Jan 21, 2011

sunsets and suncravingirl


I don't know about you but it's been a busy last couple of days! On Tuesday BK and I went to Disneyland, (more on that soon) and on Wednesday I was busy applying for jobs! 

Today I'll be blogging about a fun adventure that I had yesterday with a bloggy friend turned real life friend, aka Selma from Crazy Little World of Mine. This is the third bloggy friend I've had the privilege of meeting and these amazing gals certainly make me feel blessed! Meeting friends from blogging never ceases to amaze me; there are so many lovely souls who truly are genuine and caring, I'm so thankful for what this blog world has contributed to my life. I've not only been able to show you my true self, but share my world with you and be invited into your lovely worlds as well.
Yesterday Selma (or suncravingirl, which is her Twitter name) and I started out our adventure by getting some amazing sushi at Kura Sushi, where there is a revolving sushi table and lots of sushi to choose from! Yum! 
Afterwords we went to my favorite tea place - Boba Smoothie where we drank our tea on the way to Laguna Beach! The boba pearls that float around in the drink taste like gummy bears, hence why I always look forward to my boba drinks. Here's my drink:
At Laguna Beach we encountered the most amazing sunset - I tried to capture it with my camera but it didn't seem to do this gorgeous sunset justice.
 Have you ever put your camera on a night setting and then accidentally moved it around? This is what happens, and it looks pretty rad if you ask me.
 Laguna beach is one of my favorite beaches. With its friendly and inviting boutique shops, delicious restaurants, and direct view to the ocean at all times, it's simply enchanting. In college I used to drive to this beach quite frequently just to get away. I even got a few of my favorite rings from a store called Art For The Soul; it's a artistic shop with all sorts of amazing pieces of art.

 Come back on Sunday if you want to read more about the Ocean Dreamer of the month - I'm excited to introduce her to you all!

Soon I'll post about my adventure to Disneyland with BK as well; we had such a magical day!

Have a fantastic weekend. XOXO!


  1. We have been having the most amazing sunsets in Southern California lately! Lovely photos!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I love meeting blogger friensd. Everyone really is so lovely.
    Sounds like a great day. The sunset looks so beautfiful.

  3. I am often amazed
    at the sweet friends
    I have met blogging ~
    It sounds like you
    are having a blast!
    I LOVE LOVE Laguna Beach!


  4. Oh wow, that sunset is amazing!! And I think I need a trip to DisneyLand:)

  5. Oh wow, laguna beach is a dream!!! I never been there!
    I adore your pics!


  6. Sounds like a great day and what a beautiful sunset!! :0) You know I can't wait to hear about your day at Disneyland! lol

  7. It has been so great getting to know you via blogging and twitter! And I very much appreciate your insights and encouragement!

    Just wanted to note (since you are looking for jobs), have you ever considered working in Tourism? It is one of the funnest industries! And by your lil paragraph on Laguna-certainly sound like a destination marketing guru!

    You should look into your local Convention and Visitors Bureaus and see what they might have open! It's the best ever! (:

  8. WOW! That sunset is AMAZING! We have some nice once here but no beach :(
    I want to meet a bloggy friend in real life! Maybe some day :)
    Cant wait to see your post on Sunday! LOL :)


  9. Bubble tea is the best!

    Wish we had sunsets like that in NYC. All we have lately is snow and 20 degree temps!

    So glad you are doing great. Best of luck on the job search! Great you are applying.

  10. Yay! I look horrible though. ;) Seriously. I can totally tell I had a bad hair day. Hahahaha. :)

    We had a blast, didn't we!?! :)

    Thanks for posting this girl.

    Happy weekend!


  11. Oh fun!! I agree about blogger allowing me to meet so many wonderful people I would have never otherwise encountered..and I feel like the relationships are so genuine! I just love that! :) Gorgeous sunset! And I can't wait to read more about Disneyland and applying for jobbidies!! :)

  12. That last photo is spectacular!

    I'm glad you had an awesome time with your new friend. I love meeting bloggy friends too! I met one in Southern California a couple years ago. I met one in my own city a year ago (and we still hang out all the time!!). Makes me smile to think about it.

    And omg. Disneyland. I die.

  13. God makes the most beautiful sunsets! Lisa

  14. Aww, I've never met a blogger friend before. On my list before I die! :)

    Loving your hair these days btw.

  15. Awwww, this is fabulous! I want to meet a blogging friend! No one lives close enough yet. Boo!! Looks like y'all had a blast!

    That sunset is amazing!!

  16. Be like the bird that, passing on her flight awhile on boughs too slight, feels them give way beneath her, and yet sings, knowing that she hath wings. ~Victor Hugo

    lovely beach images !

  17. Meeting bloggy friends for real *is* amazingly fun! I am glad you've had some chances to do that lately.

    Also, welcome to my blog! I love "meeting" new friends through blogging. :) I put you on the reading challenge participants list. I'm glad you decided to join!

  18. GORGEOUS pics! Looks like lots of fun lady!

  19. Stunning images! And very nice trick with the night setting! Have a beautiful week ahead, Kellie xx

  20. You met Selma? No way! I love her! Looks like you had an awesome time!

  21. i've always wanted to visit laguna beach. what a breathtaking sunset! you're so lucky to live in California.
    glad you had fun meeting another bloggy friend! i've had nothing but great experiences meeting people from blogs!

  22. If I'm ever in Cali...we're totally meeting :)

  23. Love Laguna Beach!! I am actually planning a girls trip to Laguna for later this year.

  24. Those pictures are beautiful! I have never been to Laguna Beach, but I have heard it is so gorgeous. I am so jealous ;)

  25. Stumbled upon this post thanks to M. Sadly my link won't work anymore since I changed my URL but I loved reading this post. Hahahahaha. Remember this day well.


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