Aug 19, 2011

little joys from the week

Hi Ocean Dreamers!

Well I made it to CA and I've been enjoying spending time with BK! I've been feeling a little bit blue lately just because it's hard going back and forth from UT to CA. I'm anxious to be settled somewhere permanently and that's why I hope to be back in CA very soon. It's hard to "start a life" when you are constantly so back and forth. I miss spending time with friends and being more involved in a church, organizations, etc.

So I decided to do a little joys from the week post to cheer me up. After all, once I start talking about my joys I am thankful and refreshed.

1. I've been reading a fabulous book called Heaven is for Real. It's about a 4 year old boy who almost dies because his appendix are ruptured. While he's in surgery he goes to heaven, has a chat with loved ones, Jesus, and views the marvelous heavens. I'm a Christian, which I've expressed on my blog before, so this book just makes me so excited to go to heaven someday!
2. Yesterday BK and I went to the beach and it was such a gorgeous day outside! I'm so happy that I'm near the beach again, even if it's only for a short while.
I got my toes painted turquoise for Cali! ;) Ha ha it made me happy.

4. Whenever I'm in CA I have to head on over to Trader Joes and get my veggie sticks stat! They are sooo good and so much better for me than chips.
5. I'm headed to Disneyland with this lady on Tuesday if all works out. My pass expires at the end of this month so I have to use it one last time!
6. I'm really loving Pretty Little Liars right now and the plots! SPOILER - I also really want Caleb to come back. I am a huge Haleb fan (aka Hanna and Caleb.) I had a feeling Caleb (aka Tyler Blackburn) went missing because he's starring on a web series called Wendy by Macy's. However, according to his Facebook he's in both series so that means he'll hopefully be back soon in PPL! He is so good lookin'!
He has the most intense eyes. Sigh.
If you want more of Tyler I'm going to be a part of Leeann's Man Candy Monday series for the first time!

So that's it for my little joys of the week this week! :) I hope you all have an amazing weekend. I can't wait to spend more time with my BK and see some lovely friends.

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  1. I love that photo with the heart in the sand...very romantic!
    Coastal Style (http://coastal-style.blogspot.com0

  2. Love this post, pretty girl! Your toes look great, and I'm glad you got a chance to go to the beach! And yay for Trader Joe's - I am absolutely obsessed and only shop there and Whole Foods for groceries :)
    And ooh la la, I love Tyler - I'm an episode behind on PLL, so I skipped your spoiler, but I do not mind looking at his gorgeous face! xox - enjoy your weekend, and Cali!

  3. I can't wait to read that book. Praying for you girly.

  4. i love caleb too!!! and PLL. i have to download it first thing wednesday morning here in norway because i cant wait for it to come on other sites where i can get it for free LOL!!!

    and the veggie sticks are delish! i used to eat those growing up in virginia.

  5. We read that book on are way to my sisters wedding! Its amazing! After reading that I cant see how people say there is no God! Wow, amazing story!

  6. YAY! I am so glad you are enjoying this time with BK! Enjoy the beach and Disneyland!

  7. I heard that book was great!

  8. I'm sure the back and forth can be difficult...but it sounds like you are enjoying each adventure.
    I've heard that book is very good. I recall moments in one of Eldredge's books (I think it was "Desire") his description of heaven was not only beautiful but biblical! Ahhh! Your photo of the heart in the sand is similar to mine...we took on our honeymoon! :)
    Blessings, sweet Ocean Dreamer xoxo

  9. Yay for Disneyland! Lucky girl! And that veggie stick snack sounds delish. Definitely need to check those out. :)

    I hope your week has kicked off to an awesome start. xoxo

  10. i am jealous you got to go to cali but am glad you were able to visit bk!! i know how you feel about having to go back and forth and not feeling settled. it drove me crazy.

  11. I've heard about that book a few times. I should check it out. it seems really sweet.

  12. Hi sweet friend,

    This is Rocio, I just wanted to let you know that a couple of weeks ago, I read the book that you mentioned "Heaven is for Real", and it completely restored my faith and my spiritual beliefs.

    The book is absolutely wonderful, and as you know, my family and I are going through some similar experiences with Dante.

    I already have bought some copies to give to my family and friends. I totally love that book!!

    Ps: Sierra, I hope you have a wonderful time in Disney :D


  13. And a huge YES on PLL...and Caleb of course. Sigh! :) I feel 19 again. :) And I'm so glad it worked out Tuesday!!! :D

  14. LOVE the toe nails!! also -- I want the veggie sticks. I need trader joes.


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