Jun 21, 2011

recent outfits I wore and adore

Okay, so I said I would have a giveaway on Friday. I had every intention to post it but then this. that. and the other thing came up. I know, excuses, excuses. They are good though - I've been funneling all of my energy into my clients, but now it's Ocean Dreams time...

So this Wednesday you will have a giveaway here at my blog!! Today, however, I'm in the mood for a little bit of fashion so I'm going to show you some of my recent outfits that I've been wearing and adoring.

I haven't been going into fashion quite as much as I used to on this blog simply because you'll find all of my fashion posts on my JoeShopping.com blog, and it's a blast! I love reviewing the latest trends, outfits, styles, and more. But - that isn't going to stop me from incorporating fashion into this blog too. So I thought there was no time like the present to present you with some of my most recent outfits. Plus, you know how obsessed I am with the latest Fashion Stores and Brands. Oh, and I want to hear about what you all have been wearing lately and what your favorite style is too, so don't forget to tell me!
A few Sundays ago I decided to try out the new tribal look that is in style, but I also purchased some feather earrings, as you can see below. I really like the feather look! In fact, I'm considering getting some feather extensions soon like I've seen many of you ladies incorporate into your hair and I love it!
I like these particular feather earrings because turquoise happens to be one of my favorite colors, and the way they hang past my shorter hair do is fun and whimsical. I need to wear these earrings again soon. I also appreciate how light weight they are!
Have you heard of the store Wet Seal? It's sort of hard to see the pattern in this skirt, but I purchased it at Wet Seal and it's great because it's stretchy, soft, and has a floral pattern. It actually is a teen store, but if you get their tees in a larger size you can still pull it off in your twenties. Plus, I'm not a huge fan of really tight skirts, and this one is comfortable and not too tight, which is perfect.
Sorry for the poor quality - I snapped this picture from my Droid and edited it via my lovely App Snapbucket. But anyway, I recently purchased a maxi dress from a boutique shop and I adore it! The crochet top and tie dye bottom is perfection to me. I decided to wear a ruffle top underneath so I'm not bearing all of my skin on top. Also - I talk about this dress on my recent video for JoeShopping.com as well if you want to hear my take on it.

I also had fun playing around with my hair style the day I wore the Wet Seal skirt and decided I want to play Princess Grace for a day. :) Just ignore the big bags under my eyes.
Wow - it's way past my bed time, as usual. I hope you all are having a great start to your week!

See you back here on Wednesday for my giveaway (still a secret) and I'll be taking a break from Pinterest-ing Wednesday. Be sure to stop by Michelle's blog to participate though!

What is your favorite trend that is in style right now?
Do you have feather extensions??


  1. you look so pretty sierra! i love your aztec inspired look :)

  2. Girl, love all your outfits. The dress especially. :) I'm not a feather lover, but those earrings are super cute. maybe it's the color. hehe. :)

    You look pretty as always girl!!!
    Happy Tuesday!


  3. You are so pretty!!! Love all your looks. :)

  4. You are so pretty. I swear you could wear a potato sack and still look like a model. :)

    I adore these outfits, especially the first dress and last dress. xoxo

  5. Loving your photography! My favorite is your last dress. I've been wearing work clothes lately, and that's about it. ahh. work and school.

  6. cute ooutfits! I like the aztec look alot ;) xo

  7. You look so pretty ! Love those outfits, and that updo is gorgeous on you !!

    Bisous !!

  8. LOVE the peacock feather earrings!! So cute!

  9. You look amazing in these outfits. Your hair looks fabulous for those pictures.
    The maxi dress looks really great on you as well.

  10. Love the princes Grace look! You are a beautiful lady!

    I really love that first "tribal" look. I have a dress very similar. Not sure if I can pull off this look but I'm going to try. ;-)

    LOVE the earrings! MUST find some...

  11. Loving all your outfits! And the feather earrings look amazing!! I think I have to find some like that too :)

    xo, gina

  12. Those earrings are awesome! I'm sure they would make any outfit pop!

  13. That first outfit is super cute!

  14. Ah love your outfits! There's something that looks so chic yet comfortable about all of them :) Love the feather earrings ... not sure if I'd ever brave the feather extensions but that's because I'd probably think it was a bug every time one of the strands would graze my shoulders. It's such a pretty look, though! And yay for giveaways - I want to throw one on my blog soon, too :)


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