Jul 20, 2011

Vivaaaaa.....Las Vegas!!!!

Hi Ocean Dreamers!
How is everyone doing so far?! Missing our main Ocean Dreamer? 
I bet you are. I am.
As you all know she's been enjoying fun times in the city of casinos and a land I love to call Heatland. Don't ask why but I always call it that, and Lost Wages. Of course.

Now, let's not digress with name calling here because I'm sure we all have fun nicknames for this amazing city.
Don't like the city? Understandable, it can be very overwhelming. However, Las Vegas got this certain vibe I just can't ignore. It is not calling out my name but just walking down the Strip and looking at all those amazing hotels and seeing all the lights is exciting, thrilling, and sometimes a bit magical, too.

I have to admit it has been a while that I visited this colorful city. Come to think of it, it's been, gulp, nine years. 9!!! How awful is that? Then again, I know people who have never been to Vegas in their entire life so that's okay. Besides, I never gamble. Yes, you heard or read me right. I do not gamble. Okay I tried it but I am too scared to lose my precious money. I rather just watch others get lucky and dance all night long because they won big bucks! Or not.

I cannot wait to go back there though; hopefully this year. I am dying to see the new hotels and restaurants, a few shows I always wanted to see, shopping, going in and out of hotels/casinos and just awww-ing my way around. 
You know, I grew up in and with the hotel business, so looking at, exploring and analyzing hotels, restaurants, service and features comes naturally to me. Las Vegas is heaven to me when it comes to that! This can be some sort of a horror to those that want to please customers and give their best at what they do. I am not one that judges easily, but coming from this business (add some degrees, too) and having also worked in this field for way too long makes me automatically look at all these things differently. I am by no means an expert but I can be very critical. I have seen it all, the good and certainly the bad. Ha, I don't want to scare you but sometimes and more often than we think we get blinded by the lights and glittery signs all over...every single city has its flaws. However, I always like to look at the good things, and point out the happy parts; those parts that make me smile and dream.

The Bellagio is one of my favorites!
Apparently these fountains are created to romance our senses!  I have to admit I could stand there (almost) forever. Yes I could. It lets me dream for a few minutes, forget the awful work days, relax, and just get lost in the lights and colors. Awwww...

Just walking through these pretty creations is fantastic and magical. If you cannot afford to travel to Europe and experience the excitement, right there in Italy for example, these theme hotels are awesome! Better than nothing.

But what's more magical to me are the lights. I know I know corny but it is oh-so-pretty and romantic. I will not think about how much it costs, and how much energy is wasted etc, but the lights definitely are my absolute favorite!!


Have you ever been to Las Vegas?
What do you like most? Or don't for that matter?
Do you gamble?

I personally cannot wait until Sierra gets back and tells us all about her little trip to this fabulous city! I even checked how hot it was there, and it was supposed to be around 104 degrees for the most time she was there. Girl, hope you drank a ton of water, and stayed cool!!

I remember my very first time to Vegas. We decided to have a girls' weekend and go for some fun, booked a flight and a hotel not directly on the Strip. Did I mention we went in August?! Flying in from San Francisco was easy, getting around, too, but that heat?! I still laugh out loud when I think of our three-day adventure. It was beyond hot, and 104 degrees would have been cool compared to what we had back then. Crazy! So, really, I hope you stayed cooled girl!!

Thanks so much for reading! Let's wish our Ocean Dreamer a wonderful rest of her adventures and a safe trip back home!
Hope you had a fabulous time girl and will fill us in on what you did in Sin City! Or Disneyland for adults as my mom would call it. :-)



  1. I love Vegas too! It has the best energy! You feel it the minute you step off the plane! Great post!

    Love the blog design, Sierra! Looks great!

  2. oh i love vegas.. but after the bachelorette party i planned for one of my best friends i will never go there without boyfriend. it is ridiculous how much you realize you miss your significant other on a trip like that.

    hope you're having fun lovey.. come home soon! xoxo

  3. I haven't been to Vegas since last year. I went twice during Lent when I gave up alcohol. You have to be drunk in Vegas or it's just not the same lol. It suddenly looks more dirty than glittery!

  4. Love this post! Vegas is a very fun place, I agree, whether you're a gambler or not. There is SO much to do there! Concerts, magic shows, shopping, etc.

    I used to love the Aladdin casino there but I think it was demolished. Sigh. One thing I do dislike about Vegas is that they are so eager to tear down all their glamorous old casinos from the glory days, such as the Aladdin. And big McCasinos that while spectacular, are a bit generic looking, are put in their place. :S

  5. I cannot wait to finally visit Sin City! I've heard its great and how much fun it is. Sierra, hope you are having a blast sweetie!
    Enjoy it to the fullest. xoxo

  6. Thank you so much for letting me guest post again. And ladies I hope Sierra's gonna share some fun stories with us once she's fully back online!!


    P.s. Yes, the Aladdin casino was super cute, but I also believe they tore it down. This is indeed one of the saddest things in Vegas...the demolishing of old casinos etc. One thing I just couldn't write about. :(

  7. las vegas <3
    fantastic blog ;)

    kisses, Klaudia B.

  8. This is a great post but I have to admit that I do not like Vegas. But I don't like gambling so if I just want to go somewhere for hot weather and pool time I can do that in Puerto Rico or something. LOL


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