Apr 11, 2011

guest post by Molly - wedding talk!

Molly is here to do a guest post for you all while I'm having fun with BK in California.
So let's make her feel warm and welcome!
Let's start out by "getting acquainted".

If you don't know me...well it is very nice to meet you!
I'm very honored to be posting for miss Sierra. She is so very sweet and I
always look forward to her posts. Y'all are lucky to have her :)
Even though I am very jealous she is enjoying the beautiful Cali weather
and soaking up those rays with her main squeeze.
I know I can't take her place, but I'll try to do my best to not make you snooze today.
I'm over yonder at A Midwestern Touch talking about my
adventures of being newly engaged, in my last semester as an undergraduate student,
and a gal just trying to make the world a better place.
Alright, enough about me.
On Today's Agenda:
Wedding Talk!
How to plan a wedding as *stress-free* as possible!
Alright, so I'll tell you a little something about myself.
I tend to sometimes stress about the tiniest of the tiniest things.
Now picture me planning a huge wedding full of HUNDREDS of details.
Ya...my head felt like it would pop.
Thinking about 500 things at once is not a recommendation I have.
I took a step back and thought I'd figure out how to make this a fun
and memorable experience not a "I want to put my freaking hair out" experience.
Here are a few tips I've figured out thus far from my own experience and from others:

1.) Knock out the big things first.
When planning a wedding (especially in May, June or July) things book FAST. Like super fast. Is is very imporant to book at least a venue for the wedding and reception as soon as you know your date. This helps with the next biggest details of the photographer, cake, flowers, colors, and etc. It also is good because it allows for you to have your perfect or requested date so someone else does't snag the day you want to get married on :). I think that could lead to a brawl. Brides + Brawls = Can't be good in the neighborhood.
2.) Look around for the "free" stuff.
You are probably staring at that sentence all crazy eyed like
whaaaaat there is no way anything in a wedding is FREE.
Actually, everything is OPPOSITE of free.
Well it CAN be. Some of it at least.
Yippee, I dig free.
I have seen this so so many times being a tremendous help while planning a wedding.
 One instance being my brother's wedding.
My mom borrowed different things from her friends and sisters children's wedding that they had left over and weren't going to use. For example: vaces, mirrors, table clothes, decorations, and etc. If you can find it free and in good condition BRING IT ON. Plus, it makes your pocket like you much more too. It saves on the "small" things. Also, there are so many  garage sales that sell these types of things for really cheap just because they will never use 100 vases again. Works out for everyone!

3.) Don't be afraid to get help.
Here is another little something something about me.
I am sorta bad at making decisions.
I am that girl who you ask where I want to eat and I say I don't care.
Because in all honest I really don't care.
So doing this wedding by myself could take years or
possibly decades if I had to decide it all solo.
My mom, aunts, and friends play a large role in helping this big day come together. I am always getting ideas and pictures shot to me through e-mail giving me something to think about and which direction to go. It helps SO much in easing my mind of all the options out there and I can just say "LOVE IT.more more more of where that came from" or "Nah, next." The support is truly truly helpful and even lots of fun! Unless you don't like others telling you what to do ;). The more help the better though. I do recall "more brains are better than one." True story.

4.) Take time to share your ideas with your partner.
I know some guys say "they don't care" and for you to just decide everythingggg. HOWEVER, they obviously are very excited because well...they asked you to marry them and want this to be a special and beautiful day just like you do! If you get them involved in little ways that they enjoy, it will make it a really fun experience for the both of you. OR if they truly don't want to help because it just is not there "thang"  just put them in charge of the alcohol, food, and party music. That is for sure their "thang".

5) Enjoy every stinking moment, because it only happens once.
Live it. Laugh with it. LOVE it.
Stay calm and carry on.
Cherish every moment.
I may need to come back to this and remind myself of all these!
These tips may not be for everybody, but they are what have helped me ease my stress and really soak in every moment of getting to plan a wedding and reception that allows me to marry my best friend. It shouldn't be stressful. That is actually the last thing it is should. Don't get me know though, I know there will be really stressful moments, but I like to reduce them as much as possible :) All parties appreciate this.
Hope it helps!

Thank you to Sierra for having me and letting meet you all today.
It's been a pleasure and I feel very blessed!
Now give Sierra come love, she deserves :)

Aww, thanks so much Molly! Molly is just a doll and I'm so glad that I've been able
to get to know her through our blogs! I told her to PLEASE
blog on her upcoming wedding since I'm not yet engaged
and it's fun to live vicariously through others until hopefully my day arrives.

I am so excited for you Molly and I can't wait to see your beautiful
wedding day unfold on your blog! xoxo!
Molly deserves some love too - please head on over to A Midwestern Touch 
to shower her with some blog lovin'! 
P.S. You are down to 4 more days until the NuMe Giveaway is over to enter!  
Hurry, hurry! ;)


  1. Hi Molly...I completely agree with all of your tips! I stress over the dumbest things too but when my husband and I had a gut feeling about a vendor we went with them. We just got married on March 25! I am running over to check your blog out =)

  2. Oh, Molly! I love your tips! I am recently engaged and trying not to stress out! I love your advice about asking for help! My fiance and my parents and his parents all went for our cake tasting this weekend and I am SO GLAD they all were there to help us! It made making decisions so much easier!!!

  3. Loved this - what a great post. Thanks to you, Molly I have now some more ideas what's ahead of me, if I ever head towards that direction. ;)


  4. what a great guest post! these are such great tips and i can only hope that one day i get to use them ;-)

  5. I could not agree more with number 5!! So, so true!!!

  6. Great Advise! I see someone wearing KU clothes, are from Kansas? Rock Chalk I'm from Lawrence! Visit my website for beautiful wedding decor ideas on a budget! I promise it will save you hundreds if not thousands on wedding decor! Everything on it is DIY! www.divinetablescapedivas.com

  7. Hi Molly,

    I really enjoyed your guest post. So nice to meet you. Your tips were awesome. I'm also jealous that Sierra is having fun too..lol I hope she post lost of pics so we can see all that she did while she is away. It was fun visiting her blog today.
    Have a great day,
    Janet Bernasconi
    Janet's Creative Pillows

  8. Hello Molly!!! Love #3 and #5. I love it when brides ask for help and don't try to be the only one involved. And #5 is the MOST important! Good luck in your planning!!

  9. You all ROCK! Thanks for the help and kind words :) And I'm so glad you all follow Sierra. She is the best!

  10. Great post Molly I loved reading yout tips and really cute pics as well!
    Hope all your planning turns out as you wish for!

    Abigail x

  11. Great tips!!! I'm getting married in 2 years and will definitely keep those tips in mind!!!


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