Jul 18, 2011

bling at the beach - guest post by Ashley

Hi Ocean Dreamers! As I mentioned, I'm currently in Viva Las Vegas right now! So while I'm away having fun at shows and walking the strip and gazing up at the lights with my love...sit back and enjoy a guest post by the lovely Ashley, who is a new twitter friend of mine! :) She makes me want to break out my creative side and create some bling for my next beach adventure in the near future...

Summertime, and the living’s easy! If you haven’t already, it’s time to bring out that beach style. You may have your own favorite swimsuit ready to go, but how is your accessory game? Whether you’re Rhianna wearing diamonds in the sand, or a fan of accessories that can come in and out of the waves with you, there is something for everyone this summer! My new summer style is a combination of classic glamour with contemporary cool. Here are a few trend styles to get your creative juices flowing:
If you’re going to go ultra glam and wear iced out diamonds, take a fashion cue from Rhianna who is draped in an elegant, long diamond necklace. Not only does it increase your visibility and glamour quotient, but it’s much easier to tell if the necklace has fallen off your neck than it is to notice a diamond stud coming out of your ear! When wearing diamonds to the beach, you’ll want to offset them with a secondary accessory, like bangles and bracelets, or else your necklace will be the focus of the ensemble instead of you! 
Hemp bracelets have been a surfer girl staple for as long as girls have been surfing. They come in  a wide variety of colors and almost never need to be taken off, which is perfect for those who plan on spending lots of time at the beach. There are tons of styles available through retailers like hempnecklacestore.com and etsy.com. These necklaces can be further accessorized with shells, a perfect symbol of the beach.
A more recent, but still classic, style is the silk ribbon bracelet. All you have to do is tie them around your wrists and go! These can also be worn as necklaces provided the ribbon is long enough. This style sold at Sunny Beach Jewelry comes with a bead tied into it, but if you’re feeling creative (and ritzy), you can get your own small jewel, a diamond perhaps and tie it in yourself. DIY glamour! 
 Thanks Ashley! Be sure to stop by her Twitter page and say hello! :)

Jul 9, 2011

my on going journey to happiness

I'm currently in Northern California sitting at Pete's Coffee while BK is giving his best at a new job site. I've loved being on the road and honestly all of our adventures have made me so thankful for life, so thankful for him, and so thankful for all of this glorious nature. When we went on a hike yesterday for 7 miles (pictures and more on this later,) and before we left we watched 6 dear in the meadow munch on grass. They looked so happy and peaceful and I wondered what their secret to happiness was and this time I knew. I finally felt that yesterday, more than ever, that I truly felt blissful.
I admit I haven't always felt this way. People call me positive, happy, and bubbly, but I haven't always felt like these three descriptive words. I have gone through my down times just like everyone else. In fact - I feel like the happiest people sometimes know how to disguise their aching hearts underneath it all just because they don't want to burden people. They want others to be happy so unfortunately they put on a false face, showing everyone that they are happy when in fact there is something deeper going on.
I've slowly discovered that is not being genuine and real. You need to let people know when you are going through a hard time and hurting, otherwise how else will you become stronger? I am a strong believer that going through something (illness, hard time, change) does not make us weak. In fact - when you are at your weakest, you really are at your strongest. Why is that? Because you aren't a quitter. You have chosen to get through this agonizing time in your life. Believe me - when you are going through this moment, you think you will never get through it. That is why I was always frustrated with comments like: "Don't worry, it won't be like this forever," or "Why don't you look at the positive things in life?" Sure, these are helpful comments, but unless you yourself have been in the situation, it's really hard to put yourself in someone's shoes.
That's why when someone comes to me needing advice or help, I try my utmost to never be judgmental or unkind. I don't know exactly what they are going through. I don't know their pain. I may have been through a similar situation but never the exact same. I only know that I have to give my all to be there for them. However, don't surrender yourself to other people's problems, which brings me to another topic.
Don't let people walk all over you. Don't let people control you, or let your friends control you. Your identity is not based on what people think of you. It is not the end of the world if a friend doesn't ever call you back and your friendship ends. It is not the end of the world if you get laid off or fired from a job. It may hurt you, yes, but it will not destroy you. You control how people make you feel. Let me repeat that. You control how people make you feel. Yes. You do. Don't let your emotions control you. Respect yourself and tell others how you feel in a kind way. Simply pick yourself up and become a better and brighter you. You deserve it because you are a wonderful person. Believe in yourself.
This leads me back to happiness. Since I've been applying these beliefs in my own life, I've seen my life improve immensely. I'm no longer afraid to show others when I'm hurting, within reason of course. I don't spill my guts to everyone - I make sure that person is safe and trustworthy first. I've unfortunately learned the hard way by wearing my heart on my sleeve. You don't have to tell everyone everything for them to be your best friend. In fact - I keep my so called "secrets" close to my heart now as opposed to wearing my heart on my sleeve. It's only brought my heartache in the past because I thought I trusted someone only to realize that they would later use my "secrets" against me instead of making me feel safe. That is not a true friendship. That is not a true relationship! When you find a friend or loved one who holds your fears close to their heart, it is then you have found someone you can trust.
Happiness is a constant work in progress I think for many of us. We have to choose to be happy and to be happy we must be willing to take a leap. We choose who we want to marry and choose which profession we are a part of. These two elements are a huge part of happiness and we own the power to decide. Once we find that special place - happiness is very attainable. I'm happy to say that I've finally found my happy place. I feel content and every day, instead of waking up, dreading and wondering where life will take me next, I'm excited that life is taking me somewhere exciting. To get there I rely on my God, my faith, and my goals and ambitions. If I fall or get sad again - I remind myself that I'm not weak. I'm strong and I will get through this. If you are reading this and you are going through a struggle, you will get through this too.

Jul 1, 2011

I have a crush on Blue Crush 2

I admit, sometimes I fall back into my teeny bopper state of mind and momentarily fall in love with a movie I would have loved when I was 16 years old. Well, this week I decided to catch up on some chick flick/teeny bopper movies (I can't believe I'm admitting this, ha ha) and I watched all of these films: I Am Number Four, Beastly, Eclipse, and Blue Crush 2. Guess which one was my favorite? Yep, of course it was Blue Crush 2, which has everything to do with the OCEAN!
I didn't only like it because of the ocean. I liked it because it was entertaining, inspirational, and told a great story about friendships and just getting away from it all. I admit the acting was a tad horrible and it definitely fit into the mold of boy meets girl, or boy hurts girl, or girl finding herself type of plot lines, or how about all of the above?! However, I loved it just the same. After all - what is a movie without the main character trying to figure out who they are and finding love and adventure in the same process?

I consider films like this essentially like me reading YA fiction. Sometimes you just need to remember when you were a teenager and you mostly were without a care in the world, and you also most likely experienced young love. Oh, and of course I forgot to mention the unnecessary angst. That part I did not enjoy. So with that being said, I loved the happiness that was in this film, so let's get on with my review of this daring and fun film.
Let me introduce you to some of the sizzling cast members because they are just pretty people:
Meet good boy Tim who tries to win the good girl's heart. Does he succeed? He's kind, sweet, and has Dana's well being and heart in mind. Honestly, I don't think she deserves him. Well, watch the movie and find out and form your own opinion. ;) {Actor name: Ben Milliken}
Meet bad boy Grant, aka smooth talker. Will the "good girl" see through him? Plus he's up to some baaaad activities. {Actor Name: Chris Fisher}
 Here's the "good girl" who goes on a journey of self discovery in South Africa, where her deceased mother went to surf but didn't get to surf at one key location. It's Dana's goal to be in her mom's footsteps and go on her own "odyssey" or "journey," according to the film. {Actor Name: Sasha Jackson} Side note - can I have her bod please?!
Here's Pushy, the BFF of Dana. She goes with Tara on her journey, and learns a lot about herself in the process as she strives to try out as a Roxy surf gal. {Actor Name: Elizabeth Mathis}
Meet the mean girl Tara who isthe bully in the movie. Maybe she will have a charge of heart, but just maybe. {Actor Name: Sharni Vinson and also seen in a recent Step Up movie.}

Now for some ocean pictures from the film...
Do you wonder how it would be to just take up and leave and travel the world? I do. It would be so amazing to travel to the ocean, be a beach bum for a few weeks, and learn how to surf. I think that is what draws me to this film that much. I can get past the bad acting and predictable plot lines for some adventure, romance, and gorgeous scenery. You all know how much I love the ocean and this movie shares my love for the water and I never ever grow tired of the characters surfing the waves and exploring not only their hearts, but the blue crush water. Plus it makes me even more excited that I'm headed to my ocean dreams!

P.S. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my past little joys of the week post and I have a few updates before this post is really done...

First, I have some amazing designers working on a few changes on my blog and I can't wait to reveal them! The theme will stay the same and my blue haired beauty above will still be there as well, but I wanted some added elements. I'm actually a graphic designer of sorts, but I would prefer someone who understands HTML a lot better than I to widen my blog and add some other cool features. So stay tuned and I'm excited!!

Second, I'll be traveling to CA so I'll be a bit out of touch in the blog world for the next few weeks, but will still be blogging when I am able. I will just have a few extra guest bloggers than normal, which I think will be fun for you to read!

Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for reading. If I'm not here on the 4th of July have a wonderful holiday!