Jun 24, 2011

all about a ladies lovely underpants

TGIF! Thanks to all of you who entered into the giveaway thus far! It's still very low in entries so feel free to enter away! It's right below this post...
Did you know that Victoria Secret was (or still might be) having their semi-annual sell recently? I needed some new panties, underwear, or underpants - whatever you call them, and they always have the sweetest selection! That got me thinking about how much our times have changed. In the past you would never see thong underwear or anything of the sort because it was far too scandalous. However, our times have changed and I don't mind admitting that I'm not one to wear a thong unless I'm wearing tight pants - they are very uncomfortable to me! Low rise underwear or boy-shorts are more my style.
But anyway, today we have so many options when it comes to our lovely underpants! I almost consider underwear like a work of art - their are so many designs, options, and styles. A girl can be comfortable because she can choose what works best for her!
Not only do we have an amazing selection of underpants, but we have an amazing selection of lingerie! The options are virtually limitless and you can make your sweetheart drool depending on your selection. I'm pretty sure he will be head over heels regardless. ;)
So if you are comfortable sharing, what is your underpants choice of preference? There are so many to choose from!

Boy Shorts
High Rise
Low Wasted
Words and Bows

So I'm going to stick with my favorite boy shorts, but it will be interesting to hear what your choice is.
Have an amazing weekend Ocean Dreamers!


  1. I love looking at pretty underwear. I recently went through my underwear drawers and tidied up my 'pretty' underwear. I realised I had a lot. It was mainly buying them to the lead up to the wedding. I have things that have tags still!

    But my fave style is the everyday low rise undies. Preferably Bonds (aussie brand). x

  2. What a fun post!! ;) Love underwear, and absolutely and truly cannot stand thongs.
    I prefer boy shorts and the low rise undies, both with or without lace. Some do have a few cute stuff on or around them...no prints though except for polka dots or occasional stipes. All kinds of colors, matching of course. And I have a ton. Like literally a ton of underwear. Slightly obsessed maybe? Maybe. :)
    Love the second picture of your post.


  3. I'm on my way to VS today to get some new lovelies :)

    Love your new header... and hi! How have you been my friend? Life is crazy busy on this side of the world... but I think of you so often. Hope you are smiling that beautiful smile of yours from ear to ear and your heart is content.

    Happy weekend!

  4. I'm a thong girl, because I hate panty lines lol. I got some super comfy seamless ones from VS recently and they rock :D

  5. Nice post! HATE thongs...I'm totally a boy short or low rise gal...I like to be comfortable but pretty too! *wink* Really love those grey ribboned ones and white one...so darling and the pink ones...HOT!!

  6. Hi gorgeous! Hope you enjoy your time in Cali.
    Great post btw, I'm with you. I'm a boy shorts type of girl. I like the ease and sexiness. Less is not always more. I like to leave some things to the imagination. Thongs are on the rotation when I'm wearing something that shouldn't have panty lines. :)

  7. Luscious lingerie is something that every girl should have in her wardrobe! :)

  8. I really love hipsters but they're always the first to sell out in my size so I have to really search to find them, especially at VS!


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