Feb 1, 2011

this & that on February first

I'm so excited that it is February first,
it is not only the month of Valentine's Day
but it is one month closer to Spring time!
With all of the amazing fashion outfits I've
been viewing for Spring and countless of
pictures popping up with flowers and pastel
colors, it makes me only hunger for more!
BK and I just got back from a business 
trip to Northern CA where BK successfully
rented one of his homes. It was such a relief!

We had not planned on staying in Napa at the 
tail end of our trip, when we were 
heading home on Saturday,
but it turned out that way due
to some heavy rains and fog that we ran into.
I would have had it no other way!
We stayed at a delightful inn 
called La Residence where I was 
enchanted by flowers, a quaint yet lovely room,
and a near by winery. 
I'll have a post with pictures in a few days!
It was my early Valentine's Day gift and it was perfect. 

So this post is mostly about updates as my
title says, This & That.

1. Please continue to pray for Dante as 
he continues to go through Neuroplastoma.
His blood counts have been better so 
we was recently able to go out 
and have some fun!
He went sledding and this picture from Dante's
Facebook shows Dante and his sister playing 
with a dog - so sweet!

 2. I've been dying to introduce 
my "little sisters" to you, 
a lovely idea from Krysten 
from After I Do blog.


Please stop by their blogs and shower
them with love!!

3. I joined a 2011 reading challenge,
which is giving me the motivation
to read {the goal is} 2 books a month!
to get linked up and join me! ;)

For the month of January I read these 
two enticing and well read books:
 I especially loved the book Alice I Have Been,
which weaves a beautiful story of love and loss.
Did you know that the Alice in Wonderland
story was inspired and written for
a little girl of merely 7 named Alice?
This tale tells of Alice Liddell's life as a young
girl, woman, and later a widow.
Forging a relationship with the author
Lewis Carroll (real name Dodgson) as
a little girl, a single action of innocence effects
the rest of Alice's life. She tries to sort
through her life and actions
by looking through the looking
glass and journeying down the rabbit hole.
I highly suggest this book and may go into
in more detail in a future post...

Next up starting today for February:

4. I've been lusting after the following sites:

It has custom interior design cushions
and hand painted designs:
The Disney Store, specifically these
darling couture tops:
Perfect for Valentine's Day...

Smashbox products, and I've really
been wanting to try their 

An amazing decor store called French Bull:
Whew, I've found so much more but I'll
have to share them on future posts! 

5. Since it's February 1st it's time to introduce
Let me introduce you to Shelbi...
 {picture of her and her husband 
during their wedding.

She is a blogger and owner 

Later this month I'll be interviewing
Shelbi and telling you all about her lovely shop! 
Have I given you enough links to explore?!

I've felt so behind on blogging because of my
trips and job searching;
I always have so much to blog about
but so little time!

So I hope you don't mind my This & That
post, I suppose that is what I do best; I put
to test what I love the most!

Ha, thought I would throw in a
Alice in Wonderland rhyme for you.

Enjoy the rest of today and I'll be back with pictures
from my trip to Napa in a few days.


P.S. Don't forget about the Apothica $50 gift card giveaway!

Also - I figured out how to add a link to each photo, so most of these photos have links embedded if you want to go to the site!


  1. Aw thanks for the intro darlin' : )

    And I am in love with that pillow! hehe.

  2. Looks like an adorable place in Napa. I love staying there, but we are so close we usually just save our money and come home.

  3. Um, this is the perfect post cause I'm planning a trip to Napa...will have to look into La Residence!!

  4. Those earrings are heavenly! Gorgeous! Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

  5. Glad you and BK had a nice time in Napa! One of my most favorite places on earth! xoxo

  6. PS. Adore the skirt in your outfit photo!

  7. Thanks for the shout-out! :-) And that Inn looks absolutely magical!!!

  8. Love French Bull! :) I need a house so I can decorate and add color to some gray corners. ;)

    Happy February girl. :) Time sure flies. ;)

    And what is up with me using smiley faces all the time?! :) :(


  9. I am loving that skirt! It's super fabulous and girly!!

  10. There is so much fabulousness in this post, I truly don't know WHERE to begin!! :)

    First, your trip to Northern CA sounds SO magical. I cannot wait to see the photos!

    Also, I am going to join that 2011 reading challenge. It sounds very motivating and like so much fun! I wish I could be in a book club with you because you read the most amazing books, it seems. Definitely checking out Alice and Breaking the Bank. :)

    And omgggg the Disney shirts are adorable. I want! I want!

  11. Loooove that skirt!!! And wow that inn looks amazing!

  12. You and BK are so cute! Love that you stopped in Napa, can't wait to see those pictures :) I thought it was so sweet that you thought of me. I need to go check out your fellow bloggers on here!

  13. Wow! You have a lot going on in this post, but it is good! I love the Disney t-shirts and the book challenge. I really need to get back into my reading. I recently joined a book club so I should at least be reading a book a month. I would actually like to read Alice -I will have to look out for that one. I am so glad to hear that Dante is doing better! Yay for that! :o) Oh yes and I love the fashion above! I am so ready for spring! I am sick of snow! :o) Great post!

  14. I used to live in Napa and I know how gorgeous the scenery is, I'm sure you and BK had a fabulous time!

    This was a fun post, full of lots of goodies and great info. You're really coming into your own and I just know that 2011 is going to be a great year for you!


  15. There are so many exciting things in this post! I will definitely check out your little sisters! And that skirt! You are so adorable!

  16. omg i love EVERYTHING about this post!!! thats SO great!! i may be a follower :) the skirt/flowers/spring pictures makes me want it even more instead of being stuck in my house for #2 snow day!

  17. What a nice, unexpected stay! The photos look gorgeous. I've really been wanting to get out to wine country.

    I'm sending Dante and his fam lots and lots of prayers ♥

    I'll def check out all of the links you posted :)

    Oh and the Alice book sounds entertaining. I really need to start reading more and watching TV less...it's sad really.

  18. What a nice, unexpected stay! The photos look gorgeous. I've really been wanting to get out to wine country.

    I'm sending Dante and his fam lots and lots of prayers ♥

    I'll def check out all of the links you posted :)

    Oh and the Alice book sounds entertaining. I really need to start reading more and watching TV less...it's sad really.

  19. I LOVE smashbox primer! And I might have to check out that Alice book, I'm in love with anything Alice in wonderland. xo

  20. This is one awesome jam packed post! I am totally wanting one of those shirts and the porcelain goods + jewelry are pretty awesome too. You have such a lovely blog... You'll have to share how you embedded the link. I've been trying to figure that one out for some time. xo Erica


  21. I think that Snow White top is just precious. It would be a lovely Valentine's Day top.

    I adore Alice in Wonderland! That book sounds fascinating.

    Have a wonderful weekend. xx


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