Apr 14, 2011

crazy beach girl

I'd like to interrupt our regular scheduled guest blog posts 
for a hint of what I've been up to, 
ie a lot of fun in the sun at the beach!

So most of the time I'm serious, happy, and honest on this blog.

But - did you know that I am a little crazy too?!
I'm crazy at the beach that is. 
I just loooooooooooove the beach!!

Look - I'm jumping in mid air!
Stay tuned for another guest post, this time by Jennifer Fabulous on Saturday
while I'm away having more fun with BK at the beach and whatever else
we decide to do. I'm enjoying myself!!

By the way - thanks for visiting Molly's guest post {below} and thanks for
all of your sweet compliments on my hair! I admit I am still getting used to it-
It is well, rather short, but all for a good cause though! ;)

I know I say this every post but have you entered into the NuMe giveaway?
It ends tomorrow!!!!!
 Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. Thanks so much for the guest post girl! i love the beach too..

  2. Hehe, I love the beach as well. These pictures of you having fun are fantastic.

  3. I want to be at the beach too, im sooo cold in the office bring on the sunshine, sand & sea air!!

  4. Are you still in need of any guest post? Cause I dont mind doing one if ya want :)

  5. haha this post made me smile. :) glad you are having a great time!

  6. Awww...this is the girl I remember! :) I'm jealous, and sad I'm not there walking in the sand, too. Hahahahaha!!! ;)

    Have a fun Friday, and a good weekend.


  7. You're too cute!! I love the beach too!!!!

  8. You look beautiful and happy! Have a wonderful time!

  9. Love it!! As you can probably tell by my name, I love the beach, too!! Live for it xoxox

  10. You are just beaming! I love it!

  11. you are just the cutest ever!!!
    i wish i was at the beach with you!! :)
    hope you are having a wonderful time with BK!!

  12. LOVE the beach pictures! Very cute! Looks like you had a great time!!! :0)

  13. I'm really hoping the weather warms up soon so I can get my butt to the beach!

  14. You look SO happy! Girl, enjoy that sun for me (it's snowing here haha). Hope you're having an incredible time :)


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