Mar 2, 2011

what I've been up to creatively speaking

I'm still here, I just got bombarded with life
so that's why I have not posted for the last several days.
 Welcome new readers! Thanks so much for 
stopping by and soon I will visit 
your blog, I appreciate you stopping by mine!

Thank you also for the advice on zumba
and snowmobiling. I think I will try
snowmobiling and also stick with zumba!
Thanks for your honesty about doing zumba
if you are aren't a pro, it helped with some of 
my two left feet insecurities.

Well, my house is in disarray because of the
new wood/carpet/paint so my room is a complete
disaster. I can't wait to start decorating with my
mom and since I won't be living at home forever
we decided to transform "my room" into a 
reading area with my day bed nestled against 
the wall and a small sofa
angled on a wall near a sun filled window,
which sounds like perfection to me.
As soon as we get going on it I'll post some pictures.
Here are a few vision pictures that show off
our chosen color schemes and theme.
 We love linen and burlap pillows. I already mentioned
that we plan to hang up my new chandelier in the
middle of the room which will look gorgeous!
My mom and I both love Europe - I went with
her there when I was 16 and I'm so happy
we like the same style and decor
which makes decorating
a lot more easier to accomplish.
both pictures found on my Pinterest 
(addicted by the way)

Other news - 
I'm excited to say that I was hired for some
temporary freelance projects to work on
and I couldn't be happier! I'm really thankful
that I've found some work, even if it's just
temporary. ;)

Park of my work entails graphics, and as I've
mentioned before I've taken Photoshop
and In Design classes and really have
fallen in love with the programs - 
the creativity is endless and
there are so many projects and opportunities
 that arise if you just allow doors to open.
I've truly been finding that out lately.
I've discovered that my nitche is writing,
blogging of course, and graphics.
I'd also like to continue my interest in
Interior Design; there are so many subjects
that I've grown to love.

I wanted to show you a few logos, banners,
and buttons that I have created.
All can be found on my Etsy except
for the logos because I haven't posted them yet.
The following businesses do not exist from my
knowledge, I simply used these names
for inspiration and for an example 
of the logo layout:

Now that I've show you logos that I have created,
here are some banners and correlating buttons,
as well as Etsy shop banners and Avatars,
and if you click on the
picture it will take you to the 
destination on my Etsy shop
if you decide you really like the layout,
and want a blog or Etsy makeover, he he (hint.) :)
 Not to pull any advertising moves on my 
blog (sorry, I used to work in sales) but 
if one of the following layouts or logos that I just
posted catches your eye I'll give you a 10%
discount as a reader on my blog!
Just let me know and I'll
re-post it, reserving it for you.
Oh and they are all one of a kind; I won't
be re-posting the same layout five minutes later!

Sorry I'm behind on your blogs -
I got all caught up this past weekend
only to fall behind again.
You all know how it is.
I'll visit you all soon.
I hope you all are having a delightful week
A pocketful of sunshine came out to greet
me today and I was so very happy.
I wanted to do this but then I realized
that it wasn't quite that hot yet.
Can Spring just be here already?!
The sun was just another thing that totally made my day.



  1. I heart you and your work, insight on life and love and everything else! :) Ya know that! :)


  2. I'm loving your blog :)Love the two photos you posted, especially the bedroom! I missed your zumba/exercise post but I love zumba! It's fun, don't worry about your moves, just enjoy it! Hope you're having a great day!

  3. I am smitten with pinterest too! & burlap anything!! lol I have crafted quite a bit with burlap and just made a wedding banner with it! Adore the photos. Lovely you have found some things to keep you busy & some cash flow! Have a wonderful day. ~Theresa

  4. i understand when life happens! lol. love your pictures!

  5. Ahhh you inspire me to get my act together! LOL! I want to redecorate my apartment now and get to work on some projects! ;)

    Congrats on the freelance. xoxo

  6. Congratulations on your freelance gigs! I love your "vision" relaxing and inviting.
    Looking forward to seeing more of your project. I've been bombarded too lately. Glad to see you back! xo

  7. Cute room options! I like the color schemes. My place is black and white with a touch of light blue.

    I'm so happy that you are enjoying your talents. Great artwork!

  8. Nice work in your shop! Keep it up!

  9. Well done getting the temp job! It's something and as long as it's doing what you enjoy :)

    Great new templates. I'm sure you will have fun with it!

    And I do love the colour combo that you are going for. I adore neutrals.

  10. I wish you the best as everything gets off the ground! You are so talented, Sierra and I know you will be successful!

    Can't wait to see the room re-do pics, too!


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