winners of the BEKNOWN Giveaway!!
  • Name: Meghan G.
  • Name: Chrissy R.
  • If you happen to see this be on the look out for an e-mail from me or BeKnown!

Have you checked out my pink wreath giveaway?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! I did but time seems to be getting away from me and I can't believe I'll be headed to CA soon! This post is going to be a bit random, but just bear with me because I'm about to show you some pictures of some yummy food and fashionable items.

Here's what I've been up to the last few weeks as well as what I've bought. Yes, I know I shouldn't buy myself gifts before Christmas but I caved and found some black Friday goodies and then some. :)

I don't usually go out on Black Friday but this year I ventured out and boy did I have fun! I didn't really like Forever21's sales, but I snagged some fabulous deals at Aeropostale and Hollister where everything was at least 40% off or more!
There's this amazing Mexican restaurant where I live and I love going there with my mom. This time my mom, grandma and I went to this restaurant a few weeks ago and I got fish tacos. You really can't see the fish in this picture but if you have never had fish tacos you've got to try them. They are sooo good!
This year my mom and I decided to decorate the tree a bit differently. Usually the tree becomes a hodgepodge of random and fun ornaments. However, this year we stuck with only glass ornaments and as you can see many of them are vintage. I love vintage ornaments and plan on decorating my tree in my own home with BK with beauties like these in the near future.
My family and I actually exchanged Christmas gifts tonight (we had an early Christmas since I'm leaving this week,) and this is a picture of some of the gifts I gave them. I had a fun time wrapping presents!
Here are some of BK's gifts that I will be bringing to CA with me. Yep, I already wrapped them and I will put them around our mini blue ocean dreams tree that I'm bringing with me to CA. :)
I also decided to have fun and display a few other gifts I wrapped for him with a vintage tree that I bought as well as a tin with some pictures inside that I made for him from last year.
I also have been in a bit of a sushi mood lately (okay all of the time...) and this is one of my favorite rolls. It's a California roll with shrimp and spicy mayo on top. Just looking at it makes me hungry.
I also bought a few new purses. This beauty, aka Juicy Couture purse, I found at TJ Maxx for a killer price. The purse below is a Makowsky purse and I got it off of Ebay. I was actually looking for this tie dye and leather purse for quite sometime!! I finally snagged it for a reasonable price of $40 used verses $250. I lover it. 
Last...yes, I told you this was random, I got my nails done a few days ago. I don't usually like acrylic nails because I finally conquered biting my nails and growing them out, but I really wanted sparkly tips. I know that acrylic nails actually stay on so I decided to have pretty nails for the holidays. These are gold tips. Pretty, right?
Sorry about my fat fingers. I like my nails but I never said I liked my fingers, lol. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with my mom's long fingers but I'll work with what I have! :)

I won't be posting again until Friday because I'll be scurrying around like a crazy woman getting ready for Cali! So I wish you all a happy week and be sure to stop by on Wednesday for a guest post!

Also, I'm guest posting at Kori's blog on Tuesday so please stop by to read my post! Thanks!