Jul 13, 2011

Writer's block does not exist!

Hi, it's me again, Selma! I decided to do another post while our lovely Ocean Dreamer is still having a fabulous time in California. Wishing her all the best, and lots of happy and sunny moments!!!
To be very frank here I wasn't sure on what to write about today. Yes, believe it or not but sometimes we all experience some sort of a writer's block and I think this is very normal. Have you ever experienced this?! 

However, I recently read an article that said a writer's block or running out of topics never exists. It is impossible it said further because there is always something going on in our lives that we can and in fact should be writing about. I questioned this at first, though have to admit the article was right. So, needless to say I was confident enough to go for another guest post, find a topic, and well...here we go....

Remember Sierra's post a while back when she shared her love for Doxies?! And that she wanted one, too? I clearly do. Don't worry, I did not get a Doxie nor a dog for that matter. *please insert a very sad face here* 

Instead while riding the train back home I read a free newspaper. Okay, I actually didn't read but rather skipped through pages and there out of nowhere something caught my eye. A small but fun article or rather a newspaper blog post about dogs and the most popular breed in Europe at the moment!!

Yes, the Doxie!!!

I immediately smiled and thought of our Ocean Dreamer. Wouldn't you?

Yes we all know that she loved Tikko while she was house sitting, too, but I also know her heart belongs to Doxies. And I have to admit they are super adorable and somehow look a bit clumsy too at times. I bet that's why they're sooooo cute!

The Doxie article was so short but it literally wanted to pressure us on getting one. Doxies, also known as Dachshund (a German hound breed) are the dog this season, and apparently not only in Europe but everywhere! No more Chihuahua, or West-Highland-Terriers, or Pugs. 
Nope, the Doxie has returned and his (or hers? So not its that's for sure!) comeback is secured! Yay!!
Did you know that Doxies are very much like us humans? At least their character is...friendly, outgoing, lazy, bold, sometimes grim and often mischievous but smart as heck and still very loyal and protective. What more is there to want? Really nothing.

Do you love dogs?
And if so, why?
Or for those that don't love dogs, why not?
I love dogs; for many reasons, but one is that they're more loyal and honest than cats. ;)
I also respect them.
And I fully feel their pain when they are mistreated, abused, and just used as garbage. It breaks my heart every single time I see pictures or read stories about beaten or/and starving dogs. It doesn't have to be a specific breed, I just feel every dog and animal deserves our respect. We are animals too, so to speak, and don't we deserve some respect as well?

I don't want to get into sad details because I am sure all of us have heard about sad animal/human stories, saw pictures and discussed this with friends or family. Not a nice topic but also not one to ignore. No, I'm not saying we should go out now and rescue dogs or any other animal either. But most of us love animals, dogs or cats or birds or turtles or bunnies or any other pet you might have had or have or would love to have at some point in your life. Even if not, I'm sure there's this inner child of you jumping up and down when you think about going to the zoo, or Sea World, or even just to a circus, or yes, even when you see a super adorable pup walking towards you. My heart melts I know that much, and I know my inner child is always dancing and singing and having a fabulous time! What about yours?

Coming back to my initial topic...the most popular dog this season in Europe, the Dachshund...I would not be a good friend or blog reader if I didn't post a last picture that will combine the most important elements of this blog: the ocean and the dream.

And since it's one of Sierra's dreams to have a Doxie (let's skip the cute Maltese now...although personally I'd rather go for a Maltese!) and we all know she loves the ocean...so, here is my favorite picture!! It just begs to be kissed and awwwwww-ed at...

Thanks again Ocean Dreamers...
...I cannot wait to hear more fun stories when our lovely blogger is back online!

And see? I thought I would not find a topic and here I am finding all kinds of words and pictures after reading that tiny article in a free Swiss newspaper! 
A writer's block just can't exist.  
So, if you ever feel like you ran out of topics...look around, read, watch a movie or a show...there is always something going on in our lives that catches our attention and makes us want to share the story, and the love of course!

So glad the Doxie is back!!!!

Have a fabulous day everyone.

xoxo,  Selma


  1. Cute guest post, Selma! I love doxies. These photos are adorable!

    I agree, it is impossible to run out of writing topics. There are so many interesting things to write about everywhere we look. :)

    I think my writer's block comes when it is basically HOW to put all those ideas down on paper though. Haha! Sometimes the writing part isn't that easy...

  2. I like dogs occassionally (depending on the dog) but I do not LOVE them. I guess because I am a cat person. As a kid I was always afraid of every dog I came in contact with, but then we got a pet one. It was ok. I am not huge on the tongue drippings and constant needing attention or wanting to play. I do have a love for some breeds though but I will never be able to have one anyway due to being allergic.

  3. I love dogs, a little less love for the snooty dogs but love none the less

  4. OK, now I totally want a Doxie. They are SO precious!!!

  5. Very cute post! And I didn't realize Sierra was still in Cali. I hope she's having fun...I haven't been on twitter much lately. Anyhow, thanks for the "cuteness".

  6. Thank you guys!! :) And yes it is perfectly fine not to like dogs, especially when it comes to the drippings, and allergies. :( I can't have a dog myself (space and time wise) but love them. I'd go for something bigger but manageable though. :)

  7. Gah Selma you know much I love Doxies and I couldn't be happier that they are alive and thriving in Europe now! :) You are making me want both a Doxie and Maltese now...what is a girl supposed to do?! I just want a puppy in general and am bound and determined to make this happen someday soon in the future!

  8. Oh and btw...thanks for your guest post sweet friend and thanks everyone for the comments!

  9. They're SO CUTE. My grandma has always had doxies so that breed is always near to my heart!

  10. Melt my heart!! I am so with you on the topics really being never-ending because you can run with anything and everything! Random is the best!

  11. Random topics are the best, for sure! :) Thank you again for letting me write on here!!! :)


  12. oh those pups are so cute! LOVE the doxies.


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