Mar 20, 2011

introducing my newly decorated bedroom

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
So correct me if I'm wrong but you're probably thinking -
"she re-designed her blog again?!" 

I know I just designed my blog nearly 3 months ago but I have a mild addiction
to Photoshop and always have so many ideas running in my head! So what do
I do? I create! I purchased the above image because I love how her hair looks
like the ocean and she's fashionable at the same time. I've been wanting a cleaner
looking blog for some time with more space to write and more emphasis on the 
content and not all of the widgets and gadgets that most often threaten to consume.
It's so easy to clutter up a blog. I feel like I still have a lot going on on the side but
it's manageable. So what do you think? Do you like it? I do, for now, ha ha.
I'll try to stick with this layout for at least 6 months so you don't all get confused!

So speaking of design...
After being in Utah for two months I finally have a decorated bedroom and I love it!
I've been saying that I would show you pictures for a while but I wanted to 
wait until the bedroom was completely done. My mom and I worked hard
to create a neutral setting with a old world European flair. It's script themed 
as well! With a French Provencal chair, aged pewter chandelier, a Paris
canvas collage, and crushed sheer window treatments that puddle at the 
bottom; I'm in heaven.

But enough with me talking about everything; let me show you the pictures!
So that's it! :) 
Since I'm now a freelance writer and social media specialist
it's great to have a room where I can cozy up in my chair, stare out at
the mountains, and even watch TV! I didn't show you that angle.
Also - my hope chest is cozied up to the windows and my mom and I
went through my baby clothes and baby blankets today and stored them
safely inside. It was so much fun reminiscing and remembering my childhood.

I hope you have a wonderful new week!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my Japan post if you did.
I hope you are able to find a site where you can give or learn more
on how to help. I'll be back soon with another post updating
you on everything else that has been going on in my life!

~Ocean Dreams


  1. I love it! Your room and your blog!
    I love the simplicity of colors you used for your room clean and fresh and yet quite romantic. A great place to curl up or gaze out at the mountains!

    I'm so glad your mom kept your baby clothes and blankets...what a wonderful way to reminisce together!

  2. I think the bedroom and blog turned out great. I think that it's great that you got to experience Japan and its culture first hand. It is so sad what they are having to go through. My heart goes out to all affected. If everyone can support them in any & in many ways it is sure to make a difference. ~Theresa

  3. I feel like you live in PARIS!!! Fabulous girlie!

  4. Looks great!! Love the pillows the best... very fabulous. :)

  5. oh goodness your blog is so beautiful! i love the new design! LOVE!

  6. i absolutely love, love, love, love, LOVE the new look. seriously the header is awesome!!!! great job!!!

  7. First, your room is AWESOME! And oh how I love that chandelier.... *sigh* :)

    Second, I help handle our social media at work and also am a writer at work! I would love to pick up some freelance jobs in the evenings but not even sure where to look... *shrugs* I work somewhere that's REALLY conservative...hence why I dont comment on blogs til the weeknd most of the time. I can read them, but not comment b/c I dont wanna get busted by our filters...haha.. I mean, they had to UNLOCK my social media access to be able to handle it for the company. Good gosh.

  8. ANNNND I freaking LOVE the banner! Keep it keep it! I really seriously LOVE it!

  9. I love love love the Eiffel Tower picture! Great new look! I just spend this weekend redoing my room and it feels great to have a new look.

  10. That turned out just
    beautiful !!!
    I ADORE it !!
    Thank you for sharing
    with us ~


  11. Your room looks great,,so many personal touches!
    And I love love love your new blog's your best one yet!!!

  12. The new blog design's great! I feel like I can hear the waves rolling in the background.

    And you did a great job with your room. I wish I was that talented at decorating!

  13. definitely looks great (the blog), love it! I didnt' recognize it at first haha. Love your room, well done and you're right, so nice to have a cozy place to be!

  14. Wow! Your room looks fantastic! The chandelier is a really nice touch. And I like the colour scheme. It looks very relaxing and great for hanging out in.
    I do like your new blog layout. x

  15. The blog re-design looks amazing. Really love the header.
    And your room looks pretty cool as well. The chandelier looks incredible.

  16. LOVEEEE the new blog layout! I get bored easily too and am always brainstorming new ideas! I love your bedroom! It is gorgeous! I feel like I'm in Paris! You did a fabulous job! :)

    Happy Monday! XO

  17. love the new blog look! the bedroom looks great too- amazing chandelier!

  18. Been a lil bit since I checked in last and I must say, there are a lot of wonderful things going on here for you! Love the new look and am very jealous of that awesome room of yours!

    (especially the bird cage pillow) Way cute!!!

    God bless!

  19. Ah, what a stunning place to lay one's head! I adore the vintage Parisian flair of this space - gorgeous!! :)

  20. I love love love your bedroom! And I got a card from you on thursday, thank-you! man snail mail sure is snaily hehe.

  21. They both look amazing - the bedroom and the blog header! Nice work!

  22. Beautiful room! Don't get too cozy there though, because I'm selfish and want you back here soon. xo

  23. HAVE to come to Oklahoma now and do my room! :) L.O.V.E what you have done! Your amazing!

  24. Love, love, love it ALL!! Your header is beautiful and I adore the redesign. :) You are quite talented! I'm envious. Hehe. ;)

    And your bedroom is so fabulous, I just may faint. The chandelier in particular is STUNNING!! xoxo

  25. Looove your new room and I am obsessed with your new layout. It is FANTASTIC!

  26. I like it! I agree that the image looks very ocean-like. Her hair is like the water, reminds me of a mermaid.

    And the room is adorable!!

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  28. WOW!!! Your bedroom is GORGEOUS! Maybe you should be an interior decorator!!! I also adore your new blog look!


  29. Love the room and the blog!!

  30. very charming! well put together. my fav is the chandelier! -Slavica

  31. Love your new, clean blog layout and your gorgeous bedroom light fixture!

  32. I like the new header alot! and the chandelier is awesome!! I barely added a header to my blog after all this time, it took me forever to find something I really liked! So I can understand your need for change, has to be something you don't tire of so easily! xo


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