Jan 15, 2011

if i lived in my dream house...

So as always I'm dreaming, so here's a dreamy
post with some lovely interiors that I appreciate
gaining inspiration and feeding my imagination
full of colors, designs, and layouts.

If I lived in my dream house I would have my very
own personal library, with scads of books to choose from.
Every direction you would turn would consist of biographies,
historical romance, stories of mystery and intrigue, and
whatever else had caught my eye over the years.
 If I lived in my dream house my romantic 
room would be mainly in neutral colors 
and monochromatic {one color in different 
shades or tones}.
Or maybe my room would be analogous, full of pops of color,
which would always remind me of Spring to come.
If I lived in my dream house I would have lovely
bathrooms full of shiny and elegant mirrors,  
a perfect amount of decor, and enchanting chandeliers.
If I lived in my dream house 
my living room would over look the ocean and
be crisp and clean or pretty and pink, just for me!
If I lived in my dream house
my very own office would encompass serenity,
while being organized, full of pastel colors,
and peacefully pink at every turn.
If I lived in my dream house 
my kitchen and dining room would
be elegant and blue, with wood
floors and just the right touch of white.
Now if only I could move into my 
dream house straight away!
If you could live in your dream house, what would it convey?

{click on images to go to their source. xoxo.}


  1. Wow! I believe you have just given the perfect description for my dream house! Have a gorgeous weekend, Kellie xx

  2. Hi Sierra! You picked really beautiful decor inspirations, I am so in love with the first picture as well as the bathroom one. I saved both in my inspiration file. Aren't those library stairs fantastic? Such a great idea.

    wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  3. ah, I hear you!!! Dreaming of a dream house is always so much fun, especially because whenever I find images like you do, I instantly picture myself walking around the house and doing my thang. I love the bedrooms you showcased here, they're beautiful!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, what beautiful images!

  5. All I can say is YES YES YES! Beautiful pictures. :) Now I'm literally looking into interior design. :) Makes me wanna go out and explore.

  6. My dream house would have tons of books as well!! I'd make sure they were everywhere. And definitely a pool.

  7. love your beautiful blog! these photos of your dream house are gorgeous. we definitely have a lot of loves in common! :)

  8. Oh my gosh, these pictures left my jaw open! I love the pink room and I LOVE the book staircase! I'd love to have that!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm your newest follower! : )

  9. If you had your dream house I'd come visit you!! Beautiful rooms, especially the bedrooms. I'm also a fan of chandeliers and gorgeous mirrors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog yours is wonderful :)

  10. wow, cute blog, I love all pics, this is my dream house too lol
    thanks do much for visit my blog!
    have a blessed weekend
    =) I will follow you at twitter and face too!
    welcome =)

  11. We have similar design taste!I started collecting images and ideas for my future dream home too! It's fun to dream!:)

  12. You have great taste! I dream of the neutral elegant kind of look, but alas, very far from it, currently.

    And my living room would SO overlook the ocean. :)

  13. I have no clue what my dream home would be, but you sure did pick some lovely ideas for me! Ahh, just to have my own home one day sounds amazing!

  14. Thanks for the comment on my blog:)

    These photos are so captivating! I Would LOVE to overlook an ocean, and have a staircase library!

  15. Oh, how I love this post, Sierra! Is it weird that your dream house has now become my dream house? J'adore! :)

  16. Love it all!! :0) You have great taste!

  17. Swoon! I think that last picture is my favorite!

  18. Nice pics of your dream house! I would not mind having some of those rooms in my dream house too! I too, want to have a library in my dream house - with all of my favorite books! :o)

  19. Wow I love all of those pics! I'm totally addicted to HGTV :D Can't wait to have my own house to decorate!

  20. Ahhh love your choices! I can't wait to see your future home tour ;) And I definitely would love a bookcase like the one under the stairs, it is GORGEOUS. And I would love a living room with a gorgeous view outside, and somehow make it so that the outside feels like it's inside. Ahhh can't wait 'til I have a house of my own :)

  21. So nice to see you over at my blog! Thanks for visiting! How exciting that you're in So Cal and designing too!

    xo - jami
    i m a g i n e

  22. Such a great posting! (I especially love the pictures of the book shelves!!! A big place in my heart for books!)

    Love your blog by the way...it is wonderful!

  23. The stair case with lively colored books underneath made the white room very alluring. And that living room sounds a great place to enjoy a piece of silence in a stressful day. Letting the ocean breeze in, is like letting it take all your stress and sorrows away.

    Jake Friers


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