Mar 7, 2011


Long distance relationships.
What do you think of them? Have you had one?
Did it last? Was communication rough?
After I had a long distance relationship in college
for four years I told myself that it would be difficult to
go through that again. It's really hard to maintain a
relationship day after day on the phone. It can be done,
but it takes a lot of work. For one thing, you can't see the 
person's face so you don't know if they are being sarcastic,
hurt, etc. Another thing - if you do say saying hurtful, 
it is really hard to make it up to them via physical touch. 
I hate being away from BK. I literally hate it.
I know I can't change my situation right now but
I don't like it and it's hard. Really hard. The longest
I have ever been away from him is 3 weeks, and this time
it will be 8 weeks. When I do go back to sunny CA I'll
only be able to stay for 2 weeks, which makes it even
more difficult after living with someone for two months;
which is what we did when I was in CA before I semi moved
back to Utah. I miss my love and I want to be in CA.
I want to be in CA but I know it's going to take time
to save money, get back to my love, and get back to my
home, my sunny CA. I've been really homesick lately for
my love and my ocean dream land
The ocean has always cheered me up when I'm sad and 
I don't have the ocean, so I have to find other avenues.
I find that the snow is lovely, but it just doesn't
sooth my soul like the ocean does. I've always been an
ocean dreamer, always someone 
who is drawn to the peaceful waves 
and endless water that goes on
and on beyond the horizon...
I wish I could just close my eyes and bring myself
to California. It literally is painful to read tweets, blogs,
and everything else that says how 
gorgeous the weather is and oh it's a beach day today!
I'm happy for my fellow ocean dreamers,
truly I am, but I want that too.
Take me to the beach and leave me there forever.
I'll gladly stay there for an eternity in BK's arms...
That's where I belong. I belong 
in sunny CA. It is my heart and home. 
I won't rest until I'm there again.


  1. Love this post, sweet girl. I've never been in a long distant relationship, but I can only imagine that the space would be tough. One of my best friends was in a long distant relationship for 3 years, so I absolutely think they can work. Keep your positive thoughts up, we'll all keep praying, and soon enough we can be LA neighbors again :)

    Hugs xoxo

  2. Gorgeous post, darling!
    I can totally empathize.
    Hang in there!


  3. Long distance relationships can totally work! Yes it's hard and it does take more work but they can be great. Communication is really important and I find it's not difficult with texting, msn, skype, etc...the longest my bf and I have gone without seeing each other is 4 months. It was tough at times but seeing him again was so worth it : )

  4. LDR are hard! I was in one with my husband but they are so worth the wait, distance and lonely nights to know that you are working towards being together again! Try to keep the bigger picture in mind. Right now is only temporary!

    We would skype a lot! And email ALL day! Worth it though for what we have now! Keep your chin up!

  5. my husband and I had a long distance relationship for almost a whole year. Of that time we had stretches where we didn't see each other for MONTHS. It was brutal. It was before everyone had email and skyping and all the amazing technology we have now. We made it work. I know y'all can. Just stick it the end it'll be worth it and will make your relationship stronger. :) love you sweet girl!

  6. Aww .. I'm sorry! Hang in there girl! This will only make your relationship stronger! xoxo

  7. I have trouble keeping long distance relationships - it is hard, but when the two put the effort into it, it does work out :)

  8. Long distance relationships are the pits. I can understand your longing for BK, warmer weather and the ocean. I think you should propose to BK and get married...enough of this being apart stuff! LOL (just me being bold!)

  9. I am currently in a long distance relationship
    and oh my LORD it is so hard!
    I hate it.
    Gah I just wish so bad it were easier but it just isnt.

  10. You have to put up with the rain to get a rainbow. So cliche, I know...but so true, as well!

    I'm sorry your heart is hurting and that you are missing your BK and California. The good news is that neither are going anywhere anytime soon ;) I hope you are back in the arms of BK again very, very soon, Sierra <3

  11. I was in one for a year and 8 months before I moved to be close to him.
    I think you mentioned the hardest part- making up after fights is hard, and so is being able to discern emotions. I had often mistaken what he was saying for something hurtful when he didn't mean it that way at all.

    I think you just have to make the call for whether or not it's worth it.

  12. Yes, My hubby has a construction business and he has to travel to do the jobs. He was on Cayman Island for 6 months! I wasn't able to go and he only came home once.
    He usually is gone for six weeks or longer when he travels. It is hard. But... I tell myself , he is not in the war. I am lucky.
    Good luck, I know whe you are going through. Hugs.

  13. Oh lovely! I've never had a long distance relationship so I can't offer any advice on that. But I think you are doing really well with decorating and working on your etsy shop. I hope that helps you through and that you will be with your guy soon!

  14. I love you. You'll be home before you know it!

  15. awwww. BK is one lucky guy! Just look at pictures...think of the good memories and call him to hear his voice. A lot of people have to do long distance relatioships at times...It can be very hard but it will all be worth it in the end..Just remember that being away from him and Cali is just temporary.

  16. You will get there soon enough, my dear! Just stay positive!

  17. Oh, sweet ocean dreamer, I feel your have shared your feelings so tenderly and these photo's really capture your heartsong. I hope you can return to your love soon. Big Hug!
    oh...and a p.s....that doxie looks like my Abby! and she sits in the passenger seat, looking out the window just like that! :) xo

  18. ah! I'm so sorry this is so hard for you! :( I did a Long Distance relationship and it was really hard, you're right because if you get in a little fight, you don't get to see each other and cuddle and make up. However, just save money like crazy, keep your goal in mind and you can get back there sooner than later, I believe in this!! It's hard but just keep going through it with reason and soon you will be on the very end of it. xo.

  19. When I dated that guy who lived in another city, we would do Skype each night. It was nice to actually see his face every night before I went to bed. I know how hard this must be for you. I totally understand. Best wishes, Sierra.

  20. This is tugging at my heartsrings; I can FEEL how much you miss him. It's great that you've been able to have those moments of really being by his side and really feeling the ocean, and I hope that comes your way soon. Maybe you can Skype and he can be at the beach and show you the ocean? Might not be the same, I know, but it might help to keep you going.

    The longest I've been away from The Boy is a month while he was back in his home country; I ended up making a YouTube account (just for me and him) full of videos of what I've been up to so that way it felt like we were closer. Hope your ocean dreams come sooner than you'd think :)

  21. I am so sorry you have your heart in another place. I hope you find a way back to CA. and BK soon & that this is just a temporary journey where you are at. Hang in there! xo ~Theresa

  22. Love this post girl. :)
    Hope you get to be back there for good, and then we can be in the same state again. :) Positive thinking. :)


  23. I'm sorry hun! You're a doll, and I know it's hard, but you have such a great attitude about it all. Soon you will be in the same state again!!


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