Jan 16, 2011

pray for Dante, celeb siting, and flickr addiction

Hello Ocean Dreamers!
I hope you all are having a relaxing weekend.
I certainly am! I've been unravelling today,
writing in my journal and posting some new pictures
on my flickr. Speaking of flickr - if any of you
are on it please ad me as a contact and I'll
add you; I would love to see your photo creativity.

oceandreams4sierra. Get yours at bighugelabs.com
It's my new photography addiction while unravelling.
Also, here's a picture of me this morning unravelling,
with my journal in hand while writing 
in my pink Victoria Secret pants.
Sigh. Love pink.
So I have a little celeb siting story 
to entertain you with.
Last night when BK and I were in Beverly Hills,
we went to E Baldi where we saw none
other than Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick
sitting adjacent to us while we ate our Italian dinner!
They were only about three feet away from us
but we were seated on the outside and they were
seated on the inside. BK had a perfect view where
he was looking at them the entire
time we were eating, ha ha. He didn't care though,
he's really not into my celeb mumbo jumbo. ;)
Hence why I didn't get an autograph or say hi.
First, I was too flabbergasted when they walked in
right behind me. Is that really Kevin and Kyra?!
Second, it was such a nice restaurant that I didn't
want to be rude and go up to them. 
I thought I would just let them enjoy their
dinner in peace but I have to admit BK kept
on making fun of me because I was so nervous as
I ate my food; I knew they weren't staring at me
but I was only a few feet away from them.
What if I had lettuce in my teeth or left bread crumbs
on the table or something? 
Which in fact I did because I was focusing
on my every move so much the entire time.  
I know they are "just people" but I get excited over celebs
just the same and what a lovely couple they were...
Kyra's hair was in loose tendrils similar to what you 
see in this picture and Kevin was wearing tight pants
with a nice shirt - ha!

At the end of our meal, they got up, left hand in hand,
where Kevin Bacon tenderly put his arm 
around his wife's shoulders as they walked down 
the street to their Hollywood bliss. ;)
Changing topics and I know 
they are totally different subjects
but I have a lot to say on this post!!

I've posted about Dante before, 
but for my new visitors and followers  
here is a little recap 
if you would like to learn more about
this sweet angel named Dante. 
Dante currently has neuroblastoma and he is
only almost 4 years old! His audio-gram
has recently showed that his hearing has decreased
due to the chemo he has gone through; this sweet
little boy is fighting to remain strong.
Here is a moving and tender picture of Dante
with his mom Sylvia:
I love seeing their joy despite all of the pain.
They so desperately need our prayers as they
continue to seek help for Dante as they treat his
condition. I only hope and pray that his pain
decreases and his darling smile remains.
I have become very fond of his family and
only want the best for them this coming year.
Please join me as we pray for Dante and
encourage his family with hope!!

Here is another web site where you can learn
more about Dante: Caring Bridge.
You can also donate for Dante's healing treatment here.

Dante was last admitted to 
Cincinatti's Children Hospital
on the 11th; it is his last chance to move on to
for a transplant. From what I've read from  
he is doing well and discharged from the hospital!

I first learned about Dante from my friend Rocio,
{who has a lovely blog by the way!!}
who is Dante's aunt and Sylvia's sister;
she asked me to pray for Dante a while back
and that I ask other fellow bloggers 
to pray for Dante as well! 
Here's a button that will take 
you to Rocio's artful blog:
She drew my fashion illustration under 
my picture on the right!

My Fashion Dolly

So please pray for Dante.
Pray for his mom Sylvia, his little sister, his daddy,
his aunts and uncles, and for his other family members.
Please pray for the family's strength as they support
and give Dante all the love in the world.
If we can just show them some love, comfort,
and hope, then I think it will encourage
them through this time.
 Dante's blog: Dante 
Dante's Facebook page: Todos Con Dante
Caring Bridge Hope: Donation
Rocio's blog and updates: My Fashion Dolly

Last, here is a button for Dante,
found on my blog {bottom right corner},
if you would like to come back later or now
cut and paste it into your design layout!



Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers. If I hear any new news I will be sure to let you know, or you can pop over to Dante's blog or facebook to keep updated as well!



  1. Good Luck to Dante, I will pray for him!!

    And also, I cant believe you saw some celebrities!!! Thats so cool. Even though they are normal human beings like us, they still seem so special!

  2. Dante is such a cutie. Praying.

    I am so jealous of your celebrity sighting. OMG. I am so star struck too. Dr. Hubby thinks it is cute and says he is definitely taking me to LA one of these days. I am thinking this fall....

  3. I am praying for Dante!! What a SWEET little guy.

    And super sweet about seeing "The Bacons" hahaha

  4. I'll be praying for Dante and his family!

  5. Awww, will def be praying for Dante! Love your blog! So bright and friendly! :o)

  6. WOW sounds like a exciting evening at the restaurant for you. Wish you could have switched seats with BK.
    Glad I found your blog again and THANK YOU FOR VISITING MINE. I have another vintage type blog too if you care to take a peek. Always so nice to be your friend, I wish you mega tons of happiness.


    your blog is awesomely cool

  7. Oh dear LADY
    How I have missed your comments SO much.
    Glad to see your comment this morning.
    My Etsy shop link.....


  8. Hi sweetie! Hope your week started well.
    You made me think (and imagine) how adorable you must have been at the restaurant. You are so sweet...
    Also am very sad to read about Dante. It's totally unfair when innocent little kids become ill... Also so unfair on their parents, who have to be strong and smile even if it really hurts inside. I hope something good happens to this boy and his family soon.

    Wishing you a wonderful week!

  9. Praying for that sweet little kiddo. As a mama, I can't imagine what his poor parents are going through!

  10. I get so star struck and hubs never understands why!!

    Dante is such a cutie and a trooper.

  11. my heart is breaking...Dante deserves all the goodness life can give. i am praying for him and his family.

  12. He's gorgeous. Of course I will pray for him and his family. It's just not okay for someone, especially a child, to have to endure so much.

  13. I am praying for sweet little Dante.

    That's awesome (and kind of hilarious) that you saw Kevin Bacon and his missus. ;) I would have been just as nervous. Hehe.

  14. Sending many prayers for Dante... wow... Please keep us updated, girl.

    I have a flickr acct, but honestly I havent figured it out. I got really angry at it one night and havent been on since...haha.. I give up easily on technology. It's amazing I've been blogging as long as I have..lol!

    CRAZY about your Kevin Bacon encounter! That's much closer than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon..that's like twenty feet from Kevin Bacon! haha!

  15. Sending many prayers for Dante... wow... Please keep us updated, girl.

    I have a flickr acct, but honestly I havent figured it out. I got really angry at it one night and havent been on since...haha.. I give up easily on technology. It's amazing I've been blogging as long as I have..lol!

    CRAZY about your Kevin Bacon encounter! That's much closer than 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon..that's like twenty feet from Kevin Bacon! haha!

  16. I need to read more about Flicker!!! And what a sweet little boy, praying!

  17. I love Kyra and Kevin! Caring Bridge is a great website and place for loved ones to connect one someone is sick - my step-sister had one for my niece. Dante is in my thoughts and prayers.

  18. Aw.. I get starstruck with celebs too. But I think it's so cute (and kinda rare) to spot such a loving hollywood couple!

    And I will definitely be praying for Dante.

  19. Hope Dante gets better soon, and congats on your celeb sighting!

  20. My prayer tonight goes to Dante. I hope he gets better soon. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  21. Celeb sightings are so fun :) Prayers for Dante. What a little sweetheart!


  22. Will say a prayer for Dante!

    That is too fun that you saw Kevin and Kyra! So crazy. ;-)

  23. Kyra is perfection. And praying for sweet Dante. Hugs love xoxo

  24. Caringbridge is wonderful ...thank you for posting about Dante.

    Your blog is so rich and full of life...

    what fun it was to read about your sighting of Kyra and Kevin.

    Sweet Ocean dreamer :) I have a little something FOR YOU...please stop by my blog and pick it up!

    I'm so glad we met! xo

  25. Oooo, that's neat sitting right nearby to Kevin Bacon and his wife! I honestly had no idea he was married to Kyra until I watched the Golden Globes on Sunday.

    And I'll definitely keep Dante in my prayers, I hope he gets his transplant.

  26. Dante is so adorable ..He and his family are in my prayers ..

    As for Kevin and Kyra ..celebrities yet very much an ordinary couple in love sharing a meal together ..reinforces your faith, doesn't it?

  27. First time reader here and not sure how I landed on your page but your blog is very nice, I loved your post and the cause and I have added you to my flickr (SG-NY). It's a little messy but promise to fix it. Your pictures are indeed beautiful as well.

  28. I will definitely be keeping that precious little boy in my thoughts and prayers - and his family as well! Hoping that there is a miracle that can happen for him.
    Ahh, so fun that you were seated SO CLOSE to Kevin & Kyra (I write that like I know them - ha!). They always look so in love on the red carpet, so it's nice to see they're like that when they don't have a big audience :)

  29. Awww...my heart goes out to Dante and his family right now. They are in my prayers. :)

  30. He is so adorable. Def praying for him and his family! Sweet little guy :)

    Nice celeb sighting! I love that they are not the typical Hollywood couple. They've been together for so long and are still happy.

  31. Dante will be in my prayers....

    Thanks for sharing your fun evening!

  32. I'll be praying for Dante! I have a four year old, and I can't even comprehend his family's pain.

    How cool is it to live in a place where you see the normal lives of celebrities!

  33. oh the celeb sitings in la are so fun! i was driving home the other night on sunset and FABIO was driving next to me. i was cracking up!!!

    and i hope little dante is going to be okay! fingers crossed for him!!!!!

  34. I'm such a big Kyra & Kevin fan. That is soo sweet that they left hand in hand. Ohh poor sweet dante. I will say a prayer for him!

  35. definitely praying for dante. and thats pretty awesome that you saw kevin bacon. you should have asked him to buy you a couple drinks bc he can definitely afford that...

    check me out. Im followin ya



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