Aug 14, 2011

my fantasy birthday wish list

Happy weekend! I hope you all are enjoying your weekend. I am - I took a break today from all of my normal writing for clients and organized my room, went through some magazines, and finished a book.

I can't believe I'm headed to Cali this upcoming week! I can't wait to see my love and a few fabulous friends. Even though this time I'll only be there a week, I'm going to cherish every minute. :)

So my 27th Birthday is coming up on September 23rd. Bleh. 27. Oh well, I still have many fabulous years ahead of me and even though I'm getting into my "later twenties," I honestly don't feel it. I think I've matured in many ways, but I still feel young at heart. In fact - I'm pretty sure I'll still feel young at heart in my 30s and beyond as well. ;) You should too!

Of course there are a number of things I want on my list, but most of them I think are just a little too expensive. Let me elaborate and show you the list of my I wants.

Well, you pretty much all know my obsession with gummy bears. Well, I really want these fancy ear buds in my ears. Am I crazy to want gummy bears in my ears?! Oh, and they are scented. How crazy is that?
Loving absolutely everything by Free People right now. Let me start with this adorable turquoise Intersections in Lace Tee.
Since I'm on my gummy bear rampage, let's throw in some chocolate covered gummies! Yum! They should be from the Sugar Factory because I devoured them up in nano seconds.
I've really have been wanting to try this surf spray. I think it would be great when BK and I head to the beach!
A brooch that I could put in my hair. I'm especially in love with this one and the gorgeous jewels.
A California necklace because my heart, after all, belongs to California and my dreamy beaches.
One of my favorite bloggers came out with a book. Sea of Shoes. Enough said.
A new suitcase, preferably by Jessica Simpson. Currently loving this one.
Really wanting these earthy flats by BCBG.
I know...this list is getting long huh?! Almost done.

Check out this white sapphire ring. I think I have engagement on my mind. Come on BK!!!!!!

By the way, I'm giving kudos to Summer pinning this ring for me because I'm now in love with their site. Check out the sapphire bracelets too. Sigh.
Okay. My birthday fantasy list would not be complete without Juicy Couture. I've always wanted a leather handbag. But...they are just a tad expensive.
Now, if this truly was a fantasy wish list? I'd want a birthday party set up here:
My own personal Candyland set up over looking the ocean or in New York City. Who's coming?

Ohhh, and I'm wearing my new birthday Christian Louboutin shoes with my Betsey Johnson dress. I WISH!
What's on your fantasy birthday wish list?

P.S. Thanks Krysten for inspiring this birthday list way ahead of our birthdays! ;)


  1. You're welcome lady!

    And I think an engagement would be the PERFECT birthday present ;-)

  2. that ring is TO DIE FOR!

  3. What a fun list! Those ear buds are too cute and so you! I think for my next birthday, I'm going to ask for a David Yurman bracelet. It's my 30th so I deserve a big present, right? :-) I got a fabulous new Coach bag this year so I have no complaints! I hope you have a fabulous birthday this year, my love. xoxo

  4. Love this wishlist. The gummy bear earphones are amazing. And love those bracelets.

    Hope you get what you want!

  5. Wow! What an awesome list! I die for those gummy earbuds! :) Hope you get all your wishes on your birthday. :D

  6. Oh what a great list! I actually have headphones from China that have little bears on them! They are not gummy ones though haha. So cute! I love that purse!

    Ashley Sloan

  7. If I could I'd give you the Loubies - sorry I'm broke! LOL but you definitely deserve them! And hey - maturity and young at heart can co-exist.

  8. very good taste!! I'm loving the earthy flats!!

  9. great birthday list! I love the juicy couture handbag. Super cute!!

  10. Yay for your upcoming trip and Bday! :) Enough said!!!! :)

    Have a fabulous trip and see you soon!

  11. oh what a fabulous list! i love those gummi bear headphones, too funny. and that betsey johnson dress just screams party! i love it.

  12. I think you deserve EVERYTHING on your list! :) I'd love the flats and that Betsey Johnson
    I am so excited for you to go back to California! Sounds like it will be a great week :)

  13. I hope you have an amazing trip! I love all of the things on your wish list, especially those gummy earphones! Too cute! Hope you have a fabulous birthday!! I'm with you - I still feel like a kid at heart (I'll be 29 in a few days...eeek!)

  14. Who doesn't want Loubies?? lol

    I so just added those awesome ear buds to my wishlist. Amazing.


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