Mar 29, 2011

Ocean Dreamer of March - Itsy Bitsy Brianna!

Hi Ocean Dreamers - it's time for my Ocean Dreamer of the month and this month I'm excited to introduce to you a sweet Southern gem named Brianna, who just recently moved her blog over to Wordpress. So refresh your readers or head on over to her blog for the first time! She's such a sweetheart and her blog is just gushing with creativity. Plus, as you can see - she loves the beach like me!

Tell me about your blog, Itsy Bitsy Brianna. What can readers expect to read about on your blog? What are some of your interests and joys in life?
Itsy Bitsy Brianna is my blog that I started in the Summer of 2009, while I went to the University of North Alabama. That summer I was taking painting, and I wanted somewhere to share my paintings, and my experience as an artist doing what I love most. Since 2009, my little blog has transformed quite a bit. On Itsy Bitsy, you will see a new blog every single day. I am dedicated to it....every day. I think dedication, and consistency is what it takes to have a successful blog. Readers want to know they can depend on you. My blog is full of art, crafts, recipes, baking, lots of photos, and memory making with the people I love most, MY FAMILY:)

You currently have an Etsy shop called Itsy Bitsy Brianna. Please tell us about it, what we can expect to find, and what a few of your favorite products are on your site right now.

I am currently in the process of picking up on my Mural business. I recently got hired to paint several murals, and want more than anything to grow my mural business (Not So Itsy Bitsy MURALS) into an actual business.
My Itsy Bitsy Shop, is a place where you can find hand painted mini wooden blocks. They are cute, and Itsy Bitsy:) You will also find hand drawn Post cards. I am a HUGE snail mail kind of girl, so through my drawn post cards, I try to make others excited about the mailing process! I feel like with the fast pace world that we live in, people are forgetting about the beauty and personal touch of a handwritten letter, or note. I just don't want people to forget how beautiful it is. 

If you had one Ocean Dream {aka a dream in general} that you wish could come true right now, what would it be? How can you effectively put into action goals from your dream so it can come true? If your Ocean Dreams have already come true, what advice can you give to fellow Ocean Dreamers to help them achieve their dreams?

If I could have ONE dream come true right now, as far as my career goes, Myself and two other very close friends that I graduated college with all have a very close bond through art ( which was our major at UNA). All three of us have a HUGE vision, and desire for our own little business called FABarts. (FAB---Frances, Adrianne, Brianna hahaha:)) We each have something unique and very different to offer to the Vision of FAB. My one dream right now, is that FAB actually come to life. It's hard since we all live in different cities ( I live two hours away from both Frances and Adrianne). One day, I believe with all my heart and soul that it will come to life!! A bonus to my little dream is to conveniently live upstairs in a little loft apartment, just above our cute little store front:) OH SO DREAMY!!!
 Thanks so much Brianna! I loved learning about your ocean dreams...

If you are interested in being an Ocean Dreamer of the Month {I have June and beyond available...} please e-mail me at


  1. Awwww...this was fun! I love that she got hired to paint inspirations :)


  2. Shes great. I will surely visit her blog.

  3. So cute! Plus, anyone who loves oceans is fine by me...there's a reason my blog is i swim for oceans ;)

  4. Great post and I hopping over there now! And I love the new header (one of yours...).

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  6. very, very cute. I've already met Brianna online, love her glowing blog!


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