Oct 23, 2011

preparing for your winter wedding - guest post by Vera

I can't believe that fall time is here and that means winter is even closer. I know some bloggers are currently planning a wedding and after reading this post I am almost tempted to get married {one day} during the winter! It all sounds very romantic, warm, and charming. Read Vera's guest post and let me know what season you want your wedding to be in. ;)


Preparing for Your Winter Wedding
Winter weddings can create a wonderland of magic and beauty for a bride and groom and their guests. Events in December and January can use Mother Nature’s own decorations to make this special day one to remember. Preparing for winter nuptials can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! 

One of the most important decisions a bride and groom can make regarding a wedding is the location. For a winter wedding, it's a charming to pick a nice cottage, inn or lodge. These locations often offer a warming ambiance and are prefect during the winter months. One thing to consider is heating. How will your guests stay warm and toasting before, during and after the ceremony? Some cottages, inns or lodges are old and don’t have sufficient heating for large groups. Check with any venue you’re looking into for your wintery wedding and ensure your guests will be comfortable.  

Brides and grooms should be prepared that the location of their dreams may not be available on their big day. Many large parties and events are held during the holiday season, so make sure to book your event well in advance. Weddings are now becoming more popular on Fridays, so don’t rule that option out if your location isn’t available when you want. 

Winter nuptials before Christmas may mean that locations are decorated for the holidays. If this isn't in your color palette you’ll want to ask if decorations can be removed for the evening. Flower choices for winter weddings can be limited because of the time of year as well. Different flowers are available depending on the area and while flowers can be shipped in from out of State, storms and icy roads could potentially delay these deliveries on the big day. Silk flowers are always a stand in for basically any flower. 

Food and Beverages
Incorporating the foods and beverages of the season can make a winter wedding stand out from all the others. Meals can include foods that are a bit more hearty and will fill guests up like soups, stews and steaks. Beverages after dinner can include hot chocolate, coffee and even egg nog. A festive menu can be cheery for all!

Remember Traveling Guests
When it's time to mail out invitations remember to include information for guests that will prepare them for any potential travel delays or problems. December and January are very busy months for travel as people make their way home for the holidays. Suggest that any out of town guests plan accordingly by making travel plans a good deal ahead of time and also book their hotel early too. Allowing for a few extra days in town can also prevent guests from missing the wedding if a storm hits and there are flight or road delays. These are just a few of the ways you can plan now for your wintery wedding.  

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About the Author

Vera is an active freelance writer and is currently planning her winter wedding. She also writes at Tungsten World tungsten wedding bands.


Thanks for the guest post Vera, a wintery wedding sounds very magical!

Oct 17, 2011

cool makeup tricks for hot fall fashion

Wow - Monday already?!  
I'm back in Utah and it's cold and raining.
I would say fall has definitely arrived in my neck of the woods.

Well, I'm still sick with this stupid cold so I thought I'd let someone else entertain you since I'm not feeling all too inspiring. I am however finding inspiration on all of your blogs that I've been catching up on while I sniffled away! ;) Pray that this cold leaves me alone...I'm such a big baby when I'm sick and I don't feel like doing a thing.

Sigh. Fall fashion. My friend Ashley is back to give us the scoop on some amazing makeup tricks for the fall fashion ahead. I'm loving the "kiss me" crimson red lips idea! ;)


Cool Makeup Tricks for Hot Fall Fashion

Fall means jewel tones and jewel tones mean BRIGHT RICH colors. It's such a comfort that as the air gets chilly your wardrobe pallet can heat-up. The make-up you wear should complement your fall color favorites without becoming too matchy-matchy. Fall is striking and there is no better time to try out some bold and beautiful make-up techniques that will keep you hot as the weather cools down.

Jewel tones are the standard with fall wear, but the way to present them adjusts each year. This year, cameos by faux fur and animal prints make for a bundled up old luxury feel. Color blocking has come back, which makes for a great opportunity to pick those hues up in your make-up pallet. Fall is generally bold, so it's important that your make-up doesn't compete. Softer and more blended colors should be worn around the office, while smart pops of color can make a look bolder. It's not wise to completely buy up a trend, but securing some good deals on vivid accessories can give you the same current style without spending all your cash.

Colorful Smoke
The smoky eye is always in, but in fall you should forget a boring black and apply a pop of color. Pick up a secondary color in your outfit; maybe the piping of your bag or blazer, or an element of your print. Apply the color lightly, you should be hinting at the hue not dying your eyelid. Before going out, apply another coat of the same or a deeper shade for a more dramatic take on your delicate day look.
Kiss Me
Red lips are now. It can take a few steps to get the perfect red lips, but once your crimson kiss is set no one will be able to look away. The key to ruby lips is picking the perfect red. Very few women can wear the fire engine shade we all think of first, and you may have to enlist a make-up counter to find your pucker-perfect version. Using a red that is slightly orange, maroon or pink can be the difference between out of sight and out of place.

Bashful Babe
Depending on where you live, Fall doesn't always mean there is a chill in the air. But regardless, if it's still warm enough for you to sun bathe, the season calls for a slight rosy cheek. Don't go red here; pink, peachy and even slightly metallic hues keep you blushing but gentle. Apply on the apples of your cheeks and blend your cute little life away.

Lengthy Lashes
Leaves won't be the only thing fluttering around this season. Clothes with high collars, chunky scarves and generally layered necks frame a face dramatically. Either false eyelashes or an extra coat of mascara can help to really trap someone's gaze into yours.

Nearly Naked
Nude would have probably happened on its own, but Kate Middleton definitely didn't hurt bringing this light neutral into the spot light. Lip color doesn't have to be drastic and with office wear your lip color should certainly be an understudy to your eyes. Use a nude shade that's a few degrees warmer and richer than your skin tone. This delicate color can even be matched with your blush for an all around natural look. The duchess would be proud.


Oh wow I can't wait to experiment with all of these makeup looks! So gorgeous! All pictures that I included in Ash's guest post are from Pinterest, so if you click on the link it will go to the source. Thanks Ash for another marvelous guest post! 

I'll be back soon Ocean Dreamers with a post on my Pumpkin Patch adventure with Selma! xo!

P.S. Thanks for your honest responses on my last post. I know it was an intense post so thanks for reading.

Oct 9, 2011

Finding Love Online: How to Play it Safe

Hi Ocean Dreamers! 
I hope you all had a lovely weekend. I'm enjoying my time in CA.

Thanks so much for your encouragement and 
honesty with me on my last post!
Your words and kindness means the world to me and I don't know what I 
would do without my bloggy friends!

Today you are going to read a guest post by Amy, who is a writer 
from a Dating Site that offers great advice 
on how to be safe and find a date worth keeping online.

So...I have a question for you. 
I can't remember if I ever revealed this or not.

Have I or have I not ever dated "anyone" online before?
Did I or did I not meet BK online?
That's a secret I may never tell... xoxo, Ocean Dreams

Finding Love Online:  How to Play it Safe
 Ok, ladies.  We all know how hard it is to find that special Mr. Right.  It can be a painful process and even a little disheartening at times.  Only adding to the already difficult struggle is living a busy life filled with a career, friends, family and a string of extra-curricular activities.  So that’s why it seems as though online dating isn’t all that bad of an option.  I mean, the idea of sifting through guys while sitting at home in your sweats sounds like a much better situation than having to make horrifying small talk with some random at a smoky bar who seems to have mistaken your name for “baby doll”.

That being said, there are clearly some major benefits to searching for love by way of online dating sites.  Along with convenience, an array of eligible bachelors, and the possibility of finding a real catch, however, comes some serious issues to take into consideration.  The biggest being the issue of safety.  In this day in age, you never know who exactly you’re communicating with on the other end of the internet.  So that’s why it is crucial to protect yourself with a few pieces of knowledge before venturing off into the online dating world:

Don’t give away too much info.  When filling out your online dating profile and first communicating with a prospective man, never give out your last name, address, place of employment, phone number, personal email, or any other identifying information that you wouldn’t trust a stranger to have.  Should a guy make you feel at all pressured to give out any of this info, end contact right there--guys who are truly interested in you for the right reasons will understand and respect your need for protection.

Like momma always said, take it slow.  An age old rule in the dating world, not rushing things is an important step to building a meaningful, healthy relationship with a man—and this rule should be valued even more highly in today’s 2011.  You might think you know a person after a few emails, but the truth of the matter is that cute guy (according to his profile pic) you’re chatting up could be highlighting and dog-earing pages in American Psycho as he types.  If you meet a guy online who you feel could be a potential match, it can be tempting not hurry things up and meet him face to face--but be tempted you mustn’t.   Get to know a bit about him through some emails and a few casual phone conversations to be sure that the person with whom you are communicating is a legit gentleman and even worthy of your precious time.  
Safety first on your first date.  So you’ve taken your time communicating with a guy over the internet and phone lines….now he wants to take you out and dazzle you on a first date.  The first meet and greet is always exciting and you might think you want an intimate setting, but remember that your safety is more important than romance.  Not to worry--if this is truly the man you are meant to be with, there will be plenty of time to get close later.  

·         Use your own ride to meet in a crowded, public place—DO NOT have the guy pick you up from home or work for the first several times you hang out.

·         Tell a friend or family member the guy’s name of whom you are going out with, where you are going, and when you are expected to return.  Call this friend or family member after the date to let them know you made it home (and to give them the scoop, of course).

·         You are an intelligent girl so remember to be observant and remain aware of your surroundings at all times.  As alcohol is known to be a contributor in throwing good decisions out the window, stick to a maximum of two drinks.  That one last Apple-tini is nothing compared to your safety.  

·         Hold onto your gear--never leave your drink, purse, wallet or cell phone unattended.

·         Trust your gut.  You know your instinct is most of the time dead on, so if you feel that something is even the slightest bit off, trust it and hit the bricks, girlfriend.  

·         Never feel embarrassed of your precautions or behavior.  Being safe is far more crucial than what some creep thinks of you.

Amy Reynolds is a guest post writer who talks about dating and relationships for Best Free Dating Sites.  

Oct 5, 2011

my new cowgirl boots & outfit inspiration

Sooo...for as long as I can remember I've really really really been wanting a pair of cowgirl boots. They are just so darn expensive though that I held off on purchasing some!

Well, instead of buying a pair of boots that would normally be around $400 or something crazy, I decided to buy a pair on DSW for something a little bit more reasonably priced - they were around $75. I was a bit apprehensive buying boots online, but I read the reviews and they were all positive. Plus, gals with wider feet like myself said they fit them well, so I put all of my doubts aside.

Sure enough they arrived and they fit me so well! For cowgirl boots they are really comfy and I can't wait to start wearing them. I'm trying to decide whether I should bring them to Cali or not. I always want to wear something other than flip flops and make the effort of wearing a pair of boots, but then I arrive and all I wear is flip flops, lol. So - we'll see but I know I'll definitely wear them while I'm in Utah; that is for sure.

Let me show you the beauties!
I lover them. Oh yes I do!
 I also love the packaging that they came in. You better believe I'm going to check out additional shoes that are offered by the Very Volatile brand name!

So now that I have a new pair of cowgirl boots I need inspiration on what to wear with them. Here are some pictures to start me out in the right direction!
When I finally have the money saved up...you better believe that I'll be purchasing a pair like this. I never use this expression but I think it's fairly appropriate for these lovely boots. I DIE.
So I'm seeing a ton of lace, frilly dresses, shorts, and leggings. I love lace and ruffles so I'm looking forward to that. I have a few outfits in mind. I'll have to snap a picture and show you in the near future!

Do you own a pair of cowgirl boots?

What do you wear yours with?