Feb 25, 2011

advice needed on zumba and snowmobiling

I hope you all have an amazing weekend.
My weekend is going to consist of a lot of
snow, catching up on my AutoCAD class,
and reading my new book, suggested by my
lovely friend Amber,
who by the way needs a little bit of TLC -
please head over to her blog 
and give her a bloggy hug!
I can't wait to start reading this book
when the snow is falling and I'm nestled by the fire.
I also wanted to mention before I dive into my
post that I recently met such a sweet girl
on our blog world named Olivia who is going
through a rough time right now.  
She's getting chemo for cancer. 
We've e-mailed  and she has such a sweet spirit
and an amazing amount of strength for going 
through what she has had to endure!
If you want to visit her blog click on her 
blog button below and 
here is the post 
to get more info about where to send her
a card or giftie in the mail 
if you feel like doing so. :)
I'm sure she'd love a hello or sweet comment too!
Thanks Ocean Dreamers.
Okay... so I need some advice on a few sports.
The first is zumba.
I tried it the first time on Tuesday and I loved it.
However, I didn't know half of the steps and felt
really out of place. I've never really been good at
dancing - I feel like I have two left feet!
I've taken one salsa class and enjoyed it,
but it took me forever to learn just the main steps.
Perhaps if I really put a lot of 
effort into zumba I could be good.
Or I could just have fun with it no matter how silly I look.
I really enjoyed it because you get a great workout,
you sweat like crazy, you have fun dancing, and
the music is out of this world!!
 But today when I tried it for the second
time I felt a bit out of place. I admit my muscles
were tired from Tuesday which may have made
it harder for me to keep up because the 
steps and body movements are so fast!!
I thought if I took another class today
that my body would get used to 
the intense workout. I'm really really sore now,
in a good sort of way. I think if I continued it
it would become easier, but to be honest I'm not
sure if I'm cut out to ever dance or get the foot work
down to this sort of exercise just because of my
coordination. I don't know - perhaps I'm not
giving myself enough credit.
What do you think?
Should I continue zumba even though I'm
not that great at dancing? 
Or should I just have fun with it even if
I never become "good" at it
and continue with my two left feet, which
could be quite embarrassing by the way.
I need help in this area please!
Perhaps there are beginning videos
on how to get the steps and twists down.
I would love for any ideas/suggestions
that you might have. Thanks so much!
Now on to my second sport that I need advice on,
aka Snowmobiling.
I have the opportunity to rent a snowmobile
for the day at my cabin in a few weekends.
I have different opinions though on whether
I should rent one or not. My brother says
that since I don't have motercycle experience
that it may be hard for me to manage through 
the snow (we're talking 5-8 feet here) and
that it might flip because it's harder to drive
it on lots of snow. Perhaps I could find a flatter path?
This seems unlikely since there is 
a ton of snow everywhere
near my cabin's location. 
So...the question is, do I rent 
the snowmobile and just
give it my best shot or pass on it for now?
Have any of you gone snowmobiling?
What was your experience and did you have
any previous motorcycle experience??
I'm not the kind of girl who is afraid to try
new things and I love new adventurous sports,
within reason of course.
But I'm torn on this one since my brother
said it's easy to flip these things over if you turn
them wrong, which scares me a bit.
I don't want to get stuck 
under the snowmobile, lol!

But it does look like a blast.
Please let me know what you think! 

I better head to bed because if the weather
is kind to me I get to "meet" for the first time
this amazing lady for breakfast at Mimi's Cafe!

Hope you all have an wonderful Friday.
Thanks in advance for all of your advice
on zumba and snowmobiling.


Feb 22, 2011

never judge a book by its cover

So I have a secret.

I'm really bad about judging a book by its cover.
I've always been one of those girls in a book store
who may pass by a fantastic read simply because I 
liked the jacket on the near by novel instead. 
Sure, one cover may not look pleasing to my eyes
but I'm sure I'm missing out on a great story within.
However, I can't help it. I'm a very visual
person so I tend to go with the most noticeable,
colorful, dramatic, or whatever my mood may be in,
cover of the moment. I've tried to overcome this
but it's really hard. If I am going to be reading
the same book for possibly more than a day
{if it's really good it will be devoured in a day}
it has got to look pretty, right? I like to think so.
I have another secret.
I used to read the very end page of a book
before I bought it. I refused to buy it if the girl
didn't end up with the guy or if  the story ended sour.
I don't know how I ever could have done that.
I mean, what was I thinking?! 
I refused to believe
that fairy tales sometimes don't 
work out, that's it. Well it's a harsh reality. 
If the characters aren't meant
to be together, well, I guess it was never 
really a fairytale now was it? 
You don't always need romance in your life
to discover life - there are other adventures too.
I'm happy to say I've changed my ways some what.
I no longer read the end of a book before I buy it.
Thank goodness.
I've also tried to be better about not passing
up the covers that may look horrid, but inside
their might just be a magical story that wants 
to emerge. A surpassing story that will sweep
me off of my feet. We'll see.
I've also changed my ways about having
the main characters, if it's a romance that is,
ending up together. In fact, call me a cynic
sometimes, but I actually like it often when
they don't. Why you may ask? Well, I once
had my heart shattered into a thousand pieces and I
knew if that never would have taken place, then I
wouldn't have discovered the Sierra I am today.
And seriously I like this person so much better than
the girl that I was when I was with this ex.
I like novels of substance. I love autobiographies
and memoirs. Reading about a real life story
inspires me. I learn so much about other people's
triumphs and mistakes. Chick lit is another one of my
favorites, as long as it has just the right amount of comedy.
I'm also drawn to historical fiction and modern novels
set in New York or Ireland, traveling is always fun too.
More than anything I like a story I can remember,
a story that makes an impact, and a story
that makes its way into my heart and doesn't
let go...I've read so many books that imprint
themselves on my heart. 
When I have to say goodbye
to the characters in my book it's 
most often like saying goodbye
to a best friend. I get that attached to my
stories sometimes. I'm very sad to
see a great story end.
Throughout this post I've intertwined 
books I would like to read. 
I have this habit of taking pictures
of books that look appealing to me in a bookstore.
Have you ever taken random pictures in a book store?
I feel a bit odd doing it, but lately I've been
falling more and more in love with my camera
so I find myself wanting to take pictures of just
about everything - especially an inspiring read.

So tell me. 
Have you read any of the books that I've
posted pictures of?
I want to know if you judge a book by its cover.
Am I the only one that does this??
Lastly, what are some books you want to read?
I recently signed up on goodreads 
thanks to the lovely Gracie.
It's a great way to keep track of the
books I've read and plan to read.
Plus it's another social networking site -
right, like we don't have enough already?!
But I love it. I always get sucked in.
You can read about all of the books I'm
posting on my profile here.
 Oh and about the multiple jackets and
covers for Jane Eyre -
every time I see a different one {like this on}
I want to buy it just for its cover.
So much for not judging a book by its cover!!
{back cover of Jane Eyre}

So back to my questions - 
1. Have you read any of the books that I've
posted pictures of above?

2. I want to know if you judge a book by its cover.
Am I the only one that does this??

3. Lastly, what are some books you want to read???
I always need new books to read.
Like I already don't have enough in this post
already. ;)

Have a lovely day!


Feb 18, 2011

little joys in life from the week

Happy Friday!

Thank you for all of your reflective comments
on my last post. I shed a few tears and some smiles
reading your responses and 
soaking up your words
about some amazing love stories
in your own family's' lives. 
We are truly blessed to have grandparents
and elderly people in our lives that show us and
have showed us in the past what love truly
means, don't you think?! 

Each week I find little joys that bring a smile
to my lips or just brighten up my day.
A lot of them are materialistic, but under
the materialism is a deeper meaning for me.
I might be craving some chocolate, trying on
some high heels, or receiving flowers from
my love but all of these things remind me
of the little joys in life and how you have to grab 
a hold of these moments and truly cherish them.

Today I've been munching on some 
 that I had discovered that my parents
"tried" to hide away. Well, they are hidden no
longer because I have been snacking on them
and they are sooo good! Oh boy do I have a chocolate
sweet tooth sometimes. Plus they remind me of
Hawaii, oh how I yearn to return to Maui!
You've got to try them if you haven't. They are so
delicious and super addicting. New chocolate addiction!
My mom and I went on a chandelier hunt for when
we are able to redecorate my room.
It looks like the carpet will be in during the next
three weeks and after that we can put this 
delicious chandelier up and start putting
my linen, and beige loveseat in the room as well
as the day bed, European decor, and more.
I'll take pictures to show you the progress;
I'm beyond excited to test out my Interior Design
skills! Believe it or not we found this chandelier
at Lowe's and it was very affordable - $130.
We are going after this sort of look in regards
to the love seat and burlap pillows...
Going back to chocolate, I managed to also get some
delicious ice cream {it has to suffice since I can't get
frozen yogurt in my town - it's quite a ways away.}
It reminded me of Cold Stone which has a bit more
calories than frozen yogurt but it still is yummy!
 The day my mom and I went hunting for the chandelier
we also stopped by T.J. Maxx where I had some fun
trying on some heels.
Can you believe these 
Jessica Simpson beauties
were at least five inches in height? 
I no longer wear heels just because
I'm trying to preserve my feet for
the coming years {I know you must think I'm crazy}
but my alter ego allowed me to slip these on just for
old time sake and I have to admit 
I felt very sexy and tall!
My camera phone didn't take the best photos.
I tracked down a "real" image on the internet
to show you these beauties because my pictures
just didn't do them justice. Now that I am looking
at them I want to buy them even though I've
sworn off heels. Hmm, now I want them! ;)
You can buy Jessica Simpson's Waleo Blue 
Suede Pumps at Dillards for $89.

So since I decided not to buy the pumps
I opted instead to buy a pair of JS
sunglasses for only $12! I think
they were originally $55 or so, so
that was a great bargain to me.
To add to the randomness of this post I loved
the flowers that I got from BK on Valentine's Day.
Check out the pretty pictures I took.
Love my flowers. :)

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.
Our weather in Utah has been so random - one day
in the 50s and the next in the 30s and snowing!
Tomorrow I get to spend some time with my
Grandma so I'm looking forward to that
and hopefully I'll be meeting up with a new
bloggy friend early next week as well,
I just love the relationships that are developed
from our amazing blogging community!

What are some of your little joys in life?

Have a happy Friday and even lovelier weekend!


Feb 14, 2011

what love means to me on Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Yesterday, before my girlfriend and I headed 
out for a girl's night out, aka dinner and a movie,
we stopped by her grandparent's house to give 
them their meds and to say hi. I hadn't seen
them in a while but I realized that a lot had 
changed. Her grandpa is currently suffering
from dementia and some other health problems.
Her grandma has lost a lot of weight due to the
stress of taking care of her husband and growing older.
Her grandparents are both in their 80's.
My grandparents are also in their 80's but
are doing better health wise; time
will only tell and show more challenges as
they continue to age as well. It saddens me
to think about losing my grandparents but know
it is inevitable someday.
My heart went out to the elderly couple because
it was apparent that they were both holding on,
and trying their best to deal with their health issues
and to also live out the rest of their lives the only way
they know how: by loving one another.
They are currently both anxious to meet
their Lord and Savior in heaven. 
It really put things into perspective for me
watching them interact with one another and realizing
how much their life style has changed since
I had last seen them. How quickly things can change!
They have grown old together, and it made me 
contemplate how it would be as an
older couple towards the end of my life - 
after my children have had their children and 
life has changed so much.
Imagine being married to someone 
for several years {try 30, 40, 0r 50}
and then all of a sudden you age,
you start getting gray, and you start catching
illnesses more often, you break bones more easily,
and perhaps your spouse suddenly gets dementia
or heaven forbid Alzheimer's. To be quite honest,
this is what scares me the most
{aka losing my memories}
even though I know my life is in God's hands 
and I don't have to worry. It's still scary to
think about though - I try not to go there in my mind.
This whole scenario that unfolded in front of me
yesterday really made me realize what love is all
about even more. Love is not always fireworks,
flowers, candies, or materialism in general.
I think Valentine's Day allows people to get
too caught up in materialism when in fact
they should be worrying about what really matters.
Being there for someone when 
your loved one is sick,  might be dying, 
is going through cancer,
or some sort of illness, etc., 
is what truly is at the heart of love.  
My friend's grandma is sticking by
her husband even though he 
rarely even says her name anymore. 
Imagine being married to someone
for several years and all of a 
sudden they forget your name?!
Love is loving that person, 
despite the fact that they
may not even remember you 
when they are gray and old.
Scary, but it could be true some day.
This entire scene before me reminded me of an 
actual scene out of The Notebook.
You know how I truly realized that BK is the
guy for me? His actions of love. He stuck by
me when I went through my health scare. 
He was there every step of the way. He was there
when I cried, was scared, and he comforted me.
He honestly taught me what love is all about.
For that I am truly grateful. I strive to show people
the kind of love that he continues to show me
in my own life. I only pray that when someone
is hurting and going through a hard time that 
I can be there for them, because we all go through
struggles and we all need someone who loves us
just the way we are! 
So what is true love to me? It is...
Loving someone for who they are.
Developing a kind of trust that no one can break.
You may hurt one another but you know
how to forgive and not let wounds fester.
You are there for someone when they
are hurting, aching, and breaking.
You smile, laugh, and cry with them.
You tell them you love them and mean it,
not to get something or manipulate them.
You are selfless - you put their needs before yours.
You don't divorce them when times get tough.
You take care of them when they are gray and old.
You help them remember you even if they forget
who you are - that is a true test of love.
I hope this, Ocean Dreamers, helps remind you
what Valentine's Day 
{and every day for that matter}
is all about.

Sending my love to you all my lovely bloggers.