Jan 12, 2011

my hair tells a story, locks of love, & free monthly sponsorship!

Happy hump day!
Tomorrow I should be heading to Northern CA with BK.
I'm looking forward to helping him with business
and then taking time for pleasure at the tail end of our 
trip in Napa - I've been through it but never stayed
there so I'm looking forward to it!

So before I jump into my post topic I wanted to make a 
quick announcement. I've decided to have an Ocean
Dreamer of the Month free sponsorship!
See Joanna Noel's button over there on the left 
under Featured Ocean Dreamer of the Month?

By the way you should head over
there, the Secret's Gift Fundraiser
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Each month I would be happy 
to sponsor one of your buttons because
I want in some way to help out my ocean
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It can be for a fundraiser, Etsy business, 
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Just let me know and I'll host you for a month!
Please e-mail me at  
if you are interested. :) 

Okay...so on to my post.
Some of you might have seen my tweets
about getting my hair done. I always have a
blast when my hair feels so freshly cut and styled!
After I got my hair trimmed this time I found myself
looking back at my hair in the past, and noticing how
much I have changed through the years!
{I just got my hair colored and trimmed 
a few days ago with swoopy bangs!}

In no way do I want this post to come across
as me being vain (lol!) but telling a story
of who I've been through the years
and how my hair has reflected 
the times of change I have 
gone through in my life so far.

So don't mind me as I tell a little story to go 
with my hair, because we all know characters
with hair (ie Rapunzel) have a story to tell!
There once was a girl who just graduated from High 
School in 2003. She couldn't wait to move to Cali
and get out to see the world. Blonde, loving life,
and with a goofy smile, she yearned to get a degree
in Communications at a college of her choice.
She couldn't wait to be by the beach
and have a little bit of fun along the way!
2004 was a fun year for Sierra.
Her hair stayed about the same length,
and she was getting used to her studies and learning 
how to be gradually independent. 
She was heavily into her classes
and looked forward to visiting her family
(like in this photo) on occasional weekends
and holidays. This picture {above} was before
she went out on a date. She was excited!!
In 2005 the girl decided to add some dimension
and layers to her hair with a little bit of brown.
A Junior in college, her life was beginning to change
and she started to wonder where life would take her
after she received her degree. Would she stay in CA?
Each layer seemed to remind her that change was coming, 
would be unraveled, and she would have 
to make some decisions very soon...
The change was about here. The girl began to panic.
She started cutting her hair just a little bit shorter...
where was life going to take her??
 2007 was huge for the Ocean Dreamer.
She graduated from college. 
Her High School sweetheart broke her heart
after five years of dating. She received her first
corporate job in California and she would 
learn about the real world.  
She was scared, excited, and going through constant 
change all at the same time. Her drastic hair cut
certainly proved that she wanted to tell
her ex who's boss and the corporate world
to look out for this woman in charge.
In 2008, after her first year in the working world,
she found a new job with a creative magazine company.
As her hair began to slowly grow back and her brown
was once again incorporated, the girl began to heal,
grow, and learn about who she really was, and who
she would become!

From 2009-2010, her life began to see a pattern.
She fell in love and met BK in 2007,
continued her work in the magazine
industry, and hit a few bumps in the road along the way.
However, she kept going and growing, just
like she decided to grow her hair back too!
 By 2010 her hair was finally getting longer,
and blonder again. This Ocean Dreamer
decided she was ready for several changes
and 2010 would become one of the hardest years
in her life, at 26 years of age, that she 
would never ever forget.
She moved out after living with roommates
for several years, lived on her own for a few months,
and then decided to move on from her job.
She was quickly learning that not only did
her hair's length change, but her 20's were full
of change every day. She better embrace
them, learn from circumstances,
or get caught up in the chaos of it all.
The good news is that
she's officially excited about 2011.
She knows it is going to be an amazing
year and she's ready to face change head on.
She's keeping her hair long, learning to be 
fearless, and adding her swoopy bangs back
into her hair to prove to  herself that 
she deserves only the best. 
She has a lot of love to give, and she
yearns to find a job that feed her passions.

Oh, and she wants to live happily ever after,
like Rapunzel did.
Since this post is all about an Ocean Dreamer's
hair, she has a new goal in mind.
She wants to try to earnestly donate her hair
to Locks of Love when it is long enough.
I was torn on whether to share this on my
blog because I didn't want to boast;
I try to remain humble when it comes
to giving to others but sometimes if you
demonstrate ideas on how 
you can give to others - then perhaps 
they will desire to give in return. 

Have you heard of Locks of Love?
Well I yearn to help a child's dream come
true by adding to their life's story in a positive way
by donating some love, via my hair.  
I better stop getting my hair
trimmed and start growing 
out my hair even more!

This gal donated her hair to Locks of Love.

Thanks for reading this super long,
and sometimes hairy 
(okay lame joke) post...

Does your hair tell a story?


  1. You are a true rapunzel and Goldilocks- your hair is just gorgeous all lengths and styles :)
    Such a nice idea to donate it to!!!!

  2. What a generous idea dear Sierra! You are an angel! I love your hairstyles, especially your waves :-)

    I hope you're having a lovely week, cheers: Evi

  3. I loved reading all of that! Manga Dork donated her hair to locks of love one time. Such a great thing to do. I am sure you will inspire someone else to join you!

  4. You have such gorgeous hair! I donated my hair to Locks of Love back in 2007, and I was so happy I did. I would love to do it again, but I'm really nervous about growing my hair that long again... it was hard to keep it healthy, and long hair makes me look really young (and I'm turning the big 3-0 in 2011!).

  5. What a cute post! I wish I could donate to locks of love but my hair only stays healthy looking until a certain length and then it's just no good. I'm so thankful for those of you with gorgeous hair who are willing to give!

  6. Love your new hair love! You look gorgeous in every photo :) xoxo

  7. Oh my gosh you have ALWAYS had such gorgeous, golden hair!! I'm so envious!

    At first I thought 2005 was my favorite, but then I saw 2006, 2007, and 2008 hahaha. It was impossible to choose. You hair takes layers and style really well. Lucky girl! xoxo

  8. LOVE your new hair girly!!
    and i think it's fun that you are doing a featured dreamer every month!!

  9. I think that's totally awesome. I'd love to do that but I am so attached to my hair, it's bad, like an addiction. Good for you!

  10. I think it's so great that you do that .... BUT I sadly get my hair highlighted with bleach, which is a no-go!!

  11. It has never occurred to me how significant a girl's hair is to the various phases of her life. Mrs Memphis has donated to Locks of Love several times and she always enjoys doing it. I think you will, too. It's a nice thing to do.

  12. Beautiful post, babe!

    I don't know if I told you this, but I did Locks of Love a few years ago (cut off 16"!!) and it was SO rewarding. You'll love it.

    Love YOU.

  13. Gorgeous hair on a gorgeous girl (loved seeing your hair transition over the years!) Great post!


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