Oct 7, 2011

the hunger and weight monster

This post is me being candid with you Ocean Dreamers. Weight is a beast. It really is. It's a beast because I really like food and it's a struggle for me every day. Food for me is something I look forward to, so it's super hard for me to be strict with my diet.
And...I'm in trouble. I've gained about 20 pounds over a course of a year and I'm not where I would like to be. I know every woman is a different size and we are all made beautifully and unique. My hips are very small and I normally fit into a size 1 or 3. Right now I'm about a size 5 or 7. I'm not complaining about my size because I know some of us are sensitive so this post isn't supposed to make anyone feel bad. I just feel I need to be a little bit leaner to be healthy for me. I'd like to be able to fit into my jeans again. Okay, that was me being real.
My height is 5'5 and when I was a teenager I never really struggled with weight. But at that age most of us don't. Now it's a different story. Now I find myself getting the munchies and waiting until I can get sushi next or eat some popcorn. However, I don't have the metabolism that I used to have. Also, if I don't exercise as frequently I find myself gaining weight. I don't snack all day long and honestly I don't even feel like I eat a ton. But obviously something isn't working and I think I need to make some changes.

I just feel so frustrated because I love sweets. Cupcakes. Chips. Candy. All C's are my weaknesses. Seriously.
I've gotten better with exercise but I still need to be even better. I just feel like my metabolism sucks and it needs to get better. I used to run half marathons as my long time readers know, but after I injured my leg and developed tendonitis my exercise went down the drain. 
Now I hit the gym maybe 2-3 times a week and I'd really like to be motivated to be there at least 4-5 times a week with a better food diet. I know I can do it, I just need the will power and let's be honest - the motivation. I also need to use self discipline and cut out the snacks and eat more healthy food. Easier said than done, right?!

So do you have any suggestions and tips for me? 

I'm going to give you, my Ocean Dreamers, the blog floor. Lol if that even makes sense. I need advice on how to help with lose weight because I want to be at a weight that is healthier for me. Ideally I'd like to be back at 130 or 125 instead of 145. Wish me luck!!

Thanks in advance for your health advice. xoxo.


  1. Girl.. I was seriously about to write this same post this morning but didn't. Probably out of fear. I'm feeling the same way and am finding it hard to motivate myself. I go to ballet barre class, which I love, but doesn't get me the cardio I need. It's a constant struggle. Keep your chin up!

  2. I went through a rough surgery 2 years ago. It took me a whole year to lose the 10 pounds that I gained.

    The best advice I can give you is, put your scale away. You will drive yourself nuts if you keep weighing yourself. Instead, just go with how you feel.

  3. The timing on this is impeccable. I completely understand where you are. Honestly as women we get older, and it gets harder. You seem to sound very motivated and just the fact that you are aware of where you are and want to be is a big plus. I think it's very brave of you to even post this with all together. From my experience keeping a journal of what you eat is always helpful. I wish you all the luck and keep us posted. If you find any way that you find successful to lose & keep the weight off, let us know.



  4. You probably remember my weight struggle. I'm still dealing with it.

    You have no idea how much I can relate to this post.

    I've made one helpful change. In the past six months, I have developed the habit of eating healthier. Drinking more green tea, having berry smoothies for dessert instead of baked goods, and snacking on hummus & whole grain crackers intead of potato chips.

    I really need to motivate myself to exercise.

    If you come across any helpful tips or motivation techniques, let me know! I'll be your weight loss buddy! :)

  5. I have no advice, I'm the worst with sweets and snacking. I try to snack mostly on fruit but honestly I'm so on the go with crazy grad school I can't be bothered to make sure my diet is totally healthy. I've heard sparkpeople can be good for motivation, I jused the food intake part of it for a while but I just hate counting calories. Once life is a little less hectic I'd like to try eating according to Canada's food guide (I think yours is a pyramid?)

  6. oh just read the above comment about smoothies and had to add they are great, I make mine with frozen fruit, milk (unsweetened almond when I can afford it), a banana, a little greek yoghurt (optional, but 3/4 cup has like 18 grams of protein so it's super good for you) and a handful of baby spinach. You can't even taste the spinach and it's a great way to get veggies in (I have a hard time with that).

  7. Great post girl. ;) And remember how much Sushi I ate yesterday?! ;) Hehehehe. Portion control is one good way to start dealing with this. Not easy but it's worth it. ;)

    Hugs sent your way!

  8. You can do it! Find a workout/class that you love, and everything will fall into place!

  9. I have a lot of faith in you, girl! I genuinely think that motivation is such a huge part in any type of self-help.
    A big thing with me has been to never deny myself something. If I want a cupcake, I'm going to eat a cupcake - but I'm going to skip carbs at dinner and load up vegetables instead. Whenever I deprive myself of a certain food, I get pretty cranky, and it makes me want to eat even more crap. To me, balance has been the biggest thing!
    You can do it, girl - like I said, I have a lot of faith in you. I also think it's very brave of you to talk about such a personal subject! You're lovely! xox

  10. I know how hard it is when this happens. I'm sorry to hear you're struggling with this--I think most girls do around our age. I've dropped a few pounds and it feels so good to fit in my skinny jeans again. It takes so much self control. My biggest new thing is not eating unless I'm hungry, eating out less, and not finishing my food just because it's on my plate. Drinking liquids helps too.

    Good luck sweetie! I know you can do it!! :)

  11. I loved this post and it's so funny because I am facing the same thing now that I have graduated college and all I can think about is the bag of cookies sitting on top of the microwave...

    I have been going to Zumba which is great, but once a week doesn't balance out the sweets. Oops! I guess we can share tips along the way. :)

  12. I think you wrote out what every woman thinks almost on a daily basis, and I'm sorry that you're going through it. I know I don't feel as fit as I'd like to; one of my 'things' that I do is not look at the scale ... it can really help to motivate you but I prefer just feeling great rather than having a number tell me that or put in a panic if it goes in the opposite direction.

    And I love food WAY too much. For me, it's all about moderation rather than eliminating it. I find the more you eliminate, the more you find yourself craving it. So maybe I'll have a cookie once a day so that way I don't binge on a whole bag on a rough day. Or I make sure to have snacks rather than huge meals that keep me full throughout the day. Or another thing is having smaller plates/bowls for portion control, too.

    It's not foolproof, but these are little things that help me. Good luck, hun :)

  13. Best of luck to you! I struggle with the weight beast, too....something I wasn't used to in high school, either. Ugh! I still find it hard to believe I'm not the size I was 10 years ago. But I guess that is what happens over time. :( :(

  14. I think 95% of women battle this beast - it's so hard to deal with! We deal with so many other factors every month and it seems like our hunger and emotions rely so much on our periods, ect. I try to eat a lot through out the day - but in moderation. But I always give myself cheat days. Life is too short to skip dessert :)

  15. I have been facing the same! I have two website to share that have been inspirational to me in the past month:

    1)Andie @ http://www.canyoustayfordinner.com/about/ She is 26 and 4 years ago lost 135lbs. She is beautiful inside and out. She shares her story, diet and moderate exercise. And she works for a food magazine! She is amazing.

    2) Jamie Eason's online trainer (Free)http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jamie-easons-livefit-phase-1.html
    She is realistic, easy to follow, and understands that for most of us 3 times at the gym per week is enough. We have other things to do too!

    Best wishes!
    Sara Cate


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