May 13, 2011

guest post by Alexis - planning your beach vacation

While I'm spending the next few days with BK before heading back to Utah (yep that's me from today's lunch location above!), which is much needed because I've just spent my past week saying goodbye to my Grandpa, here is a guest post for you to find some fabulous information about planning an upcoming summer beach vacation. 

By the way, do any of you have plans to head out for a beach vacation this summer? If I had the chance you know I would be at the beach every day! Yesterday I went to the beach for lunch with BK and I was only out there for an hour and I got burned! I am a super white girl in need of a tan, except, I'd rather preserve my skin so I'm taking precautions to stay out of the sun while still getting enough vitamin D. But enough about my ocean adventures, let's read about some great beach vacation advice from Alexis!

Planning Your Beach Vacation
A beach getaway can be the perfect, relaxing treat for your next vacation, whether just for a long weekend or for a week or two. Beach vacations offer something for everyone: Water sports for the adventurous, sun bathing and cool drinks for those looking to relax, and lots of family friendly activities for those with children. To help make your next beach vacation a great one, we offer these tips:
When to Go
The season for beach weather is fickle. One minute, the sun is shining and a nice breeze is blowing. The next minute, it is pounding rain and intense storms threaten. In addition, many of the most popular beach destinations are in tropical climates, where severe hurricanes threaten every summer. Make sure you plan carefully to avoid the volatile weather. There is no guarantee with the weather, but you can plan according to expected patterns.
Planning your trip in the off season is one way to minimize the threat of bad weather, as well as to avoid crowds and find better deals. The off season falls in the cooler months for most locations, but the weather will still be warm and balmy at most beach destinations, so you won't sacrifice the sunshine. 
Choosing Your Destination
Carefully choose your destination based on your interests. Do you have only the weekend to go? Don't waste valuable time by flying across the country to your destination. Look for something closer to home, preferably a short car ride away. Do you enjoy a more laid-back vacation? Skip popular locations such as Cancun or Miami Beach where the crowds will be more high energy. Are you looking for a more romantic getaway? Pick a small bed and breakfast or a couples resort. Planning a getaway with your girlfriends? Find a nice spa resort that offers facials and other services. Don't be tempted by glossy ad campaigns or popular appeal. Be sure that the vacation you are planning will really suit your style and your needs.
Finding Bargains
Plan early and shop around. Many values can be found online with a bit of planning and determination. If you can arrange to have flexible dates for your trip, you will be in a better position to find deals. Last-minute trips also offer opportunities for big savings. 

All-inclusive resorts and cruises are a great way to save on your beach vacation. Both offer the cost of your lodging, meals, and some optional activities for one low price. With a cruise, you also get the added benefit of being able to see many locations on one trip. 
Finally, when booking your lodging, be sure to choose an ocean front room, not one with an ocean view, which will carry a considerable premium. You'll have plenty of opportunity to gaze out at the ocean when you're lounging beachside.
Just remember: With a little planning and consideration, you can plan a perfect beach vacation that doesn't break the bank!

Bio: Alexis Bonari is a freelance writer and researcher for College Scholarships, where recently she’s been researching optometry scholarships while preparing a guide on homeland security scholarship programs. In her spare time, she enjoys square-foot gardening, swimming, and avoiding her laptop.
Thanks Alexis for your guest post - now I seriously want to go on a beach vacation! I know I shouldn't complain since I'm already in Southern CA for the next couple of days, but does wanting to head to the South of France count?!
P.S. I did a guest post myself and it's all about PINK lipstick. Wanna take a peek? It's called Hot Pink Lip Trend and it's over at a lovely beauty blog called My Beauty Bunny.


  1. I need to go to the beach...badly. I really really really need to feel the sand and the water and get some color!! Though health comes first.
    Great to some beach dreaming!!


  2. These are such great tips! Thank you, by the way, for your kind comment on my post about change. Really so sweet & so glad to have you as a blogger friend!


  3. Aww, I just got back from the beach as well. :) Um, I totally didn't take the weather advice, and I definitely needed a jacket.

  4. this REALLY makes me want to plan a vacation!!

  5. fabulous post! i think people sometimes (ok...ALOT) get ripped off by booking vacations prematurely and do not put much thought into the extra expenses associated with time and place. <3

  6. Great post. Ahhh, yes the beach would be very nice indeed right now. One day soon.

  7. I would give anything to be at a beach! I'm from Florida, but now live in Colorado and the beaches are what I miss most!!


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