Feb 3, 2011

spontanious trip to Napa

Happy Thursday Ocean Dreamers!
After spending nearly two months in my home
and my heart, aka sunny CA, I'm headed back to UT
this Sunday to continue the job hunt and spend some time
with my family. I'm hoping I'll soon 
find a job in CA that will keep me here permanently;
either way I know I won't be gone for long.
My love, BK, the ocean, and my friends are here.
It's where my heart belongs.

I'm so thankful that I've had so many traveling
adventures with BK and the year has only just begun!
{The Napa river is pictured above.}
Last weekend we managed to sneak 
away to Northern CA for some business.
BK is usually very spontaneous 
so I wasn't sure if we'd
have time to stop by Napa let 
alone spend the night there on the way back, 
but the weather on our way back to Southern CA
was crappy {fog and rain} so we decided to just stop
by Napa to take a break from driving
in an area that BK had been to before
and he wanted to show me a glimpse of the town.
We had no intention of staying longer
than about ten minutes to look around.
BK took this shot of me while looking 
at this darling "Sweetie Pies" shop.
It was cold and rainy when we got out of the car!
I was so excited about just stopping 
by Napa that I quickly snapped 
a few photos to cherish the moment...
I even got a shot of the Napa river late at night,
but it's hard to see because of the rain.
My first shot up top was taken the next day...
When we got back into the car I kept
on saying how much I liked the area
and that I would love to stay there.
Hint hint BK! ;)
Then BK casually hopped online on his Droid
to see the deals for staying in Napa 
since we both were so tired anyway
from driving and I did want to stay there, right?! ;)

Well, after falling in love with a hotel
for a reasonable rate on his Droid... 
we spontaneously decided to stay in Napa
for the night at La Residence
and I was in heaven with its lush gardens
and beautiful vineyards!!
I truly felt like I was staying in my own private 
secret garden and ironically 
I was finishing up the book
Alive I Have Been, which I mentioned was a
fantastic read in my last post.
I felt like I had fallen down a rabbit hole
and arrive in my own fantasy land.
  See! The book even matched our decor in the room!
Yay - I'm one happy girl! By the way,
The room and buildings were 
originally build in the 1800's,
so the interior and the decor was beyond amazing.
We spent the evening soaking in the hot tub,
listening to romantic music, and enjoying
some free wine that we got at the hotel.
They already has some piano music
all set up in the player. sigh.
The next day the clouds had mostly cleared
so we ventured around the property before
we took off. I loved seeing the vineyards.
After we said goodbye to La Residence 
we went out for brunch, and then
decided to walk off some of the calories
by walking down old town
and by the river. It was gorgeous! 

I was sad to say goodbye to Napa,
and I was so surprised how many
buildings were empty or had shut
down because of our economy!
BK said when he had last been there
it was booming with business; now
it was a lot more quiet and less business.
I think it is still doing well, but like
all tourist locations are suffering a bit.
We need to visit Napa and help them out!

I can't help but be in love with this town
and the lush gardens, beautiful vineyards,
and the flowing river...
I can't wait to visit Napa again soon.

I hope you are able to go there some time!
Have you been to Napa before?



  1. It's my DREAM to go to Napa. I WILL make it happen in the next year or two.

  2. Oh what a wonderful
    place to get to stay!
    I love Napa but I think
    I really love alot of
    California :)
    You have definitely had
    some really fun times
    in the last 2 months ~


  3. So jealous of your trip :) that inn is gorgeous!

  4. I so wanna go see Napa and help its businesses. :) And I love the fireplace in the hotel you guys stayed at. Very cozy. :)

    Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Sounds like the perfect spontanious trip!! What a cute little hotel.

    You HAVE to go back when the grapes are on the vine and the Mustard plants are in bloom. Beautiful!

  6. What a wonderful little spontaneous trip! I love the pictures. I haven't been to Napa but would love to visit one day!

  7. Sounds like a perfect trip. So glad that you managed to stay the night. The place looks beautiful and the hotel sounds so relaxing.

  8. Sigh! What a romantic place...all of it! I have not been to Napa, but have been to Sonoma which is also quite romantic and lush. I dream of going back and to Napa as well. I'm glad you enjoyed the time away!

  9. You lucky, lucky girl!! These photos are beautiful. It sounds like a lovely trip. :) You are so pretty in these photos! xoxo

  10. Gorgeous pictures! I've never been, but I love living through you!!

  11. Glad you had such a wonderful trip! All of the pictures are so beautiful! Looks like you stayed at the perfect little B&B. The scenery couldn't have been more gorgeous - even in the rain!

    I've only been up to Sonoma County once and never into Napa, one day though ;) I didn't realize it was having such a hard time, very sad.

    I hope you get the job situation worked out soon!

  12. Sad to hear that about the businesses shutting down... :( I've always wanted to go to Napa! Looks so fun and quaint and gorgeous! You look FANTASTIC btw! Love the pics! :) Have safe travels back home and have a blast for the last few days in CA!!! :) Enjoy every minute, girl!

  13. So glad you guys had such a great time. You look so happy! Spontaneous trips are the best.
    I've been to Napa twice and loved it... Went to some vineyards. Never got to those awesome places you did.. They look great. I think we spent more time in Sonoma..All I know is I need to get up there again!

  14. What a fun trip! You look gorgeous, love. Your hair is just beautiful! xoxo

  15. omg how fun!!! especially since it was low-key and last-minute, that's awesome and really where all the good stories of romance come from. I'm envisioning an awesome night with wine and music just like you said- I'm jealous!!! Glad you got to experience it, ps your hair is so long! :)

  16. I totally have to go there one day!! Aww Sweetie pie that's cute! Ooo what a lovely place to stay!! =)


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