Aug 17, 2011

guest post by Ashely - engagement ring styles for girls on the go

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I'm on my way to sunny CA today so my friend Ashley is doing another fabulous guest post! This time it's about engagement rings and she really is making me want to be engaged! Come on BK, just pop the question already, lol.
It’s wedding season and Chicago is buzzing with happy couples tying the knot. I know that not everyone is hooked on weddings like I am, but you can’t help but get caught up in the romance!

But I have to admit all the details: the reception, the wedding party’s attire and the engagement rings just get a fashion girl like myself reeling.

I think it’s extremely important for a wedding to reflect the couple. Wedding traditions are being revamped and redefined all the time! 
 Even though I’ve been to quite a few, each one is different. Most of my friends are young and not going to be married in the near future. However, more and more of them are getting engaged, and having a long engagement just means you have more time to plan your special day.

Lately, many of my friends with active lifestyles have been asking me, “What are some great engagement ring styles for girls on the go?” Below are some tips I’ve compiled for my fitness, sport and adventurous ladies. You can also apply some of these tips to jewelry in general if you live a jet setting, active lifestyle but haven’t met Prince Charming yet.

Tough Stuff

Part of the value of an engagement ring is that it’s made of precious materials. This is supposed to symbolize the preciousness of the bond itself. Unfortunately, some couples get too caught up in this idea and think that a more valuable ring equals a more valuable bond, which simply isn’t true. Additionally, more valuable materials are not always more durable.

Keep in mind you’ll wear the ring every day and it needs to be durable. Many engagement rings are made of some type of gold. Whether white, yellow or rose, gold is a lovely choice but it’s a soft metal. If an active girl has a 24K gold ring, the daily knocking around that it experiences may show faster than its 14k equivalent. A ring with less gold or a completely different metal like platinum or steel (very contemporary) may be a better fit.

Size Matters

A big stone can be nice, but it isn’t necessary. Really large diamonds are out of most people’s price ranges and they can be too flashy for some. If you lead a very “hands on” life then banging your ring around and getting it snagged is the last thing you want.

Look for a smaller stone, or maybe several stones instead of one big one. A lower setting could also help keep your prized stone close to your finger and out of harm.
Safety First

Insure your ring, especially if you are the type that takes it on and off frequently. No one ever thinks they will lose or damage their ring, but these things happen (my mother’s fell into the garbage disposal). Buying insurance for your ring either through the jeweler or an independent insurance agency is a very wise more.

Keeping your ring clean is also a must. You don’t have to clean it too often; every 4- 6 months should be fine. Check with your jeweler on the proper way to clean your ring.


  1. Great rings. I love the last one!

  2. Another thing about larger stones is that they can be of a lower grade depending on the cut! ;o)

  3. OMG I love these rings...and you are too funny girl!! BK will pop the question at some point. And once he does you won't be expecting it at all. :D


  4. The middle pave engagement ring is seriously my DREAM ring! LOVEEEE it! :)



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