Mar 8, 2011

prayers needed - a sweet kitty that I love is missing!

Hi Ocean Dreamers. 
Thank you so much for your kind thoughts
about me missing CA and BK. You really 
did help cheer me up and 
I really appreciate your loving words 
and thoughts! During times like these I am
even more thankful for you my readers
and the amazing friendships that I have formed
through blogging. I love it too when I meet some amazing 
bloggers and the friendships carry into my personal life.
I have a prayer request yet again...

I just spoke to my grandma earlier
this evening and their cat Misty is missing.
Apparently last night they briefly opened the
door to glance at the snow (it snowed about 6 inches
last night) and somehow during the minute they looked
outside she slipped out of the door. Unfortunately 
because they didn't even realize she left they 
would have had no idea if she was trying to get back inside
because they shut the door and locked it. 
My grandparents are so careful too about making
sure she is tucked in doors and safe so she must
have really been sneaky when escaping out the door!
My grandma woke up around 5am and she had a
gut instinct that something was wrong, so she started
looking for Misty. She couldn't find her anywhere.
All day today my grandparent's have been searching
for her and my heart is just breaking for them.
Any of you that have a pet I'm sure would understand
the turmoil of seeing a pet suffer, having a missing pet,
or losing a pet to illness or God forbid a sudden death.

I personally have lost several pets through the years -
my bunny Patchy, April, Destiny, baby bunnies,
and giving up my bunny Sushi for 
adoption three years ago simply
because I recognized that I didn't have the time she
needed to be taken care of. Here's a picture of Sushi
before I gave her away to a family who I knew would
give her the love and attention she needed and deserved.
Our cockatoo and family bird Morris 
died several years ago 
(they usually live to be past 100)
so that was really hard and right now our 
other bird Molly has a chest wound that she continues
to pick at over and over again
and I have a bad feeling that she may pass away
soon (hopefully not) simply because she continues
to let the wound fester and causing herself harm.

With all of that being said - the loss of a pet is something
that truly pains the heart and I especially don't like to 
see my loved ones hurting over a lost pet either.
I started crying when I spoke to my grandma
earlier today - I love Misty too and she's such a
beautiful, sweet, and amazing cat. She's the type of
kitty that plays with you, talks to you, and acts like
a dog. She follows my grandparents everywhere. I'm
getting choked up just writing this and thinking about her
sweet kitty disposition.

She doesn't usually get up and sit directly next to people
because she's not a lap cat but usually when I'm at their
house she'll get up on the sofa 
and sit right next to me,
letting me stroke her soft fur 
while listening to her purr.
I'm praying for a miracle.
I'm praying that Misty can survive the cold,
the snow, and can find her way back home to 
my grandparents. They live about 10 minutes
away from me and they also live near a major
road - I hope even though Misty has never been
out doors that she uses her kitty instincts
and stays safe, out of harm, and either finds her
way home or into another family's loving care.
I can't stand to think that she might freeze to death,
get run over, or starve to death. It hurts me to even
consider that even though deep inside I know that's 
a possibility. She doesn't have tags on her because
she's an in door cat - poor sweet kitty!
Thanks so much for your prayers.
Oh sweet Misty - come home to us.


  1. Oh no! poor kitty! I hope they find the baby. :(

  2. Aww dear!! Ohh I hope they find her!! Maybe when she gets hungry she'll find her way!!

    Sorry to hear your homesick. SKYPE!! or Webcam Big Kiddo!! Maybe that'll help?

  3. There truly is importance in having pets. I pray for the return of the kitty!

  4. Ohmy! Saying many prayers that she returns home or that some awesome person takes her in until your grandparents can find her!

  5. Poor kitty! I hope your grandparents find her soon. Take care, Kellie xx

  6. I am crossing my fingers for Misty's safe return! My cat Piglet went missing for 9 months and just waltzed in the front door one day fat as I'll get out and smelling like old lady perfume! We had her until she was 23 years old : )

  7. Oh no. That's so sad! I hope they do find her!

  8. Oh poor baby. :( I hope she returns asap. :(

  9. awww, cute post!

    Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


  10. I surely hope for Misty's safe return! ~Theresa

  11. oh no sending prayers your way! hope she find her way home SOON

  12. I always say POSITIVE thinking helps. Let's hope so. :)


  13. Oh, this is horrible! I am praying Misty is found safely very soon. Your poor grandparents. I also pray they aren't taking this too hard. Although I know how awful it can be to lose a loved pet. :(

  14. I am still so sad about Misty :-( She is so beautiful and seems like she's full of personality. Truly a great loss to your grandparents, I know. I've heard miracle stories about pets returning to their owners, even years later, so I'm hoping and praying for a similar miracle for Misty. xoxo

  15. aww i hope you find her!

  16. ugh! I hate losing pets! I will definitely be sending out good vibes for the sweet cat. Your bunny is SO adorable, I'm sorry you had to give 'em up :( However, if they were going somewhere with lots of love, it's a winning situation.


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