Mar 28, 2011

Misty, our sweet cat returned & ask me questions on formspring

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
I went shopping, caught up on Grey's Anatomy, and started
writing some letters to a few of my friends! It felt nice to write some
snail mail. My new goal is to make it a habit and do it more often.
This week I am going to try and get ahead on some tasks so I can have
extra time with BK - I'm going to CA in 9 days! Yippee!!
So I have some special news to share with you all. 
Guess who decided to return and show up on
my Grandma and Grandpa's doorstep last Thursday night?!
My Grandma was talking to my mom on the phone and all of a 
sudden said: "I hear a cat meowing." She went and checked the door 
and sure enough Misty was there! Can you believe it?! 
I had a feeling that Misty would return but I didn't want to get my hopes up because I 
knew how heart broken my grandparents were. But this just goes to show you that
God certainly answers prayers and that animals certainly can find their way back home!  
Thank you so so much for all of your prayers and thoughts as well.
It meant a lot, really.
My grandparents think that perhaps someone took her in and then found out
through word of mouth that Misty belonged to them. Which ever way she got home-
we don't care! We are just thrilled that she is alive 
and she ate up a storm on Thursday night!! 
The irony of it all is that the day before St. Patrick's Day my grandparents 
adopted a new sweet cat (only a year old) and named her Patty and literally
had just brought her home a few days before Misty showed up. So far Misty
and Patty do not get along, but I think in time they will. Let's hope so anyway!
I think Misty was just very homesick and now she's wanting to be the center of
attention now that she's home! My grandparents get to have fun with their two
kiddos, aka cats. I can't wait to meet Patty and give Misty some love!
I've noticed that some of you have tried this Formspring thing so I thought
I would give it a shot. Do you have any questions for me that
you've just been dying to know? I will try my best to be an open book
within reason of course, ha ha. 

If for some reason the Formspring does not work on here you can go on my 
Formspring page or you can ask me a question below and I would
be happy to answer the questions in a future post. :)

Be sure to stop by on Tuesday because I will be featuring
my Ocean Dreamer of the Month (of March that is), aka 


  1. i love those disney quotes :) happy monday!

  2. I'm so happy Misty came back. There was about two occasions when I thought about the situation in hopes that she would. Love the quotes <3

  3. She came back???? WOW!! Now that's LUCKY!!!! =) Love the Disney poster!

    Yeah for your trip to CA! =)

    Melanie's Randomness

  4. Snail mail's always the best ;) And making a habit out of it is even better than just best. ;)
    Love the quotes, I'm a quote lover! And I'm sad you are leaving to CA. I won't be there this time. :(

    But maybe next. ;)

    Happy Monday.

  5. Oh, I'm thrilled to hear that Misty came home!!! I wonder if she felt less important when she discovered a kitten there?! Maybe that will teach her not to go away again! lol

    I always love the images you use all of them (and the quotes)!

    Have a wonderful time in CA! :)

  6. So so so sooooo awesome! I love that she came home! And I'm sure she and the new kitty will get along in no time... :) have so much fun in CA, girl!

  7. so glad the kitty came home!!!!

  8. Excited for you to spend time with BK! Yay for returned pets! And I still can't get over your header! Way cool and it's just perfect for your site!

  9. In response to your comment..funny you say that about Lawrence,I live there...well here I guess :) I absolutly LOVE your site. And I'm glad God answered your prayers and Misty is back! I would probably have a heartattack if that happened to me.

  10. I am very happy for you!! i would be very sad if my cat disappear, he is sleeping next to me and make the most perfect company when working at the studio.
    Regards from London


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