Aug 22, 2011

Man Candy Monday: Tyler Blackburn

So I've been wanting to link up to Leeann's Man Candy Monday for forever, but I really wanted to find a yummy man, you know? Besides BK of course, lol.
So as you already from my last post know I'm a bit obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and since my man Caleb is taking a break from a few eppies (will not spoil why) I thought I would feed my withdrawals by posting some yummy pictures of him. After all, he's just, well, nice on the eyes.

Confession: I used to date an Asian guy (not sure what Tyler's ethnicity is) and always have had a thing for scruffy guys with long hair. Funny how you always end up with someone as the polar opposite (my BK is preppy and clean shaven even though I beg him to never shave and only occasionally do I get my wish.) I'm obviously still head over heels in love with my BK!

So back to Tyler and some facts about him:

*He's 25 and is actually from Burbank, CA.

*He plays Caleb in Pretty Little Liars and is head over heels in love with Hanna (played by Ashley Benson.)

*He's got the deepest beautiful and intense eyes! (Okay that is more my fact, lol.)

*Now he's going to be in a six episode webseries called Wendy as one of the main characters named Peter. He also sings (steal my heart!) on this webseries.

*Wendy the webseries begins on September 15th and do you know it's a spin off from Peter and Wendy in Peter Pan? Sounds intriguing. Find out more info on their Facebook page. 

So now it's time for some pictures!!
Supposedly Tyler is dating the gal who plays Jenna in Pretty Little Liars. I'm not a fan of her role in the show!
Tyler took a stand against digital drama (cyber bullying) in this ad.
{From Pretty Little Liars - Hanna and Caleb}
If the image does not link to its source you will find them at Tyler Blackburn Official Fanpage or Tyler Blackburn Fans

So what do you think of Tyler Blackburn? Have you seen him on Pretty Little Liars? I want more of Tyler please! ;)


  1. Yes! Totally hot! I am never a fan of long hair but it works for him. And you're def not a lone, lots of my friends agree :)

    Thanks for linking up!!

  2. his eyes are indeed pretty!

  3. He is my favorite on the show! And I'm so sad he's gone right now!

  4. He. Is. So. Hot. He basically makes me stand by my opinion that mixed races are some of the most beautiful people alive (of course, I don't usually date within my race, so maybe that's just wishful thinking!). Really though, he is so, so gorgeous. Great post - I was looking forward to it! xox

  5. Never seen him, guess I will be checking him out now! He's a cutie!

  6. He's cute!!! And sometimes gets onto my very hot list of guys. :) LOL



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