Jul 1, 2011

I have a crush on Blue Crush 2

I admit, sometimes I fall back into my teeny bopper state of mind and momentarily fall in love with a movie I would have loved when I was 16 years old. Well, this week I decided to catch up on some chick flick/teeny bopper movies (I can't believe I'm admitting this, ha ha) and I watched all of these films: I Am Number Four, Beastly, Eclipse, and Blue Crush 2. Guess which one was my favorite? Yep, of course it was Blue Crush 2, which has everything to do with the OCEAN!
I didn't only like it because of the ocean. I liked it because it was entertaining, inspirational, and told a great story about friendships and just getting away from it all. I admit the acting was a tad horrible and it definitely fit into the mold of boy meets girl, or boy hurts girl, or girl finding herself type of plot lines, or how about all of the above?! However, I loved it just the same. After all - what is a movie without the main character trying to figure out who they are and finding love and adventure in the same process?

I consider films like this essentially like me reading YA fiction. Sometimes you just need to remember when you were a teenager and you mostly were without a care in the world, and you also most likely experienced young love. Oh, and of course I forgot to mention the unnecessary angst. That part I did not enjoy. So with that being said, I loved the happiness that was in this film, so let's get on with my review of this daring and fun film.
Let me introduce you to some of the sizzling cast members because they are just pretty people:
Meet good boy Tim who tries to win the good girl's heart. Does he succeed? He's kind, sweet, and has Dana's well being and heart in mind. Honestly, I don't think she deserves him. Well, watch the movie and find out and form your own opinion. ;) {Actor name: Ben Milliken}
Meet bad boy Grant, aka smooth talker. Will the "good girl" see through him? Plus he's up to some baaaad activities. {Actor Name: Chris Fisher}
 Here's the "good girl" who goes on a journey of self discovery in South Africa, where her deceased mother went to surf but didn't get to surf at one key location. It's Dana's goal to be in her mom's footsteps and go on her own "odyssey" or "journey," according to the film. {Actor Name: Sasha Jackson} Side note - can I have her bod please?!
Here's Pushy, the BFF of Dana. She goes with Tara on her journey, and learns a lot about herself in the process as she strives to try out as a Roxy surf gal. {Actor Name: Elizabeth Mathis}
Meet the mean girl Tara who isthe bully in the movie. Maybe she will have a charge of heart, but just maybe. {Actor Name: Sharni Vinson and also seen in a recent Step Up movie.}

Now for some ocean pictures from the film...
Do you wonder how it would be to just take up and leave and travel the world? I do. It would be so amazing to travel to the ocean, be a beach bum for a few weeks, and learn how to surf. I think that is what draws me to this film that much. I can get past the bad acting and predictable plot lines for some adventure, romance, and gorgeous scenery. You all know how much I love the ocean and this movie shares my love for the water and I never ever grow tired of the characters surfing the waves and exploring not only their hearts, but the blue crush water. Plus it makes me even more excited that I'm headed to my ocean dreams!

P.S. Thank you for your thoughtful comments on my past little joys of the week post and I have a few updates before this post is really done...

First, I have some amazing designers working on a few changes on my blog and I can't wait to reveal them! The theme will stay the same and my blue haired beauty above will still be there as well, but I wanted some added elements. I'm actually a graphic designer of sorts, but I would prefer someone who understands HTML a lot better than I to widen my blog and add some other cool features. So stay tuned and I'm excited!!

Second, I'll be traveling to CA so I'll be a bit out of touch in the blog world for the next few weeks, but will still be blogging when I am able. I will just have a few extra guest bloggers than normal, which I think will be fun for you to read!

Have a fabulous weekend and thanks for reading. If I'm not here on the 4th of July have a wonderful holiday!


  1. Awwww, I still need to watch this, although I can already tell you that the first one's still my favorite. Hahahaha! :)

    And yes, cannot wait to see what changes you're gonna have on your blog. This reminds me to do the same. ;)

    Happy Friday, thinking of you!!!

  2. My husband and I saw the previews (we both surf) and we had a nice laugh...the acting seemed pretty bad but the scenery looked gorgeous! I don't think I'll be able to get him to watch it with me, but maybe I'll rent it and check it out! :) Thanks.

  3. I really loved the first one, so I definitely need to check the sequel out!

    Have you seen Soul Surfer? It is another really great film with an awesome cast. It's one of my favorites actually! I think you would like it.

  4. That's cool you liked it, I hadnt even heard of it!!!! I LOVE the first one and it always made me feel so empowered. I wanna see second!


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