Jul 7, 2011

Turquoise Love - Guest Post by Selma

Hello everyone. I'm Selma from Crazy Little World Of Mine and I'm honored to be guest posting for our Sierra aka Ocean Dreamer today while she's out and about in sunny California. For those of you who don't know me or my blog: I am an Ocean Dreamer myself and get inspired every time I read this blog. I call Sierra one of my closest and best friends (not just in the blog world) and can honestly say I am happy to be writing to you today. Our Ocean Dreamer was also generous enough to help me out while I was away for a few weeks this year and literally took my blog captive. Okay, not really, but I loved what she shared with my readers so now I'm trying to do the same. The pressure is on, trust me.

As we all know Sierra is now in California enjoying time with her BK, eating yummy foods, and trying to get as much of her beach and ocean dreams as even possible. It is summer time after all. Wouldn't we do the same? I have to admit I am a bit jealous of her being away and all, but it's okay. I know she is having a great time and hope she's going to share some more amazing pictures with all of us. Though in the meantime we need to have some cooler summer fun over here at her blog as well. Right?!

So let's look at one of her favorite colors...a color I call divine, glamorous, infinite, fresh, alive, and girlie at the same time. Turquoise! Shall we?

My personal favorite is the following picture out of our Ocean Dreamer's Pinterest collection

Don't we all want to be that girl in that gorgeous flower dress?!
I know I would. And a ride in such a car wouldn't be bad either, would it?!

I chose these pictures because I know she loves this color. She's our ocean dreamer after all, and turquoise is the perfect color when it comes to occasional ocean dreaming. Obviously the macaroons and drinks have nothing to do with water but imagine us all sitting on a beach, overlooking the water and enjoying cooled macaroons and some yummy blue drinks. Delicious and so refreshing!

As an equally strong lover of the ocean I know I would not leave California before I actually had my feet in the ocean water. Even if it is just for a short while, but I would definitely have to do this. Let's all assume our lovely Ocean Dreamer is doing the same?! Okay, let's not assume because I'm sure she's done this a few times already and will be doing this again pretty soon ...
With that being said, I hope all of you are having a fabulous summer time and enjoying it as much as you possibly can. Whatever your plans are I hope you are having a good time, enjoying as much ocean dreams as Sierra is enjoying at this very moment. And yes, hopefully you add some turquoise to your summer style as well. 

But please, don't forget to protect your skin and stay healthy!
Sunburns can kill our summer spirit!
Thank you for letting me write to you today, and I hope you enjoyed my little turquoise trip. And did you notice? The blog got a new outfit...what do you think?! I love it!

xoxo, Selma


  1. Great photos Selma!
    I absolutely love Turquoise in the summer and pairing it with white & gold!


  2. Yay two of my favs in one place! Beautiful post! I ADORE all of these pictures - they are so beautiful :)

    My apt. is all black and white then I have a turquoise couch. I love the pop pf color.

  3. That girl looks like the actress that plays sookie on Tru Blood.. Anna Paquin I think her name is.

    Love this post.. so relaxing : ) Thanks for the Cali offer. I would def. be down to meet up!

  4. Turquoise is a great color! and the pictures are splendid!


  5. I love your Ocean inspiration and honestly the second picture is my favourit :) Where is that place, it looks so magical?

    Greets holiday apartment london

  6. Whoa! Yes, I definitely want that amazing flowery dress! :O

  7. great post selma, i'll be sure to check out your blow shortly. turquoise is such a great color and is so serene and calming, and i think it looks great on a number of skin tones. i hope our ocean dreamer has a fantastic time in cali~

  8. Thank you for letting me post!!! :) I even wore a turquoise top and painted my toe nails turqouise after I this post! :) I inspired myself. Haha! :)




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