Sep 27, 2011

Twitter rocks - guest post by Dee

Hello Ocean Dreamers! While I'm writing away today here is a post from Dee (who contacted me via e-mail) for a guest post and wanted to share some Twitter love with you! 

By the way, if you ever want to guest post feel free to e-mail me. I'm trying to have a good balance of guest posts and the majority of blogging by me of course, but when I get busy guest posts are very helpful.

I'll be back tomorrow to announce the Target for Missoni Giveaway winner and also share my birthday activities with you! I had a wonderful time. 

So while you're tweeting away, enjoy a guest post by a fellow tweeter!


16 Reasons Why Twitter Rocks
Are you still wondering what the appeal of Twitter is? Here are some of the many reasons why this social media site rocks.

1. Keep it short - with only 140 characters to say what you want, tweeting never has to become a chore. If you don't want to write a lot, no problem - just post a quick update and go on your way.
2. You can tweet from anywhere - literally. Whether you're sitting  at home on your leather sofa bed or shooting the breeze in your favorite coffee shop you can send a tweet and let your tweeps know how you're doing. And that's because ...
3. There are tons of ways to tweet. Many people use the mobile Twitter interface or a web app on their smartphone, but if you're traveling with your laptop you can also tweet via the web interface or use an app like Seesmic, Hootsuite or TweetDeck (and there are desktop versions too).
4. There are no rules - or very few. It's not like writing a story or an essay with tons of rules about how you need to structure your tweet. Just write what you want. Some people use good grammar, others use SMS-speak - anything goes on Twitter.
5. You can upload photos (bet you thought you could only do that on Facebook!). Twitter now has a built in photo uploader and the most recent photo shares show on your profile so that anyone who visits can see them. Which brings me to the next point ...
6. You get a great profile which you can customize. Use the built-in Twitter background or add your own. Write a cool bio that makes people want to visit your site - and include a link - free promotion!
7. Keep up with fashion - or anything else you're interested in. Twitter has great search features so you can see what people are tweeting about in real time. And you can save your searches if you want to follow particular topics more than once.
8. Read the hot news. Check out your Twitter page and you'll see what topics are trending in your part of the world. Click on a link to find out what's happening and what people are saying about it. When there's a natural disaster, Twitter is where you're likely to hear the news first, and to get real-time information about what people at the location are experiencing.
9. Follow your favorite blogs. It seems that everyone's got a blog these days and most have a Twitter account. And that's where they share their latest blog posts. Add your favorite fashion and lifestyle bloggers to a Twitter list then check out the list page once a day to see what's happening. And all of this reading will lead to ...
10. Inspiration. There's so much happening on Twitter that it's an idea magnet. Don't miss out - all that reading and searching will provide lots of inspiration for your blog. And as a blogger, there's even more Twitter goodness for you ....
11. Share your blog - with the people who follow you and with the world. All your updates are public and those who like them share them with the people they know via re-tweets. You never know, your content could go viral!
12. Privacy - if you want, you can keep your profile private and approve followers manually. That gives you a lot of control over what your Twitter stream looks like.
13. Industry chats - using hash-tags, there are dozens of Twitter chats for different industries, which take place at set times. And some of the top people in the industry also host live Twitter chats - what's not to like?
14. You can get help - lots of companies are providing customer service through Twitter because it lets them respond almost instantly. So the next time there's a problem with you latest pair of shoes, check out the company on Twitter and tweet your problem - you'll be amazed how quickly it will be solved.
15. You can give help. Want to let your readers know the latest fashion deals? Twitter is the quickest way to do that.
16. It's free and it works - 'nuff said

I could keep going, but I won't because it's time for you to discover your own reasons why Twitter rocks!

Thanks Dee - I think that Twitter rocks too! Come and tweet with me @paigeone4u Ocean Dreamers! ;)


  1. I love Twitter mostly because of the relationships I've built. It's great to get to know fellow bloggers more via Twiiter :)

  2. I need to start using my twitter account more. Because you're right, it is definitely helpful in catching up on the latest news (not only immediate news, but interesting feature stories/blogs people link to!).

    I think I have just gotten so overwhelmed with social media lately (facebook, blogger, etc) that I just don't have the energy for twitter's fast-paced environment. Lol.

    Ah well, I should probably join the rat race. ;)

    Cute guest post! I haven't seen a twitter post before, so that's pretty cool.

  3. I love Twitter. Never thought I would but it's a great tool for news, and new and old friends to connect and share. :)


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