Mar 31, 2011

NuMe Meet & Greet Giveaway

Hello! How is your day going? 
I have some very very exciting news.
I'm excited to partner with NuMe Professional Styling Products
to do a special Meet & Greet Giveaway.
 NuMe is a successful company in Europe that most recently has made their amazing products available in the United States. Not only do they offer stylish Flat Irons, but in addition they offer Curling Wands, Ionic Blow Dryer, Hair Extensions, and Hair Care on their site. I'm already carried away by their products - I have my eyes on their pink Fashionista Flat Iron. I've always wanted a Flat Iron in hot pink!

NuMe has worked with styling professionals for over a decade so they are dedicated to delivering high quality products that will make a difference in your beauty regime. NuMe takes pride in allowing their customers the ability to transform their hair into a stunning look. My hair is naturally curly and I'm always searching for new products that make my hair silky, gorgeous, and put together and NuMe makes my hair feel and look absolutely stunning.

So this is what NuMe is giving away:

Guess what the total value of the Fashionista package is?!
MSRP Value of $400!!

Below are all of the ways you can enter
into the Meet & Greet Giveaway.

Please separate each comment to make 
it easier to count entries, thank you.

Ways to Win:

1. Comment on this blog post.

2. "Like"  NuMe's Facebook page and in addition post a greeting: NuMe Facebook

3. Follow NuMe on Twitter @NuMeProducts and tweet about their giveaway.
Just copy and paste this text for the body of your tweet:

I just entered a #Giveaway to win hair styling products @NuMeProducts at Ocean Dream's blog

The more retweets you do the more entries you get!!

4. Make a status update on your Facebook page letting others know about the giveaway and be sure to mention NuMe with the @ sign followed by NuMe Professional Styling Products so they can count your status update!

You can tweet and post status updates as much as you desire - just make sure NuMe knows that you made the update, tweeted, or re-tweeted this giveaway for more entries. This gives you a better opportunity of winning the grand prize.

 I have one more surprise for you, courtesy of NuMe.
All of my readers receive a very special coupon code to receive
70% off of any of their purchases on!
Yes you read that correctly: 70% off. 
What a deal!

Here's the code: MEETNGREET
{Code starts today March 31st & expires April 30th so hurry quick!}
You must enter into this giveaway to use the coupon code.

Good luck!! 

The giveaway is open to readers in the United States only.

This giveaway will run from March 31st - April 15th.

The winner will be announced on April 15th at 12pm.

Mar 30, 2011

Amazon giveaway @ Joe Shopping and ladies who sing!

Thank you for all of your thoughtful tweets earlier today.
For those of you who may have not caught my tweets my Grandpa
is currently in the hospital with 6 blocked arteries. They are unsure of
whether they can operate on him so if you could keep him in your prayers
I would appreciate it. Thank you!!

I've mentioned before that I write for a site called where
I run a fashion blog. I absolutely love the community there and I'm just not
saying that because it's one of my jobs. I honestly do love the interaction,
shopping, and my fashion blog there. It's a new home of mine.
If you want to be a part of the Joe Shopping community feel free to visit!

Right now Joe is sponsoring a contest to blog about their site
to enter into a contest for $100 on Amazon
The contest ends tomorrow night at midnight so be sure to 
blog away before it ends and let them know that you did a 
post by sending an e-mail to
Be sure your e-mail includes your name, blog post title, blog post URL 
and you must state that you agree to the Official Rules of the sweepstakes.

What is also fantastic about JS is that they have comparison shopping,
allowing you you find the lowest price!

But enough about me trying to sell JS to you, JS really sells itself!

Since I have a fashion blog, I thought I would change it up
and do a post on some recent CD's that have been released and why
I'm obsessed with them. All of these ladies below can sing!
I have them playing every day while I'm working,
blogging, and getting ready for the day! I love me some music. :)

The first time I heard Adele's voice believe it or not I didn't like it!
However, after I heard the song Rolling In the Deep I was hooked.
Her voice is so candid, refreshing, and real.

Jennifer is the epitome of strength. After losing
several of her family members to a horrible
murder she sings on and she sings strong!
Download I Remember Me. I remember Jennifer! ;)

I don't care that Britney Spears has a bad rap.
I love her music and I love her sass. It's great for 
a workout or the need to get dancing!

Plllleeeeeaaaasssseeee come back tomorrow for a 
fabulous, and I mean fabulous giveaway.
It's worth, let's just say, $400 dollars.
Yep and it has to do with fashion.
You are going to lover it.

shopping madness part I

I have a confession. Lately I've been shopping and I can't seem to stop. Whenever I get ready for a trip {especially to see BK} I have this urge to buy incredibly cute outfits to woo him with. Not that he needs to be wooed but they make me feel pretty and more excited to see him none the less. 

I'm in count down mode and since I know I'll be in CA in just a little over a week {insert a BIG skip for joy!} I've been in this mega shopping mode. I keep on thinking of sunny CA and how I want some cute outfits while I'm there. So what did I do? Shop...and I shopped again. And...I really need to stop shopping. 

Want to see what I bought?
These adorable Grendha Jelly Shoes had me wishing for my ocean dreaming days to return in an instant when I saw that they were see through jelly shoes with waves on the sole that look like the ocean. Plus they have a darling star fish to add instant glitz to the flip flops! I displayed them on my turquoise and purple notebook to give you the full effect of how cool they really are.
I'm sooo ready for spring and summer to here. Hence the need to stock on on floral tops. Oh and just not any floral top, a bright, fun, and colorful floral top by American Rag.
 Here is another American Rag top that I fell in love with. I liked the subtle florals with the turquoise and dark green undertones.
I sent out this tweet earlier today in regards to my new zigisoho wedges:
Just bought four inch wedges that feel like a dream.
That seriously is the best summary of these shoes. I've mentioned a time or two that I rarely and I mean rarely wear pumps or wedges anymore just because I have issues wearing them without my feet killing me! Plus I want to maintain my posture among other things but that's another story for another post...
So basically I fell in love with these shoes and the fabric that you see above is heaven sent and oh so soft. I don't even feel like I'm wearing 4 inch wedges! They are a dream!
Here's an "official" picture of my new wedges from the DSW website if you want to snatch up a pair for yourself.
I also bought some SPF 15 lipgloss from Victoria Secret. Who would have thought that they would put SPF in lipgloss now?! I love that. Also - I am going to try out the new Instant Wake Up! Bright Radiance Pen. Maybe it will make me look more awake and ready to take on the day when I'm in CA!

 So that's the end of my shopping madness, for now that is. Today I went shopping again and got even more clothing. Yikes, I really do need to stop. 

Please stop back on Thursday for a fabulous, and I mean fabulous giveaway! Probably the best giveaway that has ever happened on my blog and I'm super excited about it.

Also - I'll be back on Friday or Saturday with Shopping Madness Part II!

What is your favorite item that I bought? 
Am I the only one who is shopping crazed right now?

I hope you are enjoying your week.

Mar 29, 2011

Ocean Dreamer of March - Itsy Bitsy Brianna!

Hi Ocean Dreamers - it's time for my Ocean Dreamer of the month and this month I'm excited to introduce to you a sweet Southern gem named Brianna, who just recently moved her blog over to Wordpress. So refresh your readers or head on over to her blog for the first time! She's such a sweetheart and her blog is just gushing with creativity. Plus, as you can see - she loves the beach like me!

Tell me about your blog, Itsy Bitsy Brianna. What can readers expect to read about on your blog? What are some of your interests and joys in life?
Itsy Bitsy Brianna is my blog that I started in the Summer of 2009, while I went to the University of North Alabama. That summer I was taking painting, and I wanted somewhere to share my paintings, and my experience as an artist doing what I love most. Since 2009, my little blog has transformed quite a bit. On Itsy Bitsy, you will see a new blog every single day. I am dedicated to it....every day. I think dedication, and consistency is what it takes to have a successful blog. Readers want to know they can depend on you. My blog is full of art, crafts, recipes, baking, lots of photos, and memory making with the people I love most, MY FAMILY:)

You currently have an Etsy shop called Itsy Bitsy Brianna. Please tell us about it, what we can expect to find, and what a few of your favorite products are on your site right now.

I am currently in the process of picking up on my Mural business. I recently got hired to paint several murals, and want more than anything to grow my mural business (Not So Itsy Bitsy MURALS) into an actual business.
My Itsy Bitsy Shop, is a place where you can find hand painted mini wooden blocks. They are cute, and Itsy Bitsy:) You will also find hand drawn Post cards. I am a HUGE snail mail kind of girl, so through my drawn post cards, I try to make others excited about the mailing process! I feel like with the fast pace world that we live in, people are forgetting about the beauty and personal touch of a handwritten letter, or note. I just don't want people to forget how beautiful it is. 

If you had one Ocean Dream {aka a dream in general} that you wish could come true right now, what would it be? How can you effectively put into action goals from your dream so it can come true? If your Ocean Dreams have already come true, what advice can you give to fellow Ocean Dreamers to help them achieve their dreams?

If I could have ONE dream come true right now, as far as my career goes, Myself and two other very close friends that I graduated college with all have a very close bond through art ( which was our major at UNA). All three of us have a HUGE vision, and desire for our own little business called FABarts. (FAB---Frances, Adrianne, Brianna hahaha:)) We each have something unique and very different to offer to the Vision of FAB. My one dream right now, is that FAB actually come to life. It's hard since we all live in different cities ( I live two hours away from both Frances and Adrianne). One day, I believe with all my heart and soul that it will come to life!! A bonus to my little dream is to conveniently live upstairs in a little loft apartment, just above our cute little store front:) OH SO DREAMY!!!
 Thanks so much Brianna! I loved learning about your ocean dreams...

If you are interested in being an Ocean Dreamer of the Month {I have June and beyond available...} please e-mail me at

Mar 28, 2011

Misty, our sweet cat returned & ask me questions on formspring

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I went shopping, caught up on Grey's Anatomy, and started
writing some letters to a few of my friends! It felt nice to write some
snail mail. My new goal is to make it a habit and do it more often.
This week I am going to try and get ahead on some tasks so I can have
extra time with BK - I'm going to CA in 9 days! Yippee!!
So I have some special news to share with you all. 
Guess who decided to return and show up on
my Grandma and Grandpa's doorstep last Thursday night?!
My Grandma was talking to my mom on the phone and all of a 
sudden said: "I hear a cat meowing." She went and checked the door 
and sure enough Misty was there! Can you believe it?! 
I had a feeling that Misty would return but I didn't want to get my hopes up because I 
knew how heart broken my grandparents were. But this just goes to show you that
God certainly answers prayers and that animals certainly can find their way back home!  
Thank you so so much for all of your prayers and thoughts as well.
It meant a lot, really.
My grandparents think that perhaps someone took her in and then found out
through word of mouth that Misty belonged to them. Which ever way she got home-
we don't care! We are just thrilled that she is alive 
and she ate up a storm on Thursday night!! 
The irony of it all is that the day before St. Patrick's Day my grandparents 
adopted a new sweet cat (only a year old) and named her Patty and literally
had just brought her home a few days before Misty showed up. So far Misty
and Patty do not get along, but I think in time they will. Let's hope so anyway!
I think Misty was just very homesick and now she's wanting to be the center of
attention now that she's home! My grandparents get to have fun with their two
kiddos, aka cats. I can't wait to meet Patty and give Misty some love!
I've noticed that some of you have tried this Formspring thing so I thought
I would give it a shot. Do you have any questions for me that
you've just been dying to know? I will try my best to be an open book
within reason of course, ha ha. 

If for some reason the Formspring does not work on here you can go on my 
Formspring page or you can ask me a question below and I would
be happy to answer the questions in a future post. :)

Be sure to stop by on Tuesday because I will be featuring
my Ocean Dreamer of the Month (of March that is), aka 

Mar 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor & I won two giveaways!

I wanted to take the time and do a post on Elizabeth Taylor,
but before I post on this amazing legend that will be missed
I wanted to share with you that I recently won two giveaways 
and I'm sooo excited! I don't know about you but I just love it when I 
win a giveaway. It just totally makes my day and I love receiving things
in the mail too! So here are two items that I have won recently:

from the Etsy shop Whimsy Whimsical (don't you love that name?!)
The packaging was beautiful and she included some darling business cards and 
bookmarks too! I felt positively spoiled. I think this will be the perfect stationary
to use for my penpals. How did she know that I used to own bunnies too?
Too cute and she's so talented! Be sure to go and check out her shop...
She also has a beautiful blog: Chanyeevon
and a Facebook page: Yeevon
So cute!!
2.} Okay so the second giveaway I won was all three books in 
The Hunger Games Trilogy!! {insert squeal of delight!}

#113 OceanDreams}
I won this trilogy from this amazing blogger's site: Bookin' with Bingo
Head on over there if you want to win some books too!
I'm currently reading this trilogy so it was perfect timing.
Here are some favorite quotes of mine from Elizabeth Taylor followed by images:
"I have a woman's body and child's emotions."
"Big girls need big diamonds."
"Marriage is a great institution."

"So much to do, so little done, such things to be."
When people say "she's got everything," I've got one answer -
"I haven't got tomorrow."

We'll miss you Elizabeth.

~ Ocean Dreams
P.S. I have a new video up on You Tube on how to 

Mar 22, 2011

is the internet taking over your life?

Thanks so much for your comments on my new layout and newly decorated bedroom!
I'm still in love with both; there is something about when your home (my blog and
my room) are pretty and organized - it makes you feel happy with your surroundings!
Yes, I do consider my blog my home. It's my happy place, my solace, a place I can vent,
post my inspiration, and a place where I get to catch up with all of you my bloggers!
Since lately I've been busy with my freelance work I've been on the internet a lot more
often than I would consider normal internet time for me. Sometimes I have to take a break
because I get tired of staring at the screen or simply because I feel overwhelmed! I love
social media but I'm learning you have to set internal boundaries within yourself. It's 
easy for me to get carried away on the latest and greatest pictures, gossip, quotes, sites,
blog, tweet, tumble, post, and it goes on and on and on and on........
{Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Blogger, Goodreads, We Heart It,
and the latest I just signed up for - StumbledUpon.}
Oh and I'm sure there's more that I didn't mention... 
Just reading that gives me a headache!

Have you ever felt like that social media sites are consuming your life?! 
Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to live in the 1800s, when everything
was simple. You had to wait for days to receive a letter or telegram. You didn't waste
hours and hours staring at a screen and tumbling photos and tweeting to people you
don't know. Don't get me wrong - there are SO many advantage to our technology.
I'm sure Twitter has saved lives by updating people on current events and I know for
certain that it has helped with giving when it comes to Japan! That is such a blessing.
However, if you don't watch it you can get caught up in all of these "blessings." They
start to consume you. You consume it in return. Suddenly where has your life gone?
Sometimes when bloggers disappear from their blogs for a certain length of time
I don't blame them because their is a life to be lived outside of this internet land that
we "live" on. Someone might have a baby, start a new job, get married,
take a break and travel the world, or someone might need a break just because!
I say bravo and I hold nothing against people who need to take time
away from the internet to get things done or take some time for themselves.
When I took time off from the internet for a good three months I learned so much about
myself. I learned that my identity is not in my blog, friends, twitter, followers, Facebook,
and anywhere on the internet in general. My identity for me is in the Lord. He brought
me closer to Him and I couldn't be more grateful. I also learned that I was not setting
boundaries! I often was allowing my blog and other social media outlets to control
me when I should have been controlling them by learning when to say no and knowing
when to call it a night and turn off the computer. It was so refreshing and it made the
world of difference to see things in a new light and learn how to set boundaries.
In the past, so often I let others' opinions of me matter more than my own opinion.
I learned that I am the one who gets to say what I believe in
and no I never have to apologize for that.
I don't want to slip back into the pattern of allowing the internet to take a hold of me.
I know for my freelance work I have to be on the internet and of course I am okay
with that. But when the work is finished, I think it's important to take time for me.
I could write a letter to a friend (I actually just got back in touch
with a friend who wants to write), read a book (The Hunger Games!),
or go for a walk in nature. I can CALL (emphasis on call and not tweet, FB, blah,
blah, blah...) a friend and ask how they are doing.
I can take time for me and my family too.
Ocean Dreamers - you need to take time for you. 
 Don't you dare let the internet consume your life. 
Start observing your actions more and keep track of your time.
I challenge you and I challenge myself to step away from the internet
more this week and the coming days and cozy up to the one you love or just relax
and enjoy. After all - spring is almost here and I just can't wait to visit CA
where I'll get to do exactly that with my love; cozy up next to him and have some fun!
Here are some questions to get you thinking:
*How many hours a day are you on the internet?
*Are you getting your normal day to day tasks done
or is the internet and social media becoming your god?
*How can you step back and refocus?
One thing I keep noticing over and over is that people apologize
for not blogging and they apologize for not tweeting, etc. DON'T apologize!
You have every right to run your life, take a break, and not put pressure on
yourself. I've actually read articles that say that social media causes anxiety
and I couldn't agree more. It's easy to get caught up and not let go and feel bad or
guilty for not continuing the communication and community. Community is amazing but
not when you start to feel guilty. It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with everyone.
End of story and you all know what I mean...
So I encourage you to let go. Take a break from blogging if you need it.
Say goodbye to Facebook for a week. Don't let every little tweet that pops
on your phone control you. Embrace life outside of this amazing yet dangerous
internet land that we live in.
Just breath, have hope, love yourself, love others, and find peace.
Go read a book in the sun! Fly a kite! Skip to a song!

Tweet with you later! Lol.

-Ocean Dreams
(P.S. I really need to find a new signature. Working on that.)
~ All pictures when clicked on go to their source.