May 30, 2011

I fell in love with a Maltese pup named Tikko

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I'm back from Arizona and was greeted with cold temps and rain, sleet, and snow in Utah. Thankfully I had a warm fire and warm pj's to keep me warm last night! This morning I crawled out of bed to work out with my dad so that instantly warmed me up! I'm starting a new work out program with him which I'm excited about, but more on that in a future post...
I had such a wonderful time in Arizona. I stayed there for two weeks, house sitting, doggie sitting, and spending time with my cousin who just graduated from High School. It got hot there - up in the 90s and low 100s, but I was content to lounge out near the pool where I finished my last book in The Hunger Games and started a new novel called Matched. I just tweeted about it and highly recommend it!
Arizona created many memories that now weigh heavily on my mind. The memories consist of a precious puppy named Tikko. In case you were wondering, Tikko means "friend" in Hawaiian. It is a Hawaiian name! 

Tikko is four years old, is a pure bred Maltese, and is the sweetest pup I might ever meet in my lifetime. He is so trained that he will walk all the way to the backyard to go to the bathroom just when you say "Tikko, go potty!" and when you say "Kisses Tikko," he smothers you with slobbery and delightful doggie kisses. He slept with me at night, cuddled up next to me, and didn't wake me up each morning! He is content to lay next to me as I worked every day, and in the afternoons when we went for a walk he was so happy. I fell in love with Tikko and miss him terribly. If I ever get the opportunity to own a dog like this, I would be so happy.
Most of you know that I've been dying to get a Doxie. Would I be a traitor if I wanted a Maltese now? I think the biggest factor for me is that I will need a dog that is hyper allergenic, and a Maltese dog is. Doxies are not always great for allergies, so I may be changing my tune. We'll see in time. I'm in love with both this fluffy and sweet dog named Tikko, but in the past holding a Doxie at an animal shelter and seeing Doxies everywhere in the blog world has allowed me to fall in love with them as well.
Why do I love Tikko so much? He holds still and doesn't mind when I want to have a photo shoot with him. It's hard to get a picture of him when his face is looking at the camera, but I'm just as content with an adorable side profile of him.
I also love him because he loves my clothes and is quite into fashion! When I was doing a video for my YouTube channel for, Tikko played the part perfectly and got into the suitcase on queue! It was hilarious and if you want to see the video go to the link embedded in YouTube. :) I love that he loves fashion as much as I do, ha ha!
I also love Tikko because he looks so darn happy after I take him for a walk. Seriously - could he get any cuter?!
Even though Tikko doesn't exactly like his baths, (he continuously shakes off and gets you wet,) I still love him even when he looks like a rat dog. I got to experience bathing Tikko with my cousin and it was entertaining to say the least! Tikko turns into a crazed pup after his bath, who runs all around the house, rubbing his wet ears on the carpet because he thinks he has water stuck in them. He also continuously shakes to get dry while running in circles. You make me laugh Tikko.
I love Tikko because he sleeps and relaxes next to me every day while I work! I get to pet him all that I want and he then rewards me with his sweet doggie kisses.
Tikko even sleeps with me and I love this about him. This is him one night before I went to bed. My pj's were on one side and my planner on the other. Isn't he so patient as I get ready for bed? Sweet Tikko.
In the few weeks that I was in Arizona, Tikko became my best friend. I miss my best friend, and one day, when the timing is right, I will find a best friend of my own. I truly believe in the saying that dogs are man's best friend. When that day comes, I'll be the happiest dog loving owner there is.
By the way, please head on over to Selma's blog where I am holding her blog captive! ;)


  1. Adorable dog! That breed is probably perfect for what you're looking for. And unlike Bichon, they're not dumb!

  2. Tikko is too adorable! I can't wait until I can get my own little companion either ;)

  3. My best friend has a Maltese and they are INCREDIBLE pups!!!! Just precious beyond words. Glad AZ was a hit ;0

  4. Omg Tikko sounds like the PERFECT dog!! He is beautiful. I wish I had a dog like him. :)

    You are so pretty in these photos, btw. xoxo

  5. I almost got a maltese rather than a bichon, and I kind of wish I did. My bichon can be kind of a mess..Ready to hear about your new workout!

  6. i would never be able to leave tikko! he is ADORABLE!

    have a great week girl!

  7. HA! The blog I was on right before yours had a cute doggy getting a bath too! I have a theme for today yay!!!

    ps I have another giveaway!

  8. He is so adorable! I've fallen in love with him while looking at the pictures.
    I've always wanted a little puppy!

  9. Matched is on my to read list! :) We have a doxie/Schnauzer mix. He's sweet, but they are very clingy. My mom though, has a Maltese...and oh she is PRECIOUS. I just love her! Hope you get to pick out one soon. :) Have a great day!!!


  10. Aw he's adorable! He looks like my parents' dog, except theirs is a Cockapoo.

  11. Awww! I didnt know that tikko means friend! I love that! And I love that little pup! SO adorable! I also believe that doggies are definitely man's best friend. :)

  12. What an adorable dog!

  13. Welcome back! What a doll that fur baby is!

  14. It's a bummer you left here and went to cold, wet weather... And maybe it's time you need a doggy, hmmm? My mom and step-dad have 2 malteses, they love them!

  15. Tikko is precious! I'm actually on the hunt for a dog of my own and you officially put a Maltese on the list of possibilities.

  16. Oh my goodness that is the sweetest little puppy!!! Love love love!! Glad you had a great time with him! :0)

  17. Oh my goodness... so so cute! I have such a soft spot for little dogs. I have a yorkie poo and just love her to pieces!

  18. Thank you again for the great guest post! Love it!!!

    And yes, Tikko is such a cutie pie. I would have fallen in love with him too.


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