May 22, 2011

guest post: 4 couture designer tee shirts & updates

Hi Ocean Dreamers! How is your weekend? Mine is fabulous! I'm currently in AZ doggie sitting the most adorable Maltese puppy imaginable at my aunt and uncle's home. Next week my cousin is graduating. If some of you follow my tweets you probabaly saw adorable Tikko. I'm going to be doing a post on Tikko soon, but for for now, here is a glimpse of the sweet pup. I took him for a walk the other day and he loved his car ride!
My weekend has also included getting together with a fabulous bloggy friend named Heather from This & That, snuggling with Tikko, and finishing Mocking Jay (more on that later) and I'm sooo sad that my Hunger Games trilogy is over now! I just don't know what to do with myself! I can't wait for the movies to be here!
If you haven't noticed I'm trying to allow guest bloggers occasionally on my blog because it's fun having a new voice on my blog now and again and being a Freelance Writer I know how it is contacting others for guest posts so I like to return the favor! Besides, seeing fashion and hearing new tips in general is fantastic! 

Today I bring you a fashionable article by Steve, on couture tees. Oh, and be watching for Juicy Couture. Steve gets brownie points for that. ;) Here is Steve's guest post:

4 Gorgeous Couture Designer Tee Shirts 

There’s something special about a great designer tee shirt. Whether you’re a fan of heavy metal or prefer flowery patterns, graphic designs on designer tees allow everybody to express their personalities through their clothing. You may want to do some t shirt printing,  search for retro shirts in leading boutiques or wear the latest couture as we are about to showcase. Here are four prime examples of stunning designer tee shirts.

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana offers some of the world’s most exclusive products. From corrective eyewear to fabulous handbags, they produce top notch fashion items. Their designer tee shirts offer both fun and flirty designs, as well as classic grungy styles and casual chic. This white short-sleeve tee shirt is made of thin material. The fabric is lightweight. It looks good tucked in or out of jeans, and it can be worn with shorts or with sweatpants. The graphic design on the front of the shirt showcases a vintage movie poster for Elvis Presley’s famous “
Blue Hawaii,” film. It’s a classic example of vintage/modern collaboration. 

Alexon Clothing is based in the UK. They design tailor-made clothing for women of all shapes and sizes. Their specialty is business outfits, but they also design simple occasional wear, accessories and trousers. This green shadow print top is shown with a necklace, which makes the colors stand out. Tee shirts that are configured to look like professional tops are cheaper than purchasing an actual blouse, and they look good with business suits or pants. It’s amazing what one tee shirt can do.

Chanel is a well known name in the fashion world. With creative geniuses like
Karl Lagerfeld running their fashion house, they churn out plenty of fabulous styles every year. Although Chanel doesn’t usually dabble in tee shirt production, this short sleeve pink top is an example of when they do. It is slightly washed out with white patches, bearing the world famous Chanel logo on the chest. The neckline is high and the fit is snug. It’s a great, chic tee shirt that refines any pair of jeans. 

Juicy Couture

Everybody loves Juicy Couture. This simple, sparkle couture tee shirt is soft and fitted. It looks great on any shape, with any outfit. It is decorated across the front with their logo crown and playful text. It’s a great find, and Juicy Couture’s prices tend to be lower than other designers of this day and age.
- This post was by Steve King and you can find Steve on Twitter @Design_King . However, Steve only has one tweet up so far! Steve - better get going on your Tweets! ;)

Have a wonderful day Ocean Dreamers! I'll be back on Tuesday with Krysten's Summer Swap link up! I just love what I got from my lovely swap friend!


  1. That pup is too precious! I've been meaning to write you a guest post for awhile! It's coming ;)

  2. I like that Juicy shirt a lot!

  3. That is a precious puppy! My baby is very similar.

  4. That pup is soooo adorable! Great post by Steve. I love T-shirts! :) I only wish the weather was warmer in SF so I can wear them! :)

  5. Pah!.. Upstaged by a puppy! But it is cute.

    Thanks Wendy - Glad you liked it. SF same temp as Brighton UK, where I'm based - couple more weeks to tee-time : )

  6. AnonymousMay 23, 2011

    pup is PRECIOUS!!! hope u had a nice weekend!

  7. I just finished the hunger games trilogy last night! I think I read all three books in five days - I couldn't put them down! I feel like I need another great series to read now.

  8. Tikko is such a cutie pie! And I cannot hear/read more about that little one later one!!

    I so want that first T-shirt by the way. Hahahaha!



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