Mar 18, 2011

for Japan with love

Hi Ocean Dreamers - 
So technically this post
is landing on the "official day of silence,"
for the horrible earthquake
and tsunami that took place
in Japan,
however this was supposed to be my Thursday
post and I had a very busy day
so I'm breaking the rules a bit
and writing a quick late night post.
Plus - I wanted to share some links with you
on how we can give and help Japan!
I don't think I've ever shared this on my blog
but I went to Japan to be a missionary
when I was 18 and 20 years old.
{The picture above was when I was 18.}
We spent time at Christian churches
helping the children, attending camps,
staying at Japanese homes, and 
learning all about the culture.
I stayed in smaller towns and
I also visited Tokyo.
I absolutely loved it and have
so many beautiful memories
from my time spent there.
I grew to love the culture and
the people. They are so kind
and gracious in every way...
Both trips were for 2 weeks and they
forever changed my life. 
When I heard about the earthquake,
this horrific disaster truly affected me.
I sincerely hope that we can help
the Japanese people who are in need
 this very second. 
Here are a few sites and organizations
that I have come across
who are donating to the cause
or have info on how you can help:

Living Social $5 donation matched
{9 hrs more from when I post this}
Rachel Zoe Fashion To The Rescue 
{list of fashion sites with % of profit going to Japan}
Wardrobe Japan Tee Apparel 
Wave of Help Pendant 
can be purchased HERE.

I'm going to purchase one of these lovely
pendants right now...

It's the least I can do with all of the money
I just spent on Juicy Couture! :P
Not to give us all a guilt trip but
I feel like there is so much more 
I could be doing and spending
money on people who truly
need it right now. It is not going to
break my wallet - it's going to help
my heart grow and encourage others
to do the same. 

I'll leave you with one of my favorite
songs by the lovely Carrie Underwood, 
singing the heartwarming and truthful song

"...To believe you can change the world
Oh the smallest thing can make all the difference
Love is alive
Don't listen to them when they say
You're just a fool
Just a fool
To believe you can change the world."

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I need you to give!! :)
Have a beautiful weekend Ocean Dreamers.