Oct 31, 2011

my Halloween costumes from the past...

Happy Halloween!

Thanks so much for all of your thoughtful comments
on the fall coloring here in Utah.
I'm glad that you enjoyed the pictures as much as 
I did taking them and seeing the colors on the trees!

What are you up to this evening for Halloween?
I'm having a very low key Halloween handing out candy and working.
I know, pretty boring right?
I'm okay with it though because I can stay warm in doors.
Oh and not be tempted to eat many many treats. :)

I thought I would post some pictures of the costumes I wore
during past Halloween outings. 

This first set of photos goes all the way back to 2007.
I wanted to be a scary yet pretty witch in 2007.
Do you think I pulled it off?
In 2008 I was The Little Mermaid, aka Ariel. 
I loved that wig even though it was heavy!
It was fun being being a red head for the day.
As for today...
I'm wearing my pirate costume even though 
you can't see it in these pictures.
I liked how I curled my hair and did my makeup today
so I wanted to post these pics and show you how it turned out.
You can kind of tell what my costume looks like with the low ruffled sleeves...

Happy Halloween Ocean Dreamers!
I can't wait to see all of your Halloween costumes.
Be safe and have a fun night!


  1. Happy happy Halloween! Mine's low-key too, and I'm surprised no one's rang the doorbell yet (but there's showers here so maybe no one wants to go in the rain). And I love love LOOOOVE your Ariel costume, red hair would suit you (though of course you're gorgeous as a blonde). You make a great pirate, too. Arrrr ;)

  2. I loved your Ariel costume!!!!!!!! You look so cute in red hair!!!!!

    And your makeup looks amazing in your pirate costume! Pretty girl!!!!!!!

    Happy Halloween!

    Michelle @ The Vintage Apple

  3. Ariel is driving Ariel! Haha.

    You look beautiful in all the photos, my lover.

  4. Aww love the Ariel costume, cute!!!

    Pssst I am letting all of my google followers know that I changed my domain to www.stylesoftamaranicole.blogspot.com. Please update your reader if needed :-) Thanks hun!!!

  5. Hello my friend!!!

    Your first costume.... looks like JEM. Do you remember that cartoon??? I loved it when I was younger!!!

    And the little mermaid outfit... super awesome.

    Hope your Halloween was fabulously spooky and magical!

  6. My favorite is the mermaid costume. Red hair really suits you well!! :D

    You are so gorgeous. Sigh.

  7. Love the previous Halloween costumes. You look amazing as a mermaid.
    Hope you had a good Halloween this year.

  8. Hope you had a fantabulous Halloween...love the pirate idea. ;) Need to think of something for next year. LOL Already, I know. Ridiculous. :D

  9. You looked so pretty in all of your costumes!
    Hope you had a wonderful Halloween!
    Have a pretty day!


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