Mar 30, 2011

Amazon giveaway @ Joe Shopping and ladies who sing!

Thank you for all of your thoughtful tweets earlier today.
For those of you who may have not caught my tweets my Grandpa
is currently in the hospital with 6 blocked arteries. They are unsure of
whether they can operate on him so if you could keep him in your prayers
I would appreciate it. Thank you!!

I've mentioned before that I write for a site called where
I run a fashion blog. I absolutely love the community there and I'm just not
saying that because it's one of my jobs. I honestly do love the interaction,
shopping, and my fashion blog there. It's a new home of mine.
If you want to be a part of the Joe Shopping community feel free to visit!

Right now Joe is sponsoring a contest to blog about their site
to enter into a contest for $100 on Amazon
The contest ends tomorrow night at midnight so be sure to 
blog away before it ends and let them know that you did a 
post by sending an e-mail to
Be sure your e-mail includes your name, blog post title, blog post URL 
and you must state that you agree to the Official Rules of the sweepstakes.

What is also fantastic about JS is that they have comparison shopping,
allowing you you find the lowest price!

But enough about me trying to sell JS to you, JS really sells itself!

Since I have a fashion blog, I thought I would change it up
and do a post on some recent CD's that have been released and why
I'm obsessed with them. All of these ladies below can sing!
I have them playing every day while I'm working,
blogging, and getting ready for the day! I love me some music. :)

The first time I heard Adele's voice believe it or not I didn't like it!
However, after I heard the song Rolling In the Deep I was hooked.
Her voice is so candid, refreshing, and real.

Jennifer is the epitome of strength. After losing
several of her family members to a horrible
murder she sings on and she sings strong!
Download I Remember Me. I remember Jennifer! ;)

I don't care that Britney Spears has a bad rap.
I love her music and I love her sass. It's great for 
a workout or the need to get dancing!

Plllleeeeeaaaasssseeee come back tomorrow for a 
fabulous, and I mean fabulous giveaway.
It's worth, let's just say, $400 dollars.
Yep and it has to do with fashion.
You are going to lover it.


  1. Oh, I am so sorry I had no idea! I know how you are feeling, my grandpa had six blockages as well and (luckily) has surgery to repair all of them. He ended up being in the hospital for a month but pulled through.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. If you need ANYTHING please do not hesitate to let me know.

    P.S. Do you have Britney's CD yet? I hated her growing up and finally gave in with her last album hehe.

  2. You know girl my thoughts and prayers are with your grandpa and you, and your family.

    Adele is awesome, just own a few of her songs but love her. Great for bubble baths, too. ;)
    Britney's CD I haven't listened to but heard it's good. Not sure if I should give it a try but you are's perfect to work out.


  3. best wishes to your grandpa sweetie. i hope everything turns out ok!

    and GREAT choices on the music! im loving adele and as always, britney :-)

    <3 megan
    A Suitcase and Stilettos

  4. My prayers and positive thoughts to your Grandpa!

    LOVINGGG your music choices as well. Britney is one of my faves!

    Have a great day love! xoxo

  5. I too am a Britney fan - and will be forever! I just adore her and her music!! :)

  6. Adele's album is GREAT, her voice is really amazing. Thank's for stopping by. . im now following! <3

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandpa, sending positive vibes his way.

  8. I'm sending positive thoughts your way for you and your family....

    Great music choices!! I love Adele!! I can't get her cd out of my car cd player!!!

    Have a good weekend!


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