Sep 15, 2011

Missoni for Target Madness Giveaway

Hi Ocean Dreamers, I don't know about you but its been so busy for me lately! I made it back home from Montana and will be in Utah for a few more weeks until I head back to California. That means in the course of the month of August I was in four states (counting my cabin state): California, Utah, Idaho, and Montana. Whew! I love traveling but I am a bit travel weary. It's been nice being back in Utah with my family where I've been able to focus on writing the last few days I've been home...I have a lot of that to do!

So based on my title, I confess that I did give into the Missoni for Target madness. I know you all probably already blogged about this so sorry if you are over the love of Missoni, lol. I'm not one of those people to give into a trend simple because it's "trendy," but with Missoni I LOVE the patterns and colors, so I was instantly obsessed.

Luckily Missoni hit Target when I was in Utah and not to knock Utah, but I'm not sure if everyone really knew it was going on, which was fantastic for people like me. Hence when I headed to Target yesterday (day after it was released,) there were still a good variety of merchandise left! I found some of my favorite finds in two different locations and had a long lunch break yesterday to say the least, ha ha. Look at the loot that I came home with!

Umm, I am loving all of the zig zags, he he! I especially like all of my favorite colors...I won't get tired of wearing my goodies this fall. Guess what the giveaway will consist of? Well, wait and see!
I was lucky to snag the last size small in this dress at the second Target location that I went to. CUTE!
Sigh. Loving my comfy shorts that I'm lounging in right now! ;) you are probably wondering when I'm getting to the giveaway, right?! Well, since I know many of us didn't get to snag some of these goodies like I did...I thought I would share my wealth of a few goodies with you! 

So I'm giving away a WHINE BOX and GIFT TAGS!
 So here are le rules

You have the following ways to enter:

1. Follow my blog either by my Friend Box 
(which sometimes disappears so just refresh the page) 
or by FeedBurner - 1 point

New follower - 3 points

2.  Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!
Send out the following tweet:
#MissoniForTarget Giveaway 
@oceandreams4u blog:
- 2 points

3. Mention this giveaway on Facebook 
or Google + - 3 points

4. Blog about it on your personal blog - 4 points

5. Okay this one is weird and you might think I'm obsessed
 but I'm currently looking for a Missoni throw, 
in the same colors that I adore.
Here's the link if you need a visual:  

Missoni for Target Throw - Colore

They are all sold out and expensive on E-bay! 
Would anyone be willing to sell it to me for more
than what they got it for if they
have an extra? Leave me a comment if this
is a possibility and we can connect & you get points
towards this giveaway too - 3 points!

Sorry, open to US only. Thanks! 

Giveaway ends on Friday, September 23rd, on my Birthday! ;)
I will announce the winner sometime during my Birthday weekend.

Good luck and hope you all are having an amazing week!


  1. good thing my rents still live in the US and i can technically enter this giveaway!!! yayyy!

    1) i like you on GFC (wish i hadnt already so i could earn three points sheeesh hahah j/k!)

  2. mentioned it on my facebook (3pts)

  3. Hey Girl!

    We're definitely in need of one more person for the Fall Frenzy Blog Gift Swap!!! SO GLAD you commented on there!

    Why don't you e-mail me ASAP at!

    I will try to find an e-mail address for yu in the meanwhile!

  4. Great giveaway! And now I wanna go shopping at Target! I follow you on GFC :)

  5. just tweeted! @jenneethompson

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog today and sharing your story!! What a cool give a way! Thanks for the invite:)) Have a wonderful day!

  7. I follow! The gift tags were what I wanted and they were gone!

  8. I absolutely love the pattern, dearly.

  9. Ooh, I love those knit shorts - too cute!

    I'm a follower on Google Friend Connect! :)

  10. I love Missoni lucky that you can get it at Target!!!
    Melissah from Coastal Style

  11. Oh my freaking gosh!! First, everything you bought at Target is FABULOUS! I was unable to participate in the Missoni hysteria because I don't have any money for new things, plus all the Targets sold everything out in like 20 minutes. LOL!

    This is such a sweet and amazing giveaway. Count me in!

    I'm a follower! ;)

  12. I put it on my facebook page! xo

  13. G+'d it :)

  14. I tweeted about the giveaway at!/4StephanieD/status/115903416261279744

  15. I follow on GFC

  16. I follow on GFC
    entry # 2

  17. I follow on GFC
    entry # 3

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  19. tweeted!!/tiffanyj84/status/116231724383477760

  20. shared on facebook

    entry # 1

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  23. blogged!

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    entry #4

  27. I'm already a follower,I will tweet the givaway right now.I really love Missoni,I did a blog post today on the collection.I hope I win.

    have a great day!!

  28. I didn't get a chance to see if my Target had any Missoni left so I'll throw my name in the hat! I follow you, of course :-) Hope you find the throw you want!


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