Mar 22, 2011

is the internet taking over your life?

Thanks so much for your comments on my new layout and newly decorated bedroom!
I'm still in love with both; there is something about when your home (my blog and
my room) are pretty and organized - it makes you feel happy with your surroundings!
Yes, I do consider my blog my home. It's my happy place, my solace, a place I can vent,
post my inspiration, and a place where I get to catch up with all of you my bloggers!
Since lately I've been busy with my freelance work I've been on the internet a lot more
often than I would consider normal internet time for me. Sometimes I have to take a break
because I get tired of staring at the screen or simply because I feel overwhelmed! I love
social media but I'm learning you have to set internal boundaries within yourself. It's 
easy for me to get carried away on the latest and greatest pictures, gossip, quotes, sites,
blog, tweet, tumble, post, and it goes on and on and on and on........
{Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Goodreads, We Heart It,
and the latest I just signed up for - StumbledUpon.}
Oh and I'm sure there's more that I didn't mention... 
Just reading that gives me a headache!

Have you ever felt like that social media sites are consuming your life?! 
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in the 1800s, when everything
was simple. You had to wait for days to receive a letter or telegram. You didn't waste
hours and hours staring at a screen and tumbling photos and tweeting to people you
don't know. Don't get me wrong - there are SO many advantage to our technology.
I'm sure Twitter has saved lives by updating people on current events and I know for
certain that it has helped with giving when it comes to Japan! That is such a blessing.
However, if you don't watch it you can get caught up in all of these "blessings." They
start to consume you. You consume it in return. Suddenly where has your life gone?
Sometimes when bloggers disappear from their blogs for a certain length of time
I don't blame them because their is a life to be lived outside of this internet land that
we "live" on. Someone might have a baby, start a new job, get married,
take a break and travel the world, or someone might need a break just because!
I say bravo and I hold nothing against people who need to take time
away from the internet to get things done or take some time for themselves.
When I took time off from the internet for a good three months I learned so much about
myself. I learned that my identity is not in my blog, friends, twitter, followers, Facebook,
and anywhere on the internet in general. My identity for me is in the Lord. He brought
me closer to Him and I couldn't be more grateful. I also learned that I was not setting
boundaries! I often was allowing my blog and other social media outlets to control
me when I should have been controlling them by learning when to say no and knowing
when to call it a night and turn off the computer. It was so refreshing and it made the
world of difference to see things in a new light and learn how to set boundaries.
In the past, so often I let others' opinions of me matter more than my own opinion.
I learned that I am the one who gets to say what I believe in
and no I never have to apologize for that.
I don't want to slip back into the pattern of allowing the internet to take a hold of me.
I know for my freelance work I have to be on the internet and of course I am okay
with that. But when the work is finished, I think it's important to take time for me.
I could write a letter to a friend (I actually just got back in touch
with a friend who wants to write), read a book (The Hunger Games!),
or go for a walk in nature. I can CALL (emphasis on call and not tweet, FB, blah,
blah, blah...) a friend and ask how they are doing.
I can take time for me and my family too.
Ocean Dreamers - you need to take time for you. 
 Don't you dare let the internet consume your life. 
Start observing your actions more and keep track of your time.
I challenge you and I challenge myself to step away from the internet
more this week and the coming days and cozy up to the one you love or just relax
and enjoy. After all - spring is almost here and I just can't wait to visit CA
where I'll get to do exactly that with my love; cozy up next to him and have some fun!
Here are some questions to get you thinking:
*How many hours a day are you on the internet?
*Are you getting your normal day to day tasks done
or is the internet and social media becoming your god?
*How can you step back and refocus?
One thing I keep noticing over and over is that people apologize
for not blogging and they apologize for not tweeting, etc. DON'T apologize!
You have every right to run your life, take a break, and not put pressure on
yourself. I've actually read articles that say that social media causes anxiety
and I couldn't agree more. It's easy to get caught up and not let go and feel bad or
guilty for not continuing the communication and community. Community is amazing but
not when you start to feel guilty. It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with everyone.
End of story and you all know what I mean...
So I encourage you to let go. Take a break from blogging if you need it.
Say goodbye to Facebook for a week. Don't let every little tweet that pops
on your phone control you. Embrace life outside of this amazing yet dangerous
internet land that we live in.
Just breath, have hope, love yourself, love others, and find peace.
Go read a book in the sun! Fly a kite! Skip to a song!

Tweet with you later! Lol.

-Ocean Dreams
(P.S. I really need to find a new signature. Working on that.)
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Mar 7, 2011


Long distance relationships.
What do you think of them? Have you had one?
Did it last? Was communication rough?
After I had a long distance relationship in college
for four years I told myself that it would be difficult to
go through that again. It's really hard to maintain a
relationship day after day on the phone. It can be done,
but it takes a lot of work. For one thing, you can't see the 
person's face so you don't know if they are being sarcastic,
hurt, etc. Another thing - if you do say saying hurtful, 
it is really hard to make it up to them via physical touch. 
I hate being away from BK. I literally hate it.
I know I can't change my situation right now but
I don't like it and it's hard. Really hard. The longest
I have ever been away from him is 3 weeks, and this time
it will be 8 weeks. When I do go back to sunny CA I'll
only be able to stay for 2 weeks, which makes it even
more difficult after living with someone for two months;
which is what we did when I was in CA before I semi moved
back to Utah. I miss my love and I want to be in CA.
I want to be in CA but I know it's going to take time
to save money, get back to my love, and get back to my
home, my sunny CA. I've been really homesick lately for
my love and my ocean dream land
The ocean has always cheered me up when I'm sad and 
I don't have the ocean, so I have to find other avenues.
I find that the snow is lovely, but it just doesn't
sooth my soul like the ocean does. I've always been an
ocean dreamer, always someone 
who is drawn to the peaceful waves 
and endless water that goes on
and on beyond the horizon...
I wish I could just close my eyes and bring myself
to California. It literally is painful to read tweets, blogs,
and everything else that says how 
gorgeous the weather is and oh it's a beach day today!
I'm happy for my fellow ocean dreamers,
truly I am, but I want that too.
Take me to the beach and leave me there forever.
I'll gladly stay there for an eternity in BK's arms...
That's where I belong. I belong 
in sunny CA. It is my heart and home. 
I won't rest until I'm there again.