Jul 30, 2011

rolled canvas print giveaway

Hi Ocean Dreamers - hope you are having a lovely weekend! 

I haven't mentioned this on my blog, but two of my relatives had surgery at the middle of this past week and both were fine, so praise God about that! Both have a long recovery so prayers are needed, thank you! I have a lot of thoughts I've been needing to write my heart out about, so stay tuned for that.

Also - thanks so much for your comments in regards to my Vegas stay! Some of you requested more pictures of the "wax people," so I'd be happy to oblige and pictures are on their way soon as well. :) Glad you enjoy them as much as I do, ha ha.

Good news! Are you ready for another fun giveaway? Well let me tell you all about it!
UPrinting.com is offering you (my readers) the chance to win a rolled canvas print! {See details below for specific information about the print.} If you are in the process of moving into a new home, or want to jazz up your apartment, this would be a nice fit! I love canvas printing and different canvas sizes because it adds a personal and perfect interior touch to your home!

1. To enter simply write a comment below and tell me what kind of picture you would print on your canvas.

2. For a bonus entry please comment where in your home you would frame or hang up the canvas print.

Prize details:
one (1 ) piece 16” x 20” rolled canvas print, for one winner
with 2-inch border or No border,
1 Business Day Turnaround *Free shipping
Restriction: Limited to *US residents 18 years old and above only.

This is a quick giveaway - the giveaway ends on Thursday August 4th 11:59 PM Pacific time. 
Note to readers: This canvas printing giveaway is sponsored by UPrinting, no monetary compensation was given for hosting. Check out UPrinting.com for more details about canvas sizes.

Good luck!

Jul 27, 2011

the scoop on the strip at Las Vegas

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my last post! Glad you could read up on all of my fun. So finally...the scoop on Vegas. I can't believe that it was nearly a week ago when I went there! What a better way to remember by memories than by sharing them with all of you.
I'm going to bombard you with pictures and tell you what I did along the way, so here we go.
BK and I go to Vegas for the lights, shows, and glamorous hotels. I only touched a slot machine one time the entire time I was there and it quickly stole my $1 in literally 30 seconds. I certainly didn't give any slot machines my time of day after that. I wish I would have tried this Dirty Dancing machine - it looks entertaining. ;)
While we were there we saw some beautiful hotels. I had never gone to their pools and this time around we didn't actually lay out at a pool because it was so hot, but we took a walk to a few pools at the really nice hotels. This one in particular was gorgeous. I also loved the flowers in the Bellagio.
One day during the day I ventured out to the Wax Museum while BK was feeling under the weather. I think he was just dehydrated because of all the heat! It was about 105 degrees and we had to keep guzzling the water or our energy was zapped rather quick. As you can see in BK's absence I had no trouble making friends with Daniel Craig. He's mighty fine looking, don't you think?!
I made friends with Jessica Simpson and tried to be as hot as her, as you can see, but just couldn't pull it off. ;) I'm a big fan of Jess though so I had to give it my best shot. Gosh I would kill for her abs.
I thought JLo looked gorgeous in the wax museum. Oh, and I have to input that the odd thing about the museum is that even though you are surrounded by famous wax people, they all look so real that you get confused with the "real" people who are standing around you. Mentally my brain just couldn't compute at times who was real and who was not. They looked that real and true to life!
I have many more pictures of my wax friends, but I'll only do another post if you insist. For now I thought giving you a taste of my wax friends would suffice.
I also fell in love with my loose fitting t-shirts. They are so comfy and uber chic! Pairing them with a light weight pair of short leggings was the perfect outfit for me in the heat. If you have a few minutes to spare please head on over to read Get My Loose Fitting Tee Vegas Inspired Outfit. I also blogged about my Christian Louboutin experience, Christian Louboutin at Ceasar's Palace, at If The Shoe Doesn't Fit's blog. Thanks! :)
As well as site seeing, BK and I also managed to watch a Circque show called Mystere. Honestly, it was my second favorite Cirque show; my absolute favorite is Kooza. The fantasy element was beautiful and some of the creatures were so enchanting. You'll have to find out yourself by seeing it!
Of course I also managed to get some shopping in. A darling blogger recommended to me to get a pair of Earthies, and when I came across The Walking Company, I couldn't resist. I walked miles in these shoes and you heard no complaints from me! Believe me, fashion and feet are finally my friends!!
Also...pleeeeeaaaasssseeee check out Sugar Factory. I fell in love with this sugary shop while I was there and let's be honest, their chocolate covered gummies were out of this world. Check out this site ASAP and if you buy chocolate covered gummy bears please think of me. Okay? Thanks. They had a ginormous cafe and shop on the strip and inside the hotels - super cute tees and very delicious candy.
I also bought a few of these chocolate bars for BK and myself. I got myself this darling vintage dark chocolate candy bar and kept the wrapping of the sweet pinup girl after I had finished the chocolate off. Good thing I walked so much to burn all of the chocolate off!
Okay I think I've given you enough of Vegas to digest. Any suggestions of what we need to do or see next time we go? I feel like Vegas is a gigantic play ground and you only begin to touch a part of the play set while you are there. This time we were on the swinging chairs the entire time. Next time maybe the slide?! Anyway, you get my point. There is so much to do!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a lovely week!

Jul 23, 2011

I'm back, Tiburon, Angel Island, and more ocean dreaming

Hello! I'm back from my road trip, I'm back from CA, I'm back from Vegas, and I'm away from my love. Even though I'm a little bummed out that my fun vacation had to come to an end - I know there are always more adventures to come.

Thank you to my guest posters and one of my darling best friends Selma - she kept this blog afloat while I was away on a boat! Okay, that was corny but I just had to throw that in. ;)

Anyway - I bet you might be wondering what I did in Vegas....but, you'll have to wait until my next post to read up on that adventure. I still have to get all caught up on my second hike around Angel Island near one of the most gorgeous towns I have visited called Tiburon.
Angel Island has so much history and beauty all jam packed into one location. BK and I took a ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island where we hiked around the entire Island. It was about 5 miles all the way around, so the island is fairly small! What I adore about this island is that they preserved the historical buildings, both from when it was an immigration station and also when it was used during WWII. It was fascinating to learn about what took place there.
I saw hospital buildings that were actually used in the war and also locations on the island where prisoners of war were kept. I'm a big history lover so I soaked up all of the information I could on this island. It was basically like enjoying an out door museum while enjoying the views of the Golden Gate Bridge, ocean, and scenery all at the same time.
At one point BK and I explored a place where ammunition was kept and BK is actually sitting where the shooters protected the island and aimed at the ships that were near the island in case there were bad guys lurking (pictured below). Very fascinating. This time around the island we didn't hike to the top (it was an additional 3 miles) because we were still sore from our 8 mile hike, but next time it is definitely on our list! We could still see the ocean from every angle regardless and it was breathtaking.
The ferry ride over was magical and I loved bringing our sandwiches to the island, where we ate our lunch at one of the tables on our way up to the main trail that we followed around the island. Where we ate you could see sail boats at every direction because the Golden Gate Bridge is the hot spot to sail, which is where BK took me to sail for the very first time about a year ago. You can catch up on this post if you haven't read it before: Redwood Room and Sailing.
The road trip going back to Southern CA from Northern CA is always a blast. I had my Katy Perry US Mag to keep me company, and as always, I always try to snap the most perfect picture of the Golden Gate Bridge. This time it was at sunset and the car was moving, so it was hard to get it just right, but I like how some of my shots turned out (and all of these photos are from my Droid by the way!)
If you've never driven to Northern CA or stayed there I would highly encourage you to do so. I absolutely adore it and hope to move there with BK someday. The air is crisp and sometimes it is quite cool, but you can always bundle up with a coat and leggings! I never grow tired of seeing the sail boats, exploring new hiking locations, and driving to new destinations. I can't wait until we head to Northern CA again!

Jul 20, 2011

Vivaaaaa.....Las Vegas!!!!

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
How is everyone doing so far?! Missing our main Ocean Dreamer? 
I bet you are. I am.
As you all know she's been enjoying fun times in the city of casinos and a land I love to call Heatland. Don't ask why but I always call it that, and Lost Wages. Of course.

Now, let's not digress with name calling here because I'm sure we all have fun nicknames for this amazing city.
Don't like the city? Understandable, it can be very overwhelming. However, Las Vegas got this certain vibe I just can't ignore. It is not calling out my name but just walking down the Strip and looking at all those amazing hotels and seeing all the lights is exciting, thrilling, and sometimes a bit magical, too.

I have to admit it has been a while that I visited this colorful city. Come to think of it, it's been, gulp, nine years. 9!!! How awful is that? Then again, I know people who have never been to Vegas in their entire life so that's okay. Besides, I never gamble. Yes, you heard or read me right. I do not gamble. Okay I tried it but I am too scared to lose my precious money. I rather just watch others get lucky and dance all night long because they won big bucks! Or not.

I cannot wait to go back there though; hopefully this year. I am dying to see the new hotels and restaurants, a few shows I always wanted to see, shopping, going in and out of hotels/casinos and just awww-ing my way around. 
You know, I grew up in and with the hotel business, so looking at, exploring and analyzing hotels, restaurants, service and features comes naturally to me. Las Vegas is heaven to me when it comes to that! This can be some sort of a horror to those that want to please customers and give their best at what they do. I am not one that judges easily, but coming from this business (add some degrees, too) and having also worked in this field for way too long makes me automatically look at all these things differently. I am by no means an expert but I can be very critical. I have seen it all, the good and certainly the bad. Ha, I don't want to scare you but sometimes and more often than we think we get blinded by the lights and glittery signs all over...every single city has its flaws. However, I always like to look at the good things, and point out the happy parts; those parts that make me smile and dream.

The Bellagio is one of my favorites!
Apparently these fountains are created to romance our senses!  I have to admit I could stand there (almost) forever. Yes I could. It lets me dream for a few minutes, forget the awful work days, relax, and just get lost in the lights and colors. Awwww...

Just walking through these pretty creations is fantastic and magical. If you cannot afford to travel to Europe and experience the excitement, right there in Italy for example, these theme hotels are awesome! Better than nothing.

But what's more magical to me are the lights. I know I know corny but it is oh-so-pretty and romantic. I will not think about how much it costs, and how much energy is wasted etc, but the lights definitely are my absolute favorite!!


Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
What do you like most? Or don't for that matter?
Do you gamble?

I personally cannot wait until Sierra gets back and tells us all about her little trip to this fabulous city! I even checked how hot it was there, and it was supposed to be around 104 degrees for the most time she was there. Girl, hope you drank a ton of water, and stayed cool!!

I remember my very first time to Vegas. We decided to have a girls' weekend and go for some fun, booked a flight and a hotel not directly on the Strip. Did I mention we went in August?! Flying in from San Francisco was easy, getting around, too, but that heat?! I still laugh out loud when I think of our three-day adventure. It was beyond hot, and 104 degrees would have been cool compared to what we had back then. Crazy! So, really, I hope you stayed cooled girl!!

Thanks so much for reading! Let's wish our Ocean Dreamer a wonderful rest of her adventures and a safe trip back home!
Hope you had a fabulous time girl and will fill us in on what you did in Sin City! Or Disneyland for adults as my mom would call it. :-)


Jul 18, 2011

bling at the beach - guest post by Ashley

Hi Ocean Dreamers! As I mentioned, I'm currently in Viva Las Vegas right now! So while I'm away having fun at shows and walking the strip and gazing up at the lights with my love...sit back and enjoy a guest post by the lovely Ashley, who is a new twitter friend of mine! :) She makes me want to break out my creative side and create some bling for my next beach adventure in the near future...

Summertime, and the living’s easy! If you haven’t already, it’s time to bring out that beach style. You may have your own favorite swimsuit ready to go, but how is your accessory game? Whether you’re Rhianna wearing diamonds in the sand, or a fan of accessories that can come in and out of the waves with you, there is something for everyone this summer! My new summer style is a combination of classic glamour with contemporary cool. Here are a few trend styles to get your creative juices flowing:
If you’re going to go ultra glam and wear iced out diamonds, take a fashion cue from Rhianna who is draped in an elegant, long diamond necklace. Not only does it increase your visibility and glamour quotient, but it’s much easier to tell if the necklace has fallen off your neck than it is to notice a diamond stud coming out of your ear! When wearing diamonds to the beach, you’ll want to offset them with a secondary accessory, like bangles and bracelets, or else your necklace will be the focus of the ensemble instead of you! 
Hemp bracelets have been a surfer girl staple for as long as girls have been surfing. They come in  a wide variety of colors and almost never need to be taken off, which is perfect for those who plan on spending lots of time at the beach. There are tons of styles available through retailers like hempnecklacestore.com and etsy.com. These necklaces can be further accessorized with shells, a perfect symbol of the beach.
A more recent, but still classic, style is the silk ribbon bracelet. All you have to do is tie them around your wrists and go! These can also be worn as necklaces provided the ribbon is long enough. This style sold at Sunny Beach Jewelry comes with a bead tied into it, but if you’re feeling creative (and ritzy), you can get your own small jewel, a diamond perhaps and tie it in yourself. DIY glamour! 
 Thanks Ashley! Be sure to stop by her Twitter page and say hello! :)

Jul 15, 2011

hiking, hot dogs, and a bit of hoopla!

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I hope you all are doing well and are enjoying your week! Happy almost Friday - I still have a few hours to go but I know some of you are already there.

Thank you so much to my amazing and wonderful friend Selma for guest posting a few times while I've been off having fun in the sun. She'll be back to entertain you with another one of her delightful posts again early next week while I am in Las Vegas and then I'll be back!

So I'm still in sunny CA enjoying the time with my love. Tomorrow I'll get to take a break from my normal work schedule to see a few friends in Orange County and I'm looking forward to it. Some of them I haven't seen in over six months! I'm also excited to see this lady.

I mentioned that I've been on a couple of hiking adventures, and I want to begin to cover part of my adventures with BK in Northern CA on this post. We just got back from Northern CA a few days ago and we were there for about a week. I love road trips but I admit it was nice to come home. I had so much laundry to do and fold for both of us!! But thankfully I got it all folded today and I just have to repack for Vegas at the end of this weekend and I'll be set. I'm kind of getting used to living out of a suitcase with all of the traveling I do, but it is very nice to be organized at home after coming back from new adventures.

So here are a few pictures summarizing what I have been up to and believe me - more pictures will come later!
While in Northern CA I had BK snap this picture of me in front of these artful flowers on the side of a building! I thought my maxi dress matched pretty well - don't you think so too? Now if only those flowers were real - wouldn't that be so much fun to go running around in?! I love all of the colors!
I have a huge weakness for...hot dogs. But this one I can justify because we had this amazing hot dog and baked beans on the 4th of July. We also bike rode to the beach during the day where there were tons of people! I'm actually kind of glad we stayed in doors and opted out on watching fireworks later that night - I had fun just walking around and putting my feet in the ocean water during the day time! It was very farm due to our hotter temps in Southern CA. Plus, I got burned that day too from bike riding around in my swimming suit. Oops. ;)
Okay...I can't believe I am posting this but I ate a chili hot dog too - and finished it! I promise I don't eat like this all of the time. I also ate this several days later after the 4th of July. But enough with the excuses, the fact of the matter was it was good and after I finished this hot dog we went on an 8 mile hike so it definitely was burned off! Wow was it good though. Oh, and I skipped the fries and let BK dig in. Thought you might want to know, lol.
Here I am right before the hike. Aren't the walls cool? It has every carved signature imaginable on this wall!
After eating the biggest chili hot dog in history we headed for a land of nature. We were greeted with this gorgeous site. Then we began a hike into the mountains. At times we were hiking for a mile straight up a hill that didn't stop! My thighs and legs definitely hurt a few days after the hike.
The sun was shining so beautifully through the trees on our way up the mountain. What was wonderful was for most of the time we were covered in shade so we didn't have to worry about the added sun exposure.
I'm a hiking girl who is happy!
Here's a glimpse of our trail...gorgeous trees, leaves, nature, water, and everything you could want and more on a hike! I can't wait to explore more trails in Northern CA in the future.
Look - we even crossed delightful bridges!
We reached the top and now we need to make our way back!
Look who decided to visit us once we reached the bottom? Yep, Bambi and his family. Look - they are all grown up! ;) There was about six deer and they were all so tame - BK and I sat in the car for about a half an hour after and just watched them interact and eat. They are so sweet and peaceful, as I mentioned in My On Going Journey to Happiness post. 

So after this hike we went on another hike a few days later on Angel Island! However, I will cover that in a future post. Right now I need to head to bed to get up and meet some amazing friends tomorrow! 
And after getting together with some friends...well, then I'm going to Vegas with BK for a few days! Weeeee!! Sorry - just doing my hoopla dance. :) See you after Vegas (a few guest posts are scheduled during my absence) and I'm most definitely going to catch up on your blogs when I'm back. You are all missed!