Aug 2, 2011

more famous wax celebs from Vegas

Hello Ocean Dreamers! I hope the beginning of your week has been going well.

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So I'm back and since a few of you mentioned you would like to see some more pictures of the wax people from Madam Tussauds Las Vegas museum, well here you go! Above you'll see Bradley Cooper and I. Yes, I admit I was gullible enough to purchase this professional picture. I couldn't help but fall for Brad's good looks!

For fun I'm going to pull some pictures from the internet of a few similar photographs of these actresses to compare the wax figure with a picture. I still feel that the museum does a great job with their wax celebs!
 Let's start with the gorgeous and elegant Eva Longoria. I love her style and I love her lovely dresses above!
Gotta love that smile from the elegant Julia Roberts.
Kind of blurry but he's kind of cute! ;)'re sporting a lot of wrinkles these days but still look mighty fine! ;)
The hot studs Daniel and Nicholas...
Honestly I feel the wax version of Britney has a pretty cheesy smile of her. In pictures you don't find Britney smiling a lot, you find more of a sexy or glamorous picture of her. In the photo I found above, at least her smile looks a little bit better. Here are some more music divas...
I don't think Beyonce's expression looks quite like her. I feel that something is amiss. 
I'm a huge fan of Andre Agassi, especially his book Open. 
 The lovely Judy Garland. She's so beautiful in every single way. 
John Wayne and his sweet charm and grin.
Oh Frank, sing me a song!

I think I did wax people overload on this post. But - I warned you that I had a lot of pictures! 

Which wax figure is your favorite? 
Have you been to another wax museum before? I want to go to the one near LA! :)
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  1. I've never been to a wax museum....I think there's one in Victoria, on Vancouver Island. I think you'd really like Vic : )

  2. I've never been to a wax museum either but it's so cool! I love the Brad and Angelina! SO perfect!

  3. These are awesome -- I wanna go to a wax museum :)

  4. I've always wanted to go to Madame Tussauds! It looks like so much fun!!

  5. ooo I love the Gwen Stefani one! Wish they had that here in NY.

    The Eva one is gorgeous and I don't like her.

  6. Wax Museum are always so much fun!! This museum looks fabulous. thanks for sharing your picutres. I loved them!

  7. Wax museums are awesome. Love your pics girl. :D


  8. those are some pretty great wax figures, i'm impressed. the nic cage one looks so much like him it's crazy.

  9. I love it! We have a wax museum in NYC and I want to go so badly! Looks like so much fun! Love your pics! xoxo

  10. I LOVEEE wax museums!!!!! They're one of the highlights of a great trip for me! And oh yes, Bradley Cooper. I would've purchased it too hahaha.

    Belly B :)

  11. I've never been to a wax museum, but think that they're so fun! There's a huge one in NYC, but sometimes I'm kind of snobby about going to touristy things - I may have to break my snobbiness though and take a chance on it!
    You're so pretty and I love all these pictures! Is it bad that I'm jealous of Gwen Stefani's abs, even on a wax figure?!

  12. Wow - I have never been to wax museum. But this look like fun! And, I think you are right - the Beyonce one does look a little off. At first I thought it was JLO.


  13. These are fascinating!

    You are right about Beyonce and Britney, something is off...

    Thanks for all this fun!

  14. all amazing. have a wonderful weekend. xo

  15. Eva Longoria's has to be my favorite!! I have only been to crappy wax I want to go to a cool one. Angelina Jolie looks as freaky as she does in real life {lol not a fan}


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