Aug 28, 2011

to save a life

Hi Ocean Dreamers! I'm back in Utah but only for a short while. My mom and I soon will be on a road trip to see some family members! I'm looking forward to it.

I've been praying and thinking of those of you who may have been affected by Irene. I hope that you are safe and that your area has a fast and speedy pick up and that flooding doesn't take place. I'm glad that the storm did not gain as much as momentum as they thought it would and is it just me or did the media blow this thing out of the water? No pun intended, lol.
This post today is going to be a little deep, but I think it is something that needs to be discussed. So last night I watched a film that really affected me in powerful ways. It was called To Save a Life, and was about a young man in High School and it focused on teen bullying, a hot and heavy topic that has been tackled more lately because of it resulting in teen suicides.
This is exactly what is covered in this film. Teen bullying, teen pregnancy, a friend committing suicide to get attention because he was lonely and made fun of, a new teen who is depressed and the main character has to make a choice about whether he desires to be-friend him and help him choose to live, wonderful relationships dynamics, and a few characters making a profession of faith (it's a Christian based film) and has a great message of kindness and hope for Christians and Non-Christians alike.
What I loved about this film is that it was raw and realistic. It wasn't afraid to cover some intense issues and that way the characters discuss what happens is very real and it doesn't sugar coat anything. I find films like this refreshing and touching.
So what can we do to make sure teen suicides don't happen? Well, if you are a sister or brother and you have younger siblings, be aware of your younger siblings' feelings and reactions, and be sure that you stay updated on what is happening to them at school. I think teens are good at hiding things so sometimes you need to really dig and make they really are okay.
Little acts of kindness can go a long way. Just smiling at someone tells them that you are giving them the time of day and sending them some happiness.
When I was in High School I often felt left out. I wasn't into partying and drinking like some of the other kids, and the result was I had a hard time making friends. I did make a few, but because I felt left out and sometimes alone, it really effected me. I also had one young man in particular bully me verbally, by ridiculing me for being a Christian. I came out of it stronger today (even though it hurt, even through my college years) and I have immense compassion for those who have gone through this hurt and pain.
 Some teens take this to the next level of suicide because when you are young, having friends or just being noticed while your self esteem is developing, is everything. But imagine the lives that can be saved if teens are encouraged to accept others more and loving those who may not be their standard of "cool?" Teens need to realize that it is not all about being cool; there are many types of young adults from all parts of life. An adult who works with teens can also take more time to make sure someone who was bullied is really okay.
It's about caring. It's about compassion. It's about saving a life. I'm going to make a pledge to be more aware of the teens around me, and help the people who are suffering, hurting, and who are in pain before it's too late. Life is fragile and should not ever be taken for granted.


  1. Such an important topic! Bullying makes me so angry and especially now that I have school-aged girls (3 of them) I worry about them so much. It's such a painful thing to be bullied. I think we have all experienced it to various degrees.

    You are so right, even to smile at someone could make a difference in their day!

  2. I think I have heard of this doc! I agree, bullying is an issue which needs to be seriously addressed by parents and schools. Especially now with cyber bullying on facebook and whatnot. :S

    When I worked at the newspaper, I was a schools reporter and I did several stories on how frustrated teachers were that laws (at the time) had not been created to prevent fb bullying. And there was nothing the teachers could do about it. Sigh.

    I've experienced a couple incidents of severe bullying myself (middle school and high school) and I've also watched even worse cases of bullying myself. It's horrific.

    And it can lead to suicide/murder in some cases!! Remember that poor 13-year-old girl who committed suicide b/c some catty girls and their mom cyber bullied her? And then there was a youtube video that went viral a couple years ago of some poor teenage girl being beaten almost to death.

    Scary stuff.

  3. absolutely!!! I alaways try to think of ways to contribute to this issue as it seems to be far reaching. I hate to think of the children who are so sad that they take these steps, it really breaks my heart. I'm glad you made it through okay and out the other end, always good to pass on kindness.

  4. I definitely want to watch this movie now. Thank you for sharing it with us, I never heard of it before.

  5. Wow, this movie sounds pretty interesting. I've only had one bad experience with bullying (for being Jewish) but luckily nothing like that since!

  6. It's seems pretty interesting.

    Hope I will gonna see it soon, thnaks for sharing
    Peace from France

  7. This is such an important topic and I think you really hit the nail on the head. I think people are finally starting to realize how hard it is to be a teen and I hope we can all strive to make things better for the teens around us.

  8. The bullying and teen suicide issues break my heart! I can't imagine how it must feel to be the parents and the teens going through this. The judgmental society makes me sick sometimes.

  9. Love this post. I have a heart for suicide prevention and awareness. I work at a psych hospital with suicidal teenagers. Suffering teenagers hold a special place in my heart. Great post.

  10. What a fantastic post girl. :) It's an important topic we should discuss more often, but instead we ignore it. :(


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