Jan 27, 2011

giveaway - Apothica.com $50 gift card

Hello and happy Thursday!
One more day until the weekend. Yes.
Well, except for me; my days are like endless
weekends, which has it pros and cons when you
are unemployed. However, my full time job is to
look for a job and I have a lot of confidence that
I'm going to find a job that rocks. Seriously.

But that's besides the point.
I'm thrilled to announce to you that my sponsor
Apothica would like me to
host a $50 dollar gift card
giveaway so that you can buy something that
you've been lusting after in the beauty department!
Being the fan that I am of makeup, 
skin care, and beauty, you are going to love their site.
It has basically anything you could want 
and more when it comes to makeup.
DuWop is one of the many featured makeup lines
they have on their site and with DuWop 
names like Lip Venom,
Cheek Venom, Side Winder,
and SunDrops Bronzing Serum,
I feel like I could be the next Buffy or Bella.
You're probably wondering what you have
to do to enter, right?
Obviously visit Apothica's website. Duh.

Option 1: Facebook
Write on Apothica's Facebook wall what
 you think about Apothica
Bonus: Opt into Apothica's newsletter
{it's on the left bottom side on their website}

Option 2: Twitter
Tweet about Apothica on your own Twitter account
Bonus: Retweet Apothica's tweet
about this giveaway
(I'm oceandreams4u on Twitter) 

Option 3: Blog
Write something on your blog about
what you think about Apothica.
Bonus: Write about the brand I highlighted
{DuWop} and link to it!

That's it!
You have the opportunity
to enter 4 times total if you wish.
Also - please comment with separate
comments for each option you choose
so I can keep track of your entries.
The giveaway will run for 14 days starting today.
Thanks and good luck!


Jan 25, 2011

disneyland with my love

Well hello Tuesday!

Exactly a week ago BK and I went to Disneyland
for the first time together, and let me tell
you I cherished every. single. moment.
Not only do I adore Disneyland, but I especially
adore the fact that I could share the happiest
place on earth with my love.
We had such a wonderful time too!
Let me show you our Disneyland joy
by bombarding you with pictures...
BK insisted that we have someone snap our 
pic before heading in the park.
I couldn't stand the anticipation
knowing we were only a few feet away!
Loved the vintage sign theme they had going on.
 This was near Tomorrowland if you were wondering.
Space Mountain only had a 10 minute wait! Yes.
 I tortured BK on the teacups where he
almost threw up, poor guy. The first time
we were on the ride we were spinning the
wheel in the wrong direction! The second time
we were going way to fast, hence why BK
felt rather sick and actually didn't feel his
best for the rest of the day, especially
when he added to his queasiness by hopping
on California Screamin'. Big mistake BK.
What boyfriend would suggest we ride
on the Merry-Go-Round? My BK. Sigh.
At first I thought Tangled was a ride
but it actually was a line to meet Rapunzel,
the Disney Princess. The line was too long
for me to wait that long so
I snapped a picture instead to suffice.
BK and I didn't get to see World of Color
but I've seen it with a girlfriend in the California
Adventure theme park and it is so amazing!
Really I think the lighting at both parks at
night time is so bright, enchanting, and exhilarating!
Sorry, but I'm so glad I wimped out and did
not go on this ride. I would have been sick.
BK's expression is too funny though.

After eight hours of Disneyland bliss 
BK and I scarfed down a feast at
Outback Steakhouse and let me tell you
we were super tired after that.
I only hope one day we will
live happily ever after like
in the fairy tales at Disneyland...
My heart tells me we will.

Jan 23, 2011

Dance and Dream 4 Ever, featured ocean dreamer of Jan!

Happy Sunday Ocean Dreamers!

A few posts ago I mentioned that I decided
to feature an Ocean Dreamer per month by hosting
a button on the left side of my blog as a free
sponsorship for causes, organizations, your blog,
Etsy business, etc.

Well, I also decided to do an interview
on my featured Ocean Dreamer each month as well
to get the word out on their cause!

I am excited to introduce to you Joanna 
Tell me about your blog, Dance and Dream 4 Ever. What can readers expect to read about on your blog? What are some of your interests and joys in life?

Let me first start with this, a lot of bloggers start with a blog that has a topic, like cooking, crafts, whatever! Me, well, I've  been blogging for a year and my blog is NOT one that has a topic. :) When you stop by you can mostly find the ramblings of a small town Oklahoma girl! I love to talk about my life, its joys and sorrows. My friends, family, and random people (I write letters to famous people telling them how I feel!) I also like to post about my animals, random topics, do link ups, and LOVE giveaways! I am a BIG fan of new followers and I always follow back! Feel free to stop by and stay :)

You are currently running a fundraiser called Secret's Gift Fundraiser. Please tell us about it and how we can become involved!
 A friend in Washington State rescued a dear horse named Secret from a very bad situation! She had major injuries on her legs because of not being cared for. She lived with my friend for about 4 weeks and was starting to look a lot better! She was putting on weight and everything. Sadly in November her injures to her leg got so bad that she had to be put down. She had 4 weeks of rest and peace. 
This fundraiser is in memory of her! I have several amazing people that have donated some fun stuff! Everything from gift tags, to earrings, to hair bows! 
I am asking $10 per entry (you can enter as many times as you want) and all the money will go to The Apache Horse Junction in Arizona! They help abused and neglected horses! Since that's what Secrets is; I feel that's where the gifts should go!
{Side note from me: I asked Joanna if she could prolong the entries beyond the 24th and she said she would be happy to do so if you need more time to hop on over to donate!}

There are several ways you can get involved! At this time, we have had $15 donated! I am so very thankful for that! I would love to be able to write a nice check to this amazing place that is doing such a great thing! So I need people to donate.

Also, I am a small blog! I really need to get the word out there! I have a blog button over on my blog, and you are welcome to copy my post and do a blog post yourself on it!
Anything would be most amazing!

If you had one Ocean Dream {aka a dream in general} that you wish could come true right now, what would it be? How can you effectively put into action a goal from your ocean dream so it will come true?

Ohh...that's a tricky one. 
1. Let's see...As of right now I am single, and I would love to be married, that is my dream. I think the ways I can make that happen are getting better at working in my own home with my family. Also, learning how to clean and so much more!
2. learn how to communicate so I can have some foundation for when I am married and in addition;
3. change my attitude. I'm a little me centered, I need to be others centered!
Thanks so much for your openness Joanna
She's such a sweetheart, please stop by
her blog and say hello or give to 
her cause if you are able to!
I'm looking forward to featuring the lovely 
Shelbi, aka Marigold in Feb.
If you are interested in being the next Ocean Dreamer
for the month of March or a month after please
contact me at oceandreams4sierra@gmail.com!
 Thank you. :)

I'll be back on Monday or Tuesday 
with my Disneyland post.

Jan 21, 2011

sunsets and suncravingirl


I don't know about you but it's been a busy last couple of days! On Tuesday BK and I went to Disneyland, (more on that soon) and on Wednesday I was busy applying for jobs! 

Today I'll be blogging about a fun adventure that I had yesterday with a bloggy friend turned real life friend, aka Selma from Crazy Little World of Mine. This is the third bloggy friend I've had the privilege of meeting and these amazing gals certainly make me feel blessed! Meeting friends from blogging never ceases to amaze me; there are so many lovely souls who truly are genuine and caring, I'm so thankful for what this blog world has contributed to my life. I've not only been able to show you my true self, but share my world with you and be invited into your lovely worlds as well.
Yesterday Selma (or suncravingirl, which is her Twitter name) and I started out our adventure by getting some amazing sushi at Kura Sushi, where there is a revolving sushi table and lots of sushi to choose from! Yum! 
Afterwords we went to my favorite tea place - Boba Smoothie where we drank our tea on the way to Laguna Beach! The boba pearls that float around in the drink taste like gummy bears, hence why I always look forward to my boba drinks. Here's my drink:
At Laguna Beach we encountered the most amazing sunset - I tried to capture it with my camera but it didn't seem to do this gorgeous sunset justice.
 Have you ever put your camera on a night setting and then accidentally moved it around? This is what happens, and it looks pretty rad if you ask me.
 Laguna beach is one of my favorite beaches. With its friendly and inviting boutique shops, delicious restaurants, and direct view to the ocean at all times, it's simply enchanting. In college I used to drive to this beach quite frequently just to get away. I even got a few of my favorite rings from a store called Art For The Soul; it's a artistic shop with all sorts of amazing pieces of art.

 Come back on Sunday if you want to read more about the Ocean Dreamer of the month - I'm excited to introduce her to you all!

Soon I'll post about my adventure to Disneyland with BK as well; we had such a magical day!

Have a fantastic weekend. XOXO!

Jan 16, 2011

pray for Dante, celeb siting, and flickr addiction

Hello Ocean Dreamers!
I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.
I certainly am! I've been unravelling today,
writing in my journal and posting some new pictures
on my flickr. Speaking of flickr - if any of you
are on it please ad me as a contact and I'll
add you; I would love to see your photo creativity.

oceandreams4sierra. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
It's my new photography addiction while unravelling.
Also, here's a picture of me this morning unravelling,
with my journal in hand while writing 
in my pink Victoria Secret pants.
Sigh. Love pink.
So I have a little celeb siting story 
to entertain you with.
Last night when BK and I were in Beverly Hills,
we went to E Baldi where we saw none
other than Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick
sitting adjacent to us while we ate our Italian dinner!
They were only about three feet away from us
but we were seated on the outside and they were
seated on the inside. BK had a perfect view where
he was looking at them the entire
time we were eating, ha ha. He didn't care though,
he's really not into my celeb mumbo jumbo. ;)
Hence why I didn't get an autograph or say hi.
First, I was too flabbergasted when they walked in
right behind me. Is that really Kevin and Kyra?!
Second, it was such a nice restaurant that I didn't
want to be rude and go up to them. 
I thought I would just let them enjoy their
dinner in peace but I have to admit BK kept
on making fun of me because I was so nervous as
I ate my food; I knew they weren't staring at me
but I was only a few feet away from them.
What if I had lettuce in my teeth or left bread crumbs
on the table or something? 
Which in fact I did because I was focusing
on my every move so much the entire time.  
I know they are "just people" but I get excited over celebs
just the same and what a lovely couple they were...
Kyra's hair was in loose tendrils similar to what you 
see in this picture and Kevin was wearing tight pants
with a nice shirt - ha!

At the end of our meal, they got up, left hand in hand,
where Kevin Bacon tenderly put his arm 
around his wife's shoulders as they walked down 
the street to their Hollywood bliss. ;)
Changing topics and I know 
they are totally different subjects
but I have a lot to say on this post!!

I've posted about Dante before, 
but for my new visitors and followers  
here is a little recap 
if you would like to learn more about
this sweet angel named Dante. 
Dante currently has neuroblastoma and he is
only almost 4 years old! His audio-gram
has recently showed that his hearing has decreased
due to the chemo he has gone through; this sweet
little boy is fighting to remain strong.
Here is a moving and tender picture of Dante
with his mom Sylvia:
I love seeing their joy despite all of the pain.
They so desperately need our prayers as they
continue to seek help for Dante as they treat his
condition. I only hope and pray that his pain
decreases and his darling smile remains.
I have become very fond of his family and
only want the best for them this coming year.
Please join me as we pray for Dante and
encourage his family with hope!!

Here is another web site where you can learn
more about Dante: Caring Bridge.
You can also donate for Dante's healing treatment here.

Dante was last admitted to 
Cincinatti's Children Hospital
on the 11th; it is his last chance to move on to
for a transplant. From what I've read from  
he is doing well and discharged from the hospital!

I first learned about Dante from my friend Rocio,
{who has a lovely blog by the way!!}
who is Dante's aunt and Sylvia's sister;
she asked me to pray for Dante a while back
and that I ask other fellow bloggers 
to pray for Dante as well! 
Here's a button that will take 
you to Rocio's artful blog:
She drew my fashion illustration under 
my picture on the right!

My Fashion Dolly

So please pray for Dante.
Pray for his mom Sylvia, his little sister, his daddy,
his aunts and uncles, and for his other family members.
Please pray for the family's strength as they support
and give Dante all the love in the world.
If we can just show them some love, comfort,
and hope, then I think it will encourage
them through this time.
 Dante's blog: Dante 
Dante's Facebook page: Todos Con Dante
Caring Bridge Hope: Donation
Rocio's blog and updates: My Fashion Dolly

Last, here is a button for Dante,
found on my blog {bottom right corner},
if you would like to come back later or now
cut and paste it into your design layout!



Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. If I hear any new news I will be sure to let you know, or you can pop over to Dante's blog or facebook to keep updated as well!


Jan 15, 2011

if i lived in my dream house...

So as always I'm dreaming, so here's a dreamy
post with some lovely interiors that I appreciate
gaining inspiration and feeding my imagination
full of colors, designs, and layouts.

If I lived in my dream house I would have my very
own personal library, with scads of books to choose from.
Every direction you would turn would consist of biographies,
historical romance, stories of mystery and intrigue, and
whatever else had caught my eye over the years.
 If I lived in my dream house my romantic 
room would be mainly in neutral colors 
and monochromatic {one color in different 
shades or tones}.
Or maybe my room would be analogous, full of pops of color,
which would always remind me of Spring to come.
If I lived in my dream house I would have lovely
bathrooms full of shiny and elegant mirrors,  
a perfect amount of decor, and enchanting chandeliers.
If I lived in my dream house 
my living room would over look the ocean and
be crisp and clean or pretty and pink, just for me!
If I lived in my dream house
my very own office would encompass serenity,
while being organized, full of pastel colors,
and peacefully pink at every turn.
If I lived in my dream house 
my kitchen and dining room would
be elegant and blue, with wood
floors and just the right touch of white.
Now if only I could move into my 
dream house straight away!
If you could live in your dream house, what would it convey?

{click on images to go to their source. xoxo.}