May 6, 2011

ocean dreamer of May - Whimsy Whimsical

Happy Friday! It's time for my ocean dreamer of the month and it is Whimsy Whimsical! This whimsical seller won my heart after I won a giveaway. I used her adorable note cards to send out notes to my friends and thought they were so cheerful and cute! I can't wait to stock up on more stationary and adorable paper items and I think you should too! I hope you enjoy getting to know her better through these interview questions.

Click on each picture and it will send you to the item on sale! :)

Here are some links of her art work that you can check out and connect with her:

Webpage with her work
You currently have an Etsy shop called Whimsy Whimsical. Please tell us about it, what we can expect to find, and what a few of your favorite products are on your site right now.

Whimsy Whimsical is a series of paper goods featuring imaginative forest animals from 
Whimsy Whimsical Forest, like foxes, rabbits, owls, squirrels, 
bear and etc. They are one big family who value love and friendship! 
My favorites are those whimsical note-cards and stickers set. 
Even though I like the convenience and efficiency of emails, 
I do enjoy the intimate and personal touch of snail mails :)

What is your favorite way to show others your creativity on the internet via social media? What can we expect to find on your blog, Flickr page, and website that showcases who you are?
I have a blog ( where I often share new artworks and my thoughts, or even new family member who is coming soon this year =p My blog is started with an intention of keeping all my stories in my journey becoming an illustrator. So when I read back years later, I can see how far I have grown even since the seed of my dream started to sprout :)

Tell us something new about you that we might not know about.
One of my favorite ways to relax is to stargazing or cloud watching. They help me to calm down quickly and listen to my inner voice. The best thing is, all you need to do is just sit there and do nothing!

If you had one Ocean Dream {aka a dream in general} that you wish could come true right now, what would it be? How can you effectively put into action goals from your dream so it can come true? If your Ocean Dreams have already come true, what advice can you give to fellow Ocean Dreamers to help them achieve their dreams?
I'm having a very tight schedule at the moment and I wish there are 8 days a week and those 3 days to be weekend... hahaha!

Actually I have a lot of dreams. Become a full-time illustrator, travel around the world or even establish my own business are part of my dreams. Yet, being able to live a simple life and do what I like could be the only dream that I'm really looking forward to (you can name it the ultimate ocean dream, Lol). Sometimes it might sounds easy to say ''Do what you love, Love what you do''. But even so, no matter what you are doing, whether it is good, bad, happy or sad, remember that live everyday of your life with fulfillment and laughter, treasure every opportunities and and always be yourself :)
Thanks to Whimsy Whimsical for her beautiful and dreamy art work and illustrations! I just love looking at her drawings and designs - they make me so happy! I also love her dreams and I hope all of your dreams come true Whimsy Whimsical! :)


  1. These are super cute. I would never want to give up my dreams...whether or not they come true! Dreams are what keeps us going and wanting more in life! :)


  2. super..

    i started to follow u baby
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  3. Her illustrations are adorable! Extremely talented. Great post, Sierra.

  4. CUTE stuff! Love it!!! :0)

  5. Hi Sierra, I love her work, its adorable! Ihope you have a wonderful, happy and healthy New Year!



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