Jan 10, 2011

somewhere over the rainbow

hello and happy Monday!
i should be job hunting right now
but i was in an inspirational mood
and wanted to post on something that
has been on my mind for a while!

are you all a fan of the song 
"somewhere over the rainbow?"
i know i am, when i was going through
a hard time last year 
(doesn't it feel great
to say last year?!)  
i greatly needed some hope 
to cling on to. when i was
in maui with my family i remember
thinking this is my family vacation,
why am i not enjoying myself when 
i'm in ocean paradise
for heaven's sake! i wasn't
sure what the outcome 
would be on some
situations back in cali and i 
had a lot of fear involved.
occasionally it rains in maui, so you
sometimes get these amazing rainbows
that form in the sky. 
it's like they come
out of nowhere. one evening
after going out to eat, 
when i was greatly discouraged, 
i looked and saw this rainbow
and i just felt an incredible amount
of peace and sweet surrender.
it was a double rainbow too!
sometimes we just need to know
everything is going to be alright, right?
we wish we could look into the future
and know for certain 
that things are going 
to turn out the way we want them to, but
unfortunately life doesn't always work
that way. we can't determine each 
outcome even though 
we would love to know
what our future entails.

well this rainbow gave me a glimpse
of hope, and even though i would go
through even more hard times when
i returned home, that idea of hope
and the fact that God 
would never abandon me 
is what what got me through.
i've been collecting some rainbow
images on tumblr that 
i would love to share 
with you, i hope you enjoy them!

{oh, and if you would like please
push play on this youtube song while
scrolling down and looking at the photos.}

the song is by Katherine McPhee, while on 
American Idol and this version 
is one of my favorite
renditions of "somewhere over the rainbow."

 rainbow cat shirt found here
and i want it badly.
another beauty product i love: lime crime
the other day bk and i saw our movie
"singin' in the rain" {we watch it
whenever we need a pick me up or
just need some time to hold 
one another close} and it was a 
wonderful reminder again that after
any rain storm there is a rainbow.
there is hope in any circumstance.
i hope you find your rainbow.
when you do, hold on tight.

"If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?"

what or who is a source 
of hope in your life? 


  1. Are you going to job hunt in
    California ? Does that mean that
    you are staying ?


  2. Oh my freaking gosh these photos are breathtakingly beautiful. Magical. I'm especially lusting over those cupcakes and that rainbow cake!!! Eeep!!

    Oh, and that Katherine McPhee version is my favorite. When she sang it on AI way back when, I got chills. :)

  3. http://www.michellewoo.com/2011/01/08/rainbow-cake/

    Love you.

  4. Love the fun bright pictures:-) Rainbows always cheer me up too! Or if I'm down, music or a hug always does the trick!

    Good luck on the job hunt!

  5. LOVE the rainbow colors! There awsome!
    Thanks so much for having me as your Featured Ocean Dreamer! Cant thank you enough for your help :)

  6. Love these rainbow pics!! Happiness in 7 colours!

  7. Rainbow gummy bears, you made my day :) How I have missed reading up on you! I am back to blog land <3 Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder, it was needed! Sending california loooooveee

  8. Rainbow gummy bears, you made my day :) How I have missed reading up on you! I am back to blog land <3 Thank you for the inspiration and the reminder, it was needed! Sending california loooooveee

  9. I love the images in this post and that is one of my fav songs :)

  10. I love how you used all the colors of the rainbow throughout! And yes, what a beautiful reminder the rainbow is of God's promise to us!
    He is for sure the source of hope in my life!

    Love Katherine on this song! Beautiful!

    Thanks for this uplifting post...
    I pray you find the job that fits you perfectly!

  11. I love what rainbows represent. They are a promise given by God so when you look at them it gives you a feeling of peace, plus they are so beautiful!

    I love all these images. Such great inspiration.

  12. Gorgeous photos- soo so pretty and mood lifting :)
    I love the Israel Kamakawiwo Ole' version of Somewhere over the rainbow- it almost brings me to tears!!!

  13. omg I NEED to make those rainbow cupcakes!!! and I want the rainbow kitty tooooo!

  14. I love the double rainbow, so beautiful! I recently had rainbow cake for the first time, and it was so good!

  15. I had Israel's version of that song in my wedding!

  16. I love the Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version of that song. I have been to Hawaii several times and am always in awe of the rainbows they get!

  17. I LOVE that song!! And the whole movie. Rainbows are great though, they just appear in the most random times, and you look up and are like WOW. God is great, the world is beautiful. I love your collection of pictures! I want a delicious rainbow cupcake now, thanks ;-P

  18. Gorg pics! The pastel rainbow cupcake looks delish... I am suddenly craving cupcakes!

  19. Somewhere Over the Rainbow was my grandmother's favorite song, and I was extremely close to her. Recently, when I was making some decisions, the song came on the radio, which was quite odd for the particular station I was listening to. I cried, but it was a happy cry :)


  20. Love that song and it does make you feel good! I saw the bottom of a rainbow for the first time last week. It was amazing.


  21. aww. I really need to read this today! Good luck with the job search!! I love seeing rainbows because yeah it does give me hope for a sunny day! =)


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