Apr 29, 2011

happily ever after - The Royal Wedding

I can't believe I haven't blogged in nearly a week! I'm back in Utah and catching up on everything. I feel super busy and I'm running out of steam. Soon I will be around to all of your blogs as well to see what you all have been up to! I'll also post some pictures from my trip to CA. I had so much fun and miss CA, my love, and friends so much already!

Please keep my grandpa in your prayers - he's back in the hospital with an infection and he's fighting hard! We're all concerned for him but know that God will take care of him. I was able to see him while I was in CA and it was really hard to see him suffering. No one likes to be stuck in a hospital bed. It was neat seeing a nurse who was taking care of him pray for him and be there for him. I know he's in good hands and I know that he's in God's hands. :)

I haven't kept up that much on The Royal Wedding but I'm looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. I'm not getting up super early but I am instead recording it to watch when I wake up! I love my sleep more than The Royal Wedding unfortunately. :) However, I can't wait to catch up on the lovely event tomorrow and let you know what I think! I thought I would celebrate on my blog early to get the excitement rolling...

I love this picture of the princes with princess Diana - it brings back memories. May Diana rest in peace. What a lovely lady full of grace, dignity, and beauty. I still miss her to this day. I'm sure she's looking down from heaven watching her eldest son wed. I wish she could have been here on his wedding day.
William and Kate bring out the word fairy tale and everyone loves a nice fairy tale, right? I like to think so. I really hope that the media or nothing for that matter can come between them. I hope that one day if William reigns that he will be a just and wonderful ruler. I hope together this couple can make a stand and keep the word fairy tale alive.
I found some lovely photos that remind me of happily ever after.
Let's embrace it, shall we?
 So by the time you read this it will be the morning after The Royal Wedding. 
What did you think? Did it meet your expectations?  
Do you believe that Kate and William 
will live happily ever after?

I know it will take a lot of work on their part.
It takes a lot of work for anyone in a relationship! 
But I'm a believer that happily ever after does exist. It truly does.

Do you believe in happily ever after?

Apr 23, 2011

If The Shoe Doesn't Fit's collector shoe giveaway

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
The last several days have been a whirl wind for me.
My mom and aunt are now in sunny CA with me and you can guess
that that means - you've got it - shopping!! A few of our favorite
shopping destinations include Fashion Island in Newport Beach and
South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa. We shop until we drop. :)
I've gone a little crazy with my Juicy Couture purchases (they are having
some amazing spring time sales) and I stopped by Forever21 and just love
all of the floral styles that are available. Everything is so springy, happy,
and pretty! Clothing always has been my weakness, as well as shoes.
I found the cutest pair of flats at Forever 21
They look very similar to this pair of flats below, but with a vintage
jewel and lace behind it. I didn't see the exact pair I purchased on
the Forever21 website so here's a similar picture:
These shoes from Forever21 are seriously a steal at only $16.80!

Speaking of shoes, I'm here to host a giveaway for If The Shoe Doesn't Fit!
ITSDF is one amazing shoe auction site that has a variety of shoes for sale by a variety
of different sellers. They offer Christian Louboutins, Jimmy Choo,
Badgley Mischka, Calvin Klein, Dolce Vida, Stuart Weitzman,
Ralph Lauren, Giuseppe Zanotti, and many many more!

Seriously - I love this site and I'm not just saying
this because I'm hosting the giveaway. The shoes are to die for.

Want to know what ITSDF is giving away?
They are giving away a mini collector's shoe from Just The Right Shoe,
and this shoe is called Late for a Date.
With it's beautiful details and purple color it would look perfectly
in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you need to brighten
up your interior space with a little bit of fashion decor! ;)
Isn't it adorable? I love the details and the bling on this pump. Too cute.

So here are your three options for entering.
You get one entry for each for a total of 3 entries.

1. Write a comment on this blog post,
telling ITSDF what your favorite shoe designer is and why.
Mine is Christian Louboutin and these shoes are HOT!

2. Visit ITSDF and tell me what your favorite shoe listing is on their site right now:
If The Shoe Doesn't Fit

3. Visit ITSDF on one of these social media platforms & just say hello.
If you want, mention that you entered into this giveaway.
ITSDF on Facebook
 ITSDF on Twitter
ITSDF's Blog

Okay - good luck and the giveaway will end on Tuesday, May 10th.
I will announce the winner on May 11th!

I'll be back with some fun pictures updating you on all of my sunny CA
adventures. Tomorrow is my last day with BK before I have to say goodbye
to sunny CA in a few days. I'm sad but I know I'll be back soon.
I'll just find a new pair of pumps and go back to CA in no time at all! ;)

If I don't make it back here in time for Easter have a very blessed Easter!

Apr 19, 2011

announcing NuMe's giveaway winner & updates

I'm in San Francisco hanging out and BK and I are about to drive back to
Southern CA. I've had a wonderful day shopping in all of my favorite stores while BK
was working on a project and I just can't wait to show you all of the pictures
I took when I'm back from my trip and all settled. I had just a little too much fun!
I actually took a Juicy Couture picture very similar to this one from We Heart It.
A big thanks to Jennifer for her guest post. I totally thought I had an intro
and then when I looked at the posted post I realized I did not post one! 
I must have been in a  mad rush that day. :P So here's a belated
thank you to Jennifer and I just love her posts.
They are insightful, deep, and real.
That is what I just love about her and her amazing blog.
If you didn't get a chance to read it see below this post
for her post about Facebook and how it effects marriages.

So.....I'm here to announce the winner of the NuMe's Meet & Greet Giveaway.
Wanna know who it is?!
I bet you are all dying to know, right?!
Well I am super excited to announce this winner because one,
she's amazing and two, she just guest posted on my blog!!!!

I know this lovely lady has been missing her man something
fierce so I hope this cheered up her heart a little bit. 
Sending you hugs my dear! xo!

I hope you all are having an amazing week. 
Next post I'm excited to announce yet another giveaway.
I'm partnering up with If The Shoe Doesn't Fit to 
giveaway one amazing mini shoe. 
It's super fashionable and an adorable collectable shoe.  
Speaking of ITSDF, have you checked out their blog? 
I write on there as well as some other fabulous writers, so please
swing over to the blog and take some time to follow it and read up! :)
Right now I'm posting about ITSDF's incredible intern Danielle. 
If you love shoes and fashion it's the blog for you.

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to take a few minutes to say
hello to my new readers! I haven't forgotten about you - I'm
just still technically still on "vacation" so I'll be around to say hello
on your blogs shortly - thanks so much for commenting or stopping by!

Alright, I hope you all have a wonderful evening.
See you back here in a few days with another giveaway!

Apr 17, 2011

Guest post by Jennifer - how Facebook ruins marriages

Yay!! I can't believe I'm here on Sierra's fabulous blog! It is so pretty over here. Well, in case you don't know me, I am Jennifer Fabulous from I Know, Right?.

My guest post regards a somber topic, I'm afraid.

You see, I am 27 years old and I already know six girls my age who are getting divorced.

Wanna know the details? I'll give you one hint: Facebook.

It happened to me five years ago.

I wasn't married, but this is my story:

I was in a serious relationship with "James." (Names changed to protect the guilty). We had been together for six months, when I started to notice a random girl, "Liz," writing on his wall. It started with friendly comments and then they got flirtatious. She also commented on his photos ("you are SO hot" was a common phrase). When I confronted him about it, James laughed and said Liz was some random girl who added him as a friend. He didn't even know her.

A month later, James broke up with me. An hour later, he was listed in a relationship with Liz.

One year later, I finally got the whole story from James. Apparently, Liz was browsing through guys in our city and came across him. She thought he was hot and added him. Not caring he was listed in a relationship with me, she started commenting on his wall and his photos. Then, the messages started. She wrote him that she was lonely and sad and didn't have anyone to turn to. The messages grew longer until they started getting romantic.

Within the next five years after my break up with James, I would encounter seven more incidents similar to mine. Some highlights: A coworker got divorced because a random college girl started messaging her husband and eventually stole him away. A high school friend got divorced because her husband met another girl in their new town using the site. A college acquaintance broke down sobbing at a Starbucks to me about her now-ex fiance secretly messaging his ex-girlfriend.

And at this moment, I know six girls in their twenties getting divorced because of a Facebook-related incident.

That's a big freaking deal.

Right now, there are dozens of churches across the United States banning Facebook from its members, citing it is a leading cause of divorce.

A recent survey by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers found that 81 percent of divorce attorneys have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence during the past five years. More than 66 percent of those attorneys said the No. 1 site most often used as evidence is Facebook.

Another recent survey by Divorce-Online.co.uk of more than 5,000 petitions says Facebook is mentioned in about 20 percent of divorce cases.

There is even a popular website Facebook Cheating which specifically deals with this phenomenon.

I don't know about you, but this gives me chills. This is the stuff historians are going to be talking about in 100 years.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think Facebook is the actual cause of cheating. It is simply a tool that makes it insanely easy. It provides people, who may not have cheated otherwise, with a temptation no other generation has had before.

Scary, isn't it?

I'm not a marriage expert by any means, but I know several happily married couples who have a system that may work. Here is my advice based on them:

Know your spouse's Facebook password and give him yours. I'm not saying you two should check each other's facebook profiles every single day, scrutinizing every detail for guilt. It just means you two have nothing to hide.

That way, you can enjoy connecting with friends and family on Facebook, without the worry.

Obviously this advice isn't for everybody. I know how uncomfortable it can be, having even innocent messages to your bff read by your significant other.

But it works for some.

What advice do you have for couples regarding Facebook? Do you know any relationships or marriages destroyed by the site?

PS. A big thanks to Sierra for letting me guest post!

Apr 14, 2011

crazy beach girl

I'd like to interrupt our regular scheduled guest blog posts 
for a hint of what I've been up to, 
ie a lot of fun in the sun at the beach!

So most of the time I'm serious, happy, and honest on this blog.

But - did you know that I am a little crazy too?!
I'm crazy at the beach that is. 
I just loooooooooooove the beach!!

Look - I'm jumping in mid air!
Stay tuned for another guest post, this time by Jennifer Fabulous on Saturday
while I'm away having more fun with BK at the beach and whatever else
we decide to do. I'm enjoying myself!!

By the way - thanks for visiting Molly's guest post {below} and thanks for
all of your sweet compliments on my hair! I admit I am still getting used to it-
It is well, rather short, but all for a good cause though! ;)

I know I say this every post but have you entered into the NuMe giveaway?
It ends tomorrow!!!!!
 Have a wonderful weekend! :)

Apr 11, 2011

guest post by Molly - wedding talk!

Molly is here to do a guest post for you all while I'm having fun with BK in California.
So let's make her feel warm and welcome!
Let's start out by "getting acquainted".

If you don't know me...well it is very nice to meet you!
I'm very honored to be posting for miss Sierra. She is so very sweet and I
always look forward to her posts. Y'all are lucky to have her :)
Even though I am very jealous she is enjoying the beautiful Cali weather
and soaking up those rays with her main squeeze.
I know I can't take her place, but I'll try to do my best to not make you snooze today.
I'm over yonder at A Midwestern Touch talking about my
adventures of being newly engaged, in my last semester as an undergraduate student,
and a gal just trying to make the world a better place.
Alright, enough about me.
On Today's Agenda:
Wedding Talk!
How to plan a wedding as *stress-free* as possible!
Alright, so I'll tell you a little something about myself.
I tend to sometimes stress about the tiniest of the tiniest things.
Now picture me planning a huge wedding full of HUNDREDS of details.
Ya...my head felt like it would pop.
Thinking about 500 things at once is not a recommendation I have.
I took a step back and thought I'd figure out how to make this a fun
and memorable experience not a "I want to put my freaking hair out" experience.
Here are a few tips I've figured out thus far from my own experience and from others:

1.) Knock out the big things first.
When planning a wedding (especially in May, June or July) things book FAST. Like super fast. Is is very imporant to book at least a venue for the wedding and reception as soon as you know your date. This helps with the next biggest details of the photographer, cake, flowers, colors, and etc. It also is good because it allows for you to have your perfect or requested date so someone else does't snag the day you want to get married on :). I think that could lead to a brawl. Brides + Brawls = Can't be good in the neighborhood.
2.) Look around for the "free" stuff.
You are probably staring at that sentence all crazy eyed like
whaaaaat there is no way anything in a wedding is FREE.
Actually, everything is OPPOSITE of free.
Well it CAN be. Some of it at least.
Yippee, I dig free.
I have seen this so so many times being a tremendous help while planning a wedding.
 One instance being my brother's wedding.
My mom borrowed different things from her friends and sisters children's wedding that they had left over and weren't going to use. For example: vaces, mirrors, table clothes, decorations, and etc. If you can find it free and in good condition BRING IT ON. Plus, it makes your pocket like you much more too. It saves on the "small" things. Also, there are so many  garage sales that sell these types of things for really cheap just because they will never use 100 vases again. Works out for everyone!

3.) Don't be afraid to get help.
Here is another little something something about me.
I am sorta bad at making decisions.
I am that girl who you ask where I want to eat and I say I don't care.
Because in all honest I really don't care.
So doing this wedding by myself could take years or
possibly decades if I had to decide it all solo.
My mom, aunts, and friends play a large role in helping this big day come together. I am always getting ideas and pictures shot to me through e-mail giving me something to think about and which direction to go. It helps SO much in easing my mind of all the options out there and I can just say "LOVE IT.more more more of where that came from" or "Nah, next." The support is truly truly helpful and even lots of fun! Unless you don't like others telling you what to do ;). The more help the better though. I do recall "more brains are better than one." True story.

4.) Take time to share your ideas with your partner.
I know some guys say "they don't care" and for you to just decide everythingggg. HOWEVER, they obviously are very excited because well...they asked you to marry them and want this to be a special and beautiful day just like you do! If you get them involved in little ways that they enjoy, it will make it a really fun experience for the both of you. OR if they truly don't want to help because it just is not there "thang"  just put them in charge of the alcohol, food, and party music. That is for sure their "thang".

5) Enjoy every stinking moment, because it only happens once.
Live it. Laugh with it. LOVE it.
Stay calm and carry on.
Cherish every moment.
I may need to come back to this and remind myself of all these!
These tips may not be for everybody, but they are what have helped me ease my stress and really soak in every moment of getting to plan a wedding and reception that allows me to marry my best friend. It shouldn't be stressful. That is actually the last thing it is should. Don't get me know though, I know there will be really stressful moments, but I like to reduce them as much as possible :) All parties appreciate this.
Hope it helps!

Thank you to Sierra for having me and letting meet you all today.
It's been a pleasure and I feel very blessed!
Now give Sierra come love, she deserves :)

Aww, thanks so much Molly! Molly is just a doll and I'm so glad that I've been able
to get to know her through our blogs! I told her to PLEASE
blog on her upcoming wedding since I'm not yet engaged
and it's fun to live vicariously through others until hopefully my day arrives.

I am so excited for you Molly and I can't wait to see your beautiful
wedding day unfold on your blog! xoxo!
Molly deserves some love too - please head on over to A Midwestern Touch 
to shower her with some blog lovin'! 
P.S. You are down to 4 more days until the NuMe Giveaway is over to enter!  
Hurry, hurry! ;)

Apr 9, 2011

new girl crush Minka Kelly

I'm in CA where it's warm, sunny, and where my love is. I couldn't be happier except for when it decides to rain. Seriously - how dare the rain appear in sunny CA! BK & I have been relaxing, eating yummy food, and yesterday we ate our lunch at the beach! It was nice to soak up some sun and get away during our work day. I admit this is something I love the most about being a freelancer - me being able to get away for a longer
lunch than normal!

I've had a girl crush on Minka Kelly for a while now.
Have you heard of her? She's a 31 year old actress from Los Angeles, CA who originally was going to be a surgical technician before getting hooked on acting. She's gorgeous, a single mom, and you also may know her originally from Friday Night Lights. That's where my girl crush began. I loooved her chemistry with Taylor Kitsch on the show and was a little bitter when the producers didn't get them back together at the very last episode. Perhaps Minka didn't want to appear on the last show? I'm not sure, but I miss them together!!
If I could have chosen the kind of romance that I wanted in High School I would have had Lyla & Tim's romance. It was hot, sexy, and he was the bad guy and she was the good girl. She managed to change his ways a bit - but he still stayed good ol' Tim Riggins.

I had no idea that Minka's dad was the lead guitarist Rick Dufay from Aerosmith and her mom was a show girl in Las Vegas. Maybe that is where she gets her exotic looks! Recently Minka has started to play in bigger roles such as The Kingdom, The Roommate (I have seen neither), and in the closing scene of 500 Days of Summer. I didn't care for 500 Days of Summer but that closing scene with Minka (without giving away the plot) makes me want to watch the movie again. I loved how they seamlessly weaved that love story in at the last minute. Currently they are filming Charlie's Angels, a TV movie which she is set to star in.

But moving on - let's look at some amazing pictures of Minka!
 I'm secretly hoping that Minka will grab some huge roles in the coming years in bigger films. She's such a gorgeous actress and I hope that producers recognize her talent!

Well I better get back to working and then having some fun with BK!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend.

You have 5 more days to enter into the NuMe Meet & Greet Giveaway!!